First Meeting

My first Doommetra fic and I’m so excited! I hope to write more about them in the future!

Doommetra. Flirty lines. Pre-Relationship. 

Bubbles gentle fizz in her glass which already has a smudge of lipstick stained to the rim. Her finger wipes it away, rubbing it back to perfection and clarity. One nail taps against the cup, viewing the large hotel bar once again.

He appears, right on the dot. A white suit covers his muscular figure, but does no less to dampen his menacing form. Every cord of muscle and bone seems threatening, but his eyes tell so much more. Calculating, and finding her gaze in the crowd. It take only mere seconds before he crosses the room to her. Both already knowing who the other is.

“Miss. Vaswani, I assume,” he greets her, voice deep and booming but with an articulate charm to his words.

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