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Questions I never thought of as a child that bother me now:

Part 1: Curious George

  • Why is every article of clothing The Man/Ted owns yellow? And why is it always the same suit? He has both an apartment and a house in the country so clearly he can afford more clothes than that one suit. Unless all the rest of the money goes to paying for the lawsuits George inevitably will cause.

  • Why on earth would The Man/Ted leave a baby chimp with the mental capacity of a four or five year old human child alone for long stretches of time when he knows what kind of mayhem his monkey son is capable of?

  • Why does everyone just accept that he’s raising a chimpanzee as his child and why is no one concerned about how much larger and more aggressive George is going to get once he turns five?!

  • Does The Man/Ted have some kind of political pull or rich family member or something in the city they live in? Because I can’t really see any other reason for people not sueing the daylights out of him and sending poor George to some kind of Rise of the Planet of the Apes-esque ape shelter.

Part 2: Sesame Street

  • Where are Big Bird’s parents?

  • Who in the world built a tiny car seat just for Slimy the Worm’s mother?

  • What ever happened to Benny the Bunny, that crabby bellhop guy from the old Sesame Street episodes when I was little?

  • Who else remembers those tinsel-y aliens that just went “Yep yep yep yep uh-huh, uh-huh” the whole time?

Part 3: Little Bear

  • Father Bear wears clothing. Mother Bear wears clothing. Grandmother and Grandfather Bear wear clothing. Little Bear most assuredly does not wear clothing. Why? Is it because he’s a preschooler who is probably too quick to catch when it’s time to get dressed? Is clothing optional for bears until they’re old enough for jobs?

  • Why are Emily and her Grandmother never concerned about the talking animals and the fact that bears are living in houses and have jobs? (Father Bear is a fisherman). Is this some kind of post-apocalyptic 1900s, where humanity is no longer the dominant species and everyone lives in the forest?

jar jar binks from “star wars”

that’s definitely not an unpopular opinion, since jar jar binks is the most hated character in the series, and often even referred to as the most hated fictional character in history of film. we wouldn’t go THAT far, but jar jar is, in fact, awful. he was first introduced in episode one - “the phantom menace”, and he basically ruined it the moment he appeared on screen. the way he speaks and behaves has been interpreted as racist and generally offensive multiple times. the prequels deal with some dark and heavy political topics, and jar jar was supposed to make it all a little bit less heavy. but yeah, that didn’t work. the hatred towards that character that exploded after “the phantom menace” literally made george lucas cut his screentime in the next movies to an absolute minimum, thank the maker! we have no idea what on earth was going through lucas’ head when he thought jar jar binks would be a great idea. and to think he wanted to make this character play an important role in the series? *shivers* the only explanation to this would be that crazy theory that we might or might not absolutely believe to be true, that jar jar binks is actually a powerful sith lord in disguise, on a mission to destroy the galaxy (if you haven’t heard of it, please do yourself a favor and google it, but take into consideration that it will change you as a person). if that’s not the case, then jar jar binks remains a mystery to us, because including a character so unnecessary is just weird when you think about george lucas’ genius in general.



With years of dreaming, the parched landscape of his desert  – and the succession of hills of sand and valleys crisscrossed by paths that lead him everywhere and take him nowhere – becomes painfully familiar. 

Yet, he cannot avoid falling into holes, the same holes always, or foolishly venturing into the menacing ruins he knows so well, where he will be trapped, tortured and dominated by one of his feelings – fear here, shame or guilt over there, desperation and doubt everywhere – as if they were sadist hosts, and his soul merely a defenseless, transient guest. 

But no matter how much or long he walks, and travels, he cannot find the desert’s end.

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This is the loml, Bruiser. He wears a chain collar and looks menacing sometimes, until he ruins it all by smiling his big ol sweet smile at you.

(Ok so he doesn’t look nervous in any of these but I can’t be presented with a chance to talk about the dog that saves my life on the daily and then not take it??)
I Hate You (Part 15)

Ryan sitkowski x reader
​Warnings : Language, foolery​​

​A/N: guys I am so running out of pictures at this point…


​​​​​You’re gonna have to tell Ryan.
Like, it was starting to become a problem now.

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An Unlikely Pair (part 3)

A/N: Part 3 pals!! I cannot thank everyone enough for reading! I never thought people would even like anything I wrote but you guys being so nice and cute and making me so happy !!! You can pretty much expect NO CIVIL WAR SPOILERS for the entire story, just to be safe. Thanks a ton for reading and feedback (keep it coming!) :) 

Tagging: @capbuckytrash @teasejensen  

Pairings: Bucky/(F)Reader 

Warnings: Swearing! v low self confidence, angst :( it gets better friends. 

Part 1 // Part 2  (highly recommended you read these before this!!)

Oh Fuck. 

Oh Fuck! 

What have I done? he thought.

He wanted to cry, he wanted to throw up. He doesn’t know too much about this new world, and he can’t remember much from his past, but he knows it wasn’t supposed to go like that. 

The moment she felt the tears come, she sprinted off to her room. 

What the hell just happened? That is not how it goes in the movies. He was supposed to bring her in for a fiery passionate kiss. He was supposed to take away her pain, not give her more. He was supposed to be the other half of her heart, but instead, he crushed her half to dust and fucked everything to pieces. 

As her sobs wracked through her body, she chastised herself. She can’t blame him. He must have been disappointed, she thought, what would I have done if I found out my soulmate was me. 

But still, it stings. She was supposed to actually be happy when she met her soulmate. She looked forward to that moment her whole life. She would finally get to feel love, someone would look at her like they needed her, like they wanted her. 

But he didn’t want her. Steve as her witness, he was disgusted that she was his other half. He was so handsome and strong and she was only some nerd who obsessed over small things and annoyed pretty much everyone around her.

Maybe this was all a sign. Nobody had the guts to tell her to get the hell out you aren’t wanted so her poor soulmate had to.  

She felt so bad for him. He ended up with her

Bucky.” Uh oh. Steve’s ‘captain voice’. 

Why’d he do it? He knew exactly why. 

She was beautiful. Perfect. He wasn’t. 

She was gorgeous. In so many more ways than one. That was the first thought that crossed his mind. She was innocent and pure and bright. So why was she made for him? He will admit that he fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. She took his breath away. And he was so thoroughly disgusted in the universe for putting them together, that he couldn’t even be around anymore. So he ran. 

The look on her face stabbed at his heart. His chest ached as he remembered her pretty eyes searching his face for something - anything. But he just left.  She looked so sad. Scared, sad and confused and he did it to her. He caused her pain and he was bad for her.  

He was a poison! He was destruction! He was a menace. 

He would ruin her.  

Why? Why did he have to be the one to destroy her innocence for love? He’d spoiled her experience. If he could take it back and give her something better, he would. She deserved something so much better. Not tears, not doubt, but someone to love her right. The way he couldn’t, but oh he wished he could.  

“Steve,” he sobbed out, “I’m gonna break her.

She sat by the window watching everything just happen. It was a dark cloudy afternoon, but people just kept going.

She was snapped form her daze when Wanda settled in next to her.  

“The city is wonderful, yes?” her thick accent drawled. 

“Yeah, yeah it’s great Wanda,” Y/N replied, shaking away her lethargy. 

“Look, the weather is terrible, but see the people move? No matter what happens, no matter what goes wrong, people keep… being.” Y/N nodded. 

“That is resilience in it’s finest. Our bodies are built on resilience, it is how we grow and learn.” Y/N stayed silent, taking in everything Wanda said. 

“Sometimes, we are unable to bounce back. Physically or mentally, we are just not strong enough. We cease to be,” Wanda explained, and tears sprang into Y/N’s eyes as she shifted uncomfortably. 

“Y/N,” Wanda grabbed her hands and their eyes met, “you will get through this. You are strong and smart and resilient. I promise you, this isn’t the end.” Y/N nodded and couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. Wanda pulled her to her chest as she sobbed out her heartbreak. 

“Bucky, your not gonna break her,” Steve replied, softly. 

Bucky shook his head, “No, yes I am, she’s perfect. She’s everything I’m not, I’m just gonna bring her down or hurt her-” 

Buck,” Steve barked, “that’s enough.” 

Bucky lowered his head in his hands. “Steve, I’m not right for her and you know it. I’m just gonna end up fucking it up like I always do and she doesn’t deserve that.”  

“That’s a load of bullshit.” Bucky winced. Steve never curses. “You were put together for a reason. Bucky, her initials have been on your wrist since we were kids in Brooklyn 100 years ago.” 

Bucky sighed. Steve continued, “Look, I don’t know why you were ‘paired’ together, but there is a reason. She’s gonna mend you, Buck. And I have a feeling she needs you for something too. Even the brightest people have a dark place.” 

Y/N went to bed early that night and slept hard. She woke up, got her coffee and sipped it as she watched the city move under the dark morning sky. 

“I’m so sorry,” a deep voice from behind her quietly spoke. 

Spider Killer

Pairing: Gruvia
Rating: T 

Summary: Juvia desperately needs to take a bath, but a certain spider is blocking her path. She’ll have to call on her neighbor for help.
A/N: OMG I saw this post last night and instant light bulb! I haven’t been hit with inspiration in so long that it was really nice to finally get a little bit. It’s short and cute, but I hope you guys still like it ^.^ 

Juvia stopped with one foot in the air and clenched the shower curtain in her fists. She dropped her foot on the floor, closed the curtain, and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around her naked body and walked right out the bathroom. There went her plans for a shower because sitting in the middle of her bathtub was an eight legged devil staring right back at her with his beady red eyes.

She needed to take a shower!! She glared at the bathroom door gripping her towel. She sure as hell wasn’t going back in there before the eight legged fiend was taken care of, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to be taking care of it herself either. Light bulb!

Juvia ran through her apartment and ran straight towards her neighbor’s. She knocked on the door and waited. She heard shuffling and a faint coming from the other side. She bounced on foot to foot excited to have found such a great solution. She practically leaped for joy when she saw the door opening.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know if polish black metal band mgla are nsbm? If they are can you recommend some good black metal that doesn't have fascist leanings?

mgla are definitely not NSBM

I dunno recently I’ve been listening to black metal like spectral lore, diocletian, burial hordes, batushka, cultes des ghoules, occult burial, menace ruine, fortresse etc, and I’m pretty sure none of them are NSBM. 

I know I’ve mentioned this before but Jesus, I think The Phantom Menace would have flowed better if Anakin were 12/13 as originally planned and not nine years old.

For one thing, I think it would have given them a little more flexibility to keep in the disturbing, overtly abuse-bred bad temper he was originally supposed to have without the same risk of upsetting audiences. It would still have made sense for him to have it at nine- this kid is literally someone’s property and painfully aware of it and already deeply emotionally battered- but I can also understand not wanting to put a bunch of scenes where a character who would be a third grader in the real world shows very real, violent, and unpleasant effects of PTSD and dehumanization in your big shiny space fantasy. They didn’t completely excise it with the very young Anakin we got (see: his angrily objecting that he’s a person with a name when Padmè asks if he’s a slave), but I’ve read that they cut scenes from the script with him angrily beating up another child who questions the viability of his podracer simply because that would be read as creepy child territory and not as a psychologically understandable, if outsized, reaction from a young teenager. There’s a lot to unpack as far as the perceived screen-acceptability of violently traumatized young teenagers versus even younger kids, but the point stands that we probably could have had a more realistic depiction of his mental state if he had been portrayed as older.

There’s also the way that nine-year-old Anakin’s desire to podrace and his later success flying the space equivalent of a fighter jet come off as sheer magically-gifted-child troping and not actual precociousness. Imagine if the whole fighter-pilot sequence were a reckless young teenager intentionally deciding to fly out there and not a small child just kind of bumbling into it. Let’s be real here- that would have seemed a lot less like a narrative ass pull, right? It’s not just me? We’re looking at a difference of maybe three or four years here, but that would have made a huge difference narratively- and it also would have allowed his slow confession that he’s never finished a podrace to seem less like a little kid failing to grasp the potentially awful consequences of a podracer wreck (to say nothing of the bet Qui-Gon has placed on him!) and more, again, a young teenager not having a very strong sense of caring if he lives or dies.

Or how about the weirdly imbalanced foreshadowing of his future romance with Padmè? As it is in the final film, Padmè is 14 to Anakin’s 9. She feels protective affection for him, but he’s a little kid and she’s a teenager. He’s bowled over by her beauty, but it doesn’t even come off as a precocious crush so much as just “WOW :O”. The very first thing he says to her is “Are you an angel?”, explaining that they’re supposed to be the most beautiful creatures in the universe. Imagine that as gawky chat-up line from a boy only a little younger than Padmè. Recontextualized that way, it becomes adorably innocent flirting- and Attack of the Clones could have been saved from the sheer pressuring creepiness of Anakin’s later overtures toward her because it would have been entirely possible to have Padmè reciprocate Anakin’s feelings as early as The Phantom Menace and realize she still felt that meeting him again as an adult instead of appearing to cave in to Anakin’s romantic war of attrition. IMAGINE STAR WARS PREQUELS WITH THE CENTRAL ROMANCE GOING FULL ROMEO AND JULIET OUT OF THE GATE INSTEAD OF KICKING IN ABRUPTLY HALFWAY THROUGH THE SECOND ONE.

Finally- and this is more meta: The Phantom Menace ruined poor Jake Lloyd’s life. People were blaming him everywhere he turned for a role he was just too young for, his classmates accused him of “ruining Star Wars”, reviews referred to him as “Mannequin Skywalker”, and he was only about ten years old in real life when this was going on. I’m not going to say that a teenager would have automatically fared better, but casting a scrawny 14/15-year-old actor to play 12/13, someone capable of actual puppy love chemistry with then-15-year-old Natalie Portman and probably not scripted to say things like “Yippee!” as the future Darth Vader- well, I feel like the odds would have at least improved of that kid coming out of it intact. The fact that Jake Lloyd, a real child, suffered so much for what should have been a dream come true is the biggest loss felt by the aging-down of Anakin Skywalker.


Menace Ruine - Omnia In Nihil