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  • Hanzo, rolling an arrow between his fingers menacingly yet alluringly:at last we meet. Jesse Mccree.
  • Hanzo:the cow man.
  • Mccree:
  • Mccree:
  • Mccree:cowBOY
  • Hanzo, rolling his eyes:look, it's hard for all of us to admit we're getting old, but i think your outfit is as big of a delusion as you can manage
  • Mccree, voice cracking:okay, you know what, that's just uncalled for
Sleeping on Set

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader


Summary: You are an actress working on a movie with Seb. You’ve been friends for a while but you want more. After a particularly long day of filming, the director brings you in for one more scene but you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to get through it.

Warnings:mentions of sex, no smut, this is way longer than I intended it to be

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He smirked as he approached her and he soon was an inch from her face. “Are you so dim that you don’t know who you are speaking to?” he asked. He chuckled menacingly. “I suppose I’ll have to enlighten you then. I am called the Dark One, the Dealmaker, the Stealer of Babes, the Spinner. I the most powerful sorcerer in the land, if I had my full magic I could turn you into a snail and crush you under my boot. I could speed time for you so you become dust. I could remove your tongue so you could never speak again. I could make your blood run so hot you feel like you’re on fire, I could turn you into any creature I felt like, including the vermin you apparently despise. I may not be able to now, but I won’t always be behind these bars. So watch your tongue, servant girl, before you lose it.”

Gotta Catch ‘em All ~ a coldflash drabble

(Although pheuthe’s AU idea was better.)

Barry skids to a stop outside a diner, staring hard at the figure moving closer to him. “Snart!”

The man comes to a stop, glancing up from his phone and uttering mockingly, “Barry!”

“What are – what are you doing here?” Barry questions, glancing quickly at his own phone.

Snart blinks, huffs in annoyance, and finally stuffs his hands in his pockets along with his phone. “What’s it look like, Scarlet? I’m taking an evening stroll.”

Barry lifts an eyebrow. “In your parka?”

“It’s cold out.”

Barry curls his fingers into a fist around his phone, stepping forward menacingly. “I swear, if you’re planning something–”

“You’ll what?” he interrupts with a sneer. “Don’t forget who’s been keeping your little secret.”

Barry stares hard at him, gaze falling to his phone to find the Pokemon gone. He grinds his teeth and kicks at the ground. “Damn it!” You’d think with his powers he’d be able to catch these damn things quicker.

“What’s wrong, Scarlet?” the older man drawls, smirking to himself. “Did a meta manage to elude you?”

Barry glares at him, shifts his gaze back to his phone and pouts. “No.”

He’s wearing his flash suit because he’s supposed to be patrolling the city. Cisco and Caitlin are also supposed to be talking to him through the comms, but…well…they’re a little preoccupied too.

Snart raises his eyebrows curiously.

Barry narrows his eyes. “You’re really not up to anything?” 

Tonight of all nights, Barry hopes not. After all, that was a legendary pokemon that just got away. If he’s lucky, he can still catch it.

“No, it’s my night off, kid,” the older man sighs.

Barry nods. “Good. I gotta run.”

“I think the saying is ‘gotta catch ‘em all’,” Snart corrects him.

Barry raises his eyebrows in surprise, turning slowly back around.

Snart smirks and pulls out his phone. “See you around, Flash.”

As the criminal takes off down the street, Barry can’t help stare in astonishment. Snart couldn’t possibly be…but if he is…

Sighing to himself, Barry quickly follows after him.  There’s no way in hell he’s going to let Captain Cold steal his pokemon.

And if the two of them start a competition over who can catch which pokemon first…and if Barry keeps showing up unannounced to catch pokemon before Len has the chance and vice versa…well, at least the news headlines will be interesting.


Requested by anonymous: Can you write a Warren imagine where the reader is killed by Apocalypse and Warren changes sides and joins in the fight to end him. But he doesn’t know that she is brought back to life in the building with everyone else. Then everyone accepts him months later when they see how he is with the reader…. Like super fluffy. Thank you 💕

“No,” Warren cried, “No, no, no,” he whispered, touching his forehead to yours as your eyes closed. His hand slipped from your hair to the floor, clenched into a fist. He spun around, rising to his feet, his wings extending fully. He stepped from the house, glaring menacingly at Apocalypse.

“You killed her,” he growled, flapping his wings and rising into the air.

Back in the house, as Charles and Jean battled Apocalypse mentally, Moira tended to your wounds. With a startled breath your eyes popped open, air filling your lungs, pain coursing through you. Your eyes locked on Moira. In your peripheral vision you saw Charles open his eyes, Jean rising to face Apocalypse.

“What happened?” Moira said in awe.

“My regeneration takes a while,” you whispered, sitting up, your wounds completely healed, the pain easing, “Where’s Warren?” Moira turned to watch the events outside, Warren in the air, watching as Jean unleashed her power.

As Apocalypse disappeared, a silence settled over the group. Warren swooped back into the building, landing with a flap of his wings that sent hair and clothes fluttering. He rushed to your side, one hand cupping your neck, the other bracing your hip.

“You’re alright,” he whispered, relief flooding his features, his hot breath fanning your cheeks.

“That’s kind of my thing,” you chuckled, relishing his closeness.

“Come on,” he said, pulling you to stand and wrapping his arms around your waist, “This calls for a celebratory flight.” You glanced back at Charles to make sure that was alright. He nodded, Moira hovering around him.

“Be back at the school by tonight, please,” he amended. You nodded your agreement and smiled hugely as Warren flapped his wings, his grip on your waist tightening as you both rose into the air.

Now, months later, everyone seemed to have moved on. You and Warren were “going steady,” teaching courses and training regularly. The other members of the team seemingly let go of the incidents with Apocalypse, remembering only the way he had come to your aid, how selflessly he had faced Apocalypse after you died (for like a minute).

“So just make sure to come find me, or email me, if you have any other questions, okay?” the student nodded, her eyes blinking sideways, like a lizard.

“Yes Professsssor,” she said, clutching the homework assignment in her hand and running off with her friends. You watched her go, catching sight of Warren walking in with some of the older students. They were sweaty and coming in from the basketball court — P.E. lesson.

Warren had his wings folded, a grin on his face as he slapped some of he students on the back, commending their work. Scott swerved around the corner and walked alongside him, talking to him quickly about something before racing off to another class.

“Hey Jean,” Warren said, waving as he caught sight of her on the stairwell, “Storm.” Then he focused his eyes forward and caught sight of you. He picked up his pace, swooping in and encircling your waist in his arms, lifting you off the ground and spinning you. He placed you on your feet, kissing you deeply and whispering, “I’m so happy.”

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Un-design Contest:                      “The Hunt” motto: ~”where love surpasses all diets”~

From the makers of “Moosletoe: A Christmoose Special” comes the all new cgi hit animated film: “The Hunt”! Meet Zachary, a misunderstood lion in his pride who feels not as strong as the other lions in his pack. With his mother as the pride matriach, he has big paw steps to fill! He is under constant watch from his cousin, scab, who tries to find every opportunity to usurp the throne from zac’s mom.

Across the savvana we find Julia, a teen antelope who feels her overprotective parents keep her from going out to explore. she escapes at night from her herd one day, and suddenly finds herself lost from venturing out too far.

Scab brings up an idea one day “Why don’t we have the strength tested of the lions who rule or are about to rule us?” *glancing over at zac and his mom menacingly* The other lions agree, and plan an obstacle course called “the pride power strength test!” Zac knows he is no match against Scab’s muscles, and his mom is growing frail from age. Pawsibly, he figures that his mom won’t win, and the winning lion will push her off the throne. what zac lacks in strength, he makes up for in quick wit and heart.

zac ponders running away, but to Scab’s dismay, he decides to join the test of strength! zac gulps as he eyes the many fit lions down the starting line. when his mom yells “ GO!” The lions race into the game, putting their paws to the line of victory.

Julia is still lost, and over hears a voice ahead. to her suprise, she sees a penguin! “i..i thought there were no penguins in africa!” “wrong, toots” The penguin grins “ I’m an african penguin!” “oh…of course” Julia says. “ do you know how to find my heard, by the way?” “do penguins fly? just kidding just kidding, i’ll help you buddy ol pal” The penguin jokes. “i’m Beaky, fly the way” “great-a comedian” Julia says inwardly. Even though she ran off, she feels her parents are probably worried.

Zac is midway through the games, where the first test is to wrestle a competing lion. Zac ends up losing, so he hopes he will do better in the next round. The next round is for hunting, and zac detects the scent of antelope. and…penguin?? he stumbles upon julia and beaky, who timidly stare at him back. Zac notices her beauty and exclaims “You are too beautiful to eat!” Julia isn’t buying it, and runs with beaky waddling behind. Thinkincg of what to do next, scab pounces next to zac and yells “ I saw you let those morsels go…weakling!” zac counters “ what are you doing spying on me? shouldn’t you be worrying about your own prey?” scab scowls and stalks away. zac settles for a smaller prey that he found a few feet away.  He sees Julia again, and comes up with a plan to tell the penguin to send her a message. the penguin relays zac’s message to julia, a love poem.  She finds it to be the most beautiful thing ever and desides to trust zac. They hide away together, with the penguin keeping guard, so no animal suspects a thing.

zac’s mom hasnt seen her son in hours, and grows anxious as the other lions return. she leaves her post and decides to go off and search. she discovers zac and julia hidden in the grass, and scolds zac.”zac what are you doing!? do you know what this could do to our reputation? the other lions are questioning my authority, scab can not become leader!!” zac’s mom informs him about how the authority was questioned once before. A bad lioness was in trouble for a crime, and was to be banished. but she died before her sentence. the pride discover she had a tiny cub, and took the banishment out on him. zac found this to be cruel, and was about to call out his mother. “i was the only one against it. she said before zac could react. but if i didnt listen to the other pride members, my throne would be put in jeopardy.” “and, this cub had a terrible gash on his arm, so when the others found him, they named him scab.” his mom figured that scab grew tough, or something helped to raise him, how he pushed his way back into the pride. zac asked why his mom didnt just tell scab what happened, and zac’s mom said that scab would never listen to her. Hearing all this, Julia didnt want to get in the way of all the pride drama, and beaky just listened to both sides.  Also, julia still wasn’t home yet, and figured her herd was miles away from home.

zac tells his two new friends to stay put while there are so many lions around, and also persuades his mom not to make his friends into a snack for herself. the mother and son return to find scab proudly displaying his big catch of prey. It looked like scab had won before zac had a chance to return. his mom jokes “ you still have a big catch yourself, two if you count the bird” zac shrugs nonchalantly. “no thanks, mom.” their conversation gets interrupted. “since i won the game…and the matriarch left the post to not even see it, shouldn’t I be leader?” The lions look uneasily at one another. on one paw, he had noticeable strength. on the other paw, some lions remember when he was a little runt, the weakest looking cub.  but the strength won over their feelings from ages ago, and the lions gave a look to the matriarch as if to say “ you had your turn, it’s time for some lion anew.” zac’s mom new her age showed, and was about to start the ceremony of the new leader. but not before zac yelled “WAIT!” and ran back into the hunting area. scab scoffed “ oh come on, this is not fair!” and the other lions were unsure of what to do next.

zac raced back to julia, and asked her an important question. “would you risk your life, for me?” julia thought it over. “ if i’m killed, my parents will freak,” she winks. zac understood. and to beaky he said “ i might need a distraction…” beaky sighs, “ always the birds, the birds are always sent in to put on a good show, am i right?” everyone laughs, and  the plan is put underway. julia was to play dead while zac “dragged in his prize” of a fresh antelope. before julia would get tired of holding still, beaky would make a large noise to distract the lions while julia ran away. so beaky found some berries, and rubbed them on julias neck to make it look like a wound, and zac carefully grabbed her neck with his mouth and slowly dragged her into the pride circle. when zac returned, he let julia go and knew he only had moments to say what he needed to. “look, my prey is larger than scabs!” zac motions to julia. then zac sends a signal to beaky, who makes a screeching sound with his microphone. while the lions are distracted, julia jumps up and runs away! but scab notices and sputters “hey..your prey wasn’t dead! thats not fair to me…i mean us!” zac claims “the rule never was to catch dead prey, just to catch the biggest prey!” scab scowled at the loophole and stepped aside to let zac through. “i guess i can use that speech i was saving before! looks like you can be…second in command-since im still around” zac’s mom states, and winks. “zac, do you promise to protect this pride with loyalty and trust? “i do” zac states proudly.  “then welcome to your guard duty” zac’s mom roars with the other lions- except for scab who scowled behind a rock. after the ceremony, zac’s mom says “where is your friend, zac?” and zac went off to find her. while zac went looking for julia, he smelled a dark scent. “oh no…hunters!” he exclaimed!

he found julia trapped in a cage with a lock on a hunter’s truck, and wondered how to get her free. suddenly beaky appeared, and zac used beaky as a disctration for a second round. beaky went in front of the hunters and started squawking. the hunters were amused and watched him. while they did this, zac used his claw to pick the lock, and freed julia as soon as the hunters grew tired of the penguin’s act. julia, zac, and beaky ran as fast as they could back to the pride area. “i want to thank you for what you did, julia” zac’s mother beamed with pride. “yeah thanks julia, and beaky.” zac repeated. “would you like to stay?” zac’s mother asked “we’d make sure nobody ate you.” julia said “ i would but, i really need to get back to my family.” “home is where the herd is, you know” julia realized for herself. “i see, well i will let my son help you find them.” so zac, beaky, and julia went to search for the herd. it took a few days, but they finally spotted the herd. “Julia! we have been worried sick!!! and…a lion!!! back away slowly…julia…” “it’s ok!” julia explained “he isn’t going to hurt me” “and, i love him!” her parents were speechless. “Well…alright…if you say so julia” they hesitated. zac put up his paw “ i promise to not eat antelope anymore. pride’s honor!” the antelope then felt more at ease. “well julia,” her parents said. while you were gone…we decided you are old enough to go off on your own and to do your own thing! but please come back to visit, alright?” julia said “ really, wow!!! zac, i CAN go with you!!!” and zac was happy too! they raced off together back to the pride area, and zac’s mom made sure everyone, even scab, did not hurt julia. and the lion and the antelope lived happily ever after…the end!

extra: after the credits finish, beaky appears and says “that’s all…fish! i mean folks!!” then it fades to black

funny scenes:

1. when the animals walk by tourists, zac is like “ but first, let me take a “safar-ey” and the animals stop what they are doing to pose for the camera. then the scene has a spinning shot of the photo that was just taken

2. one of the tourists loses their sunglasses, so zac puts them on and grins at the camera

3. beaky sings a funny song about being a penguin in africa

4. scab whining

5. julia trying to mate with zac in a seductive dream song sequence (you know…for kids!)

Main Character: Zac the clever young lion, voiced by Justin Beiber, is a good hearted cool dude!

Love interest: Julia the antelope, who can’t elope (HA HA…GET IT!!!???) she is a beautiful herbivore with a heart as big as zac’s. voiced by selena gomez, who also aids in julia’s singing voice!

Comic relief: Beaky the african penguin. starring the voice talent of Gilbert Godfrey, this wacky bird feels like a penguin out of water in the savanna. aided by his microphone and bow tie ( so we know he is funny) this avian is ready to spread the humor like a flock of birds!

Villian: Scab the antagonist, who is still not over how he was treated as a cub. he is voiced by Tim Curry, and also has an evil villian song. now he may look like another lion we know… but he’s an original  character- we swear!!! scab is hungry for power, and has a vengeance against the lions who treated him unfairly!

#16 (Jack Johnson) *REQUESTED*

“Did you just call me kitten?“ 

“Kitten have you seen my jacket?” Jack says, looking around our bedroom. 

“No babe, I haven’t and did you just call me kitten?” I question, looking up from the magazine I have been skimming through. 

“Yeah why?” Jack says, looking in the closet. 

“You’ve just never called me that before,” I mumble. 

“What? Do you not like it?” Jack says moving towards the bed. 

 "It’s whatever. It sounds like some 50 shades of grey shit,“ i answer rather quickly. 

"So the nickname kitten makes you feel like a sex slave?” Jack questions, chuckling menacingly.

“Shut up”, I snap playfully.

"But like forreal, if you want to be my sex slave, I, 100% I have no problem with that.” Jack says turning bright red and so do I. 

“Jack Edward Johnson, get out!” I say tossing him his jacket he has been looking for the whole time. Jack catches the jacket, looks at me with wide eyes, and points his finger at me. 

“This conversation is not over,” he says walking towards the door. 

“Conversation over,” I say simply. 

“Love you kitten,” Jack says winking. 

I roll my eyes and scoff, “yeah, yeah love you too”.

anonymous asked:

i feel like torbjörn vs bastion would be a school wide meme tho, and there'd probs be posters everywhere for bastions title fight n shit and all pictures have bastion wearing this itty bit of armour covering his one weak spot and torbjörn is SEETHING

oh my GOD totally people are picking sides like TEAM BASTION and TEAM TORBJORN and torbjorn turns to reinhardt and says like “you’re on my side right” as menacingly as possible and reinhardt shrugs and grins like “this should be fun” and torbjorn GROANS

what she says: im fine



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docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

also...dick proobably has to do that thing to tim where u tickle someone to get them out of bed 'cause they wont wake up?

Dick was silent as the night, raising his hands menacingly and leaning over the bed. He was so close, Tim wouldn’t know what hit him-

“If you touch me, I’ll kill you,” Tim deadpanned, and he sounded still half-asleep but also deadly serious. “I’m not getting out of bed. It’s my day off. Leave me alone unless you have food.” 

“Alfred has food downstairs, but you won’t get any unless you actually get out of bed. And no, he won’t bring it up to you. That’s a privilege you get only when you’re sick.”

Tim grunted, tugging the blanket tighter around his shoulders and pressing his face into the pillow. “Still not getting up,” he muttered. Dick rolled his eyes. 

“C’mon, Timmers, it’s your day off, it’s my day off. We should go out and do something.” He tugged at the blanket, which only caused Tim to roll further into it. 

“Or we could stay in and do something. Something like sleep. Goodnight.” 

“I will throw you off the bed, Tim,” Dick threatened, hands on his hips, “I really will.” 

“That’s not nice. Don’t do that.”

“Fine, be a stick-in-the-mud. See if I care.” Dick walked out of the room, but stopped just outside the doorway, staying quiet. He stood there for a while, long enough for Tim to relax, believing he’d really left. 

Then he pounced.

Dick- what the hell?” Tim groaned, trying to kick Dick off and hide himself beneath the blankets at the same time. “Get off.”

“Nah,” Dick replied easily, sprawling over the squirming lump that was his little brother. He poked at what he guessed Tim’s side under the covers, grinning at the muffled yelp Tim gave in response. 

Don’t,” Tim snapped, popping out from the blankets to glare at Dick, who just laughed. “Do not. I will cut your fingers off and feed them to Titus.”

“How much time have you been spending with Damian?” Dick asked, poking at Tim’s side again. 

“Dick, no. Okay, I’ll get up. Just- get off of me for the love of Batman.”

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🔪 (SFPapyrus... Alright, here we go...) Papyrus' face broke into a wide grin as he pressed the spider woman against the wall, drawing a blade from his pocket. He pressed it to her throat menacingly, careful not to cut her delicate skin. "Heya sweetheart, long time no see," he chuckled darkly, leaning in close to her. "Now about that gold you stole from me last time we talked... I want it back. Now." It wasn't a request.

Send me 🔪 for my muse’s reaction to yours shoving them against a wall and pressing a knife to their throat


Wow, she… Really wasn’t expecting someone to attack her on her own territory. She kept her breathing at a steady pace as all eyes stared at the other; a small smile would make its way to her own face once figuring out who this other was. “You didn’t even bring me any flowers for this date, deary! And that outfit… You could have at least dolled up for me a little bit ahuhuhu~” It was gold he wanted? Gold… Gold… Oh yeah she stole that who knows how long ago. Nah she was going to ignore that.

Obligatory Early Bird Rider Cameo

“What the hell?!” Eryn picks up a very tiny-as in chibi-rider with chest armor that closely resembled a Wii U GamePad-complete with joysticks on her shoulders. 

The chibi rider growls menacingly, before pulling out a whip which, true to form, looks like a Wii Remote-it even has a Nunchuck on the end.

Flick cooes. “She’s so cute~!”

Lucy is walking through the park with her nose in her book, paying hardly any attention to the world around her-not even to the very handsome freckled soldier looking at her from across the park- as her feet carry her to her favorite park bench. Before she reaches the seat, she bumps into a rather large figure. Looking up, she sees it was two redcoats, who grin down at her rather menacingly. Not wanting any trouble, she immediately closes the book cover and apologizes. “Ah, forgive me Sirs, I was too caught up in my book. I shall look where I’m going from now on.” She offers a small smile before she tries to move past the redcoats, but they step back, blocking her path. “And what is such a lovely lady like yourself doing with a copy of “Common Sense”?“ the first redcoat snatches the book from Lucy’s hands, and the second one continues the thought, "Young ladies have no need for such writings, I can assure you. Your future husband will tell you what your opinions are once you are wed.” “Aye. We’ll take this off your hands, miss.” Lucy begins to reach up to take her book back, but they hold it out of her reach. She sighs. “Please let me have my book back.” They simply shake their heads, still grinning. Defeated, but knowing she can find another copy, she tries to walk on, but the second redcoat grabs her wrist and pulls her back. “You’re not going anywhere until we teach you what a woman’s place truly is. Lucy’s eyes widen in fear, and she begins to try to get away, but the two men only strengthen their hold on her, causing her to let out a pained yelp.