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Jeanmarco fic recs please?

ooOH BOY. You have unleashed the Kraken, Anon.

Putting the list under a cut because shit is about to get real.

EDIT// I CAN’T BELIEVE I KEEP FORGETTING but you guys should also check out jeanmarcofanfics. They are amazing and literally specialize in JM fanfics, pfft.

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Amateur quiz is amateur, I’m OBVIOUSLY a Hufflepuff. There is no question about it. I’m not particularly brave or chivalrous, I can be cunning occasionally-but only on a good day when I actually end up sleeping, and I’m too much of a procrastinator to take Ravenclaw though I am fairly smart. But I am loyal to my friends, generally fairly patient, and I believe in fair play and just treatment of all. I love everyone, and don’t associate with one particular group or clique. Thus, a Hufflepuff. Although, this would be a better quiz if I could actually read all the questions… There was a black notice bar over a few of the questions and I deciphered what it said from context….yea…..