You know the Lads would be a fucking nightmare if they were kidnapped. Not the irritation of Geoff’s sarcastic drawl, the disquieting politeness of Jack’s unerring calm or the terrifying menace of Ryan’s entire existence, but a full blown regret all your choices, please god take them back nightmare.

Ray not so much; he shoots off a few snarky comments then closes his eyes and settles down, for all intents and purposes appearing to go to sleep despite the chains on his wrists and the cold concrete cell they’ve been locked in. Just sleeps and refuses to stir, limp and unaffected by anything from physical pain to the yells of his crew-mates. It’s an infuriatingly difficult reaction to combat and eventually their captors just give up and ignore him.

It’s impossible to ignore their other three captives though; they’re fucking loud, for one. Michael is throwing insults around left and right from the moment he opens his eyes, from the state of their lodging to the intelligence of their captors and everything in between; no threat works to shut him up and hurting any of the others only makes him exponentially louder. Michael calls out every ridiculous statement and every ineffective torture technique as though he’s merely watching a bad movie rather than living through one.

Jeremy is nearly as vocal as Michael though not nearly so straight forward about it; Jeremy drips sarcasm as he pushes every question back against his asker, inviting them to share where they stole their ideas from, who they thought they were kidding with this whole big bad act, if they’d chosen their last words yet. He and Gavin goad each other into increasingly absurd conversations whenever things are getting too tense, and Jeremy repeatedly acts like he’s broken and is ready to talk only to whisper another dumb pun into the interrogator’s ear; cackling wildly at his own jokes even as he spits blood.

Gavin flips back and forth between antagonising and commiserating, endearing himself to their enemies only to pick on their weaknesses and instigate in-fighting. He critiques their captors like they are on even footing, scathingly judgmental and haughtily unimpressed, identifying soft spots for Michael to tear into. For all his ability to deflect the anger of other people Gavin’s never been great at sitting back and watching his boys get hurt, so when things get a little too heated his comments tend to get more vicious and offensive. He twists deep into every insecurity, grinning wide enough to show all his teeth as he carefully pulls everyones attention back to himself. This honestly only pisses Michael and Jeremy off - Gavin you are a twig alright, just shut up and let the brawlers take the bruises - so soon enough all three are fighting each other as much as their captors, bellowing so loud and incomprehensible that the cell doors rattle and their interrogators are forced to take frequent breaks or risk going deaf.

Another strike against the Lads is their combined impatience; never content to just sit back and wait for the Gents to collect them, no matter how dire or trivial their situation may be. It’s not like the Gents won’t come, it’s not like their arrival wouldn’t be one hell of a show, a firestorm of possessive rage and righteous fury. It’s just that the Lads have never been passive, have always been threat. It’s just that they’re smarter than anyone gives them credit for, and nastier than most could ever imagine. It’s just that the Lads never could let anything slide, lean full force into everything they do and what they do is devastate, what they do is destroy.

The end begins, as most ends do, with a regrettable mistake. With a guard cocky enough to come in on his own, to taunt and jeer and rile them up. A guard green enough to let them see the keys he drops into his pocket, to think himself safe in their shackled presence. He’s clearly not well versed in the art of breathing menace, his efforts are rudimentary and uninspired at best, an embarrassment to the craft, and the Lads play him like a fiddle. He’s frustrated when Gavin lays on the mocking flirtation too heavily, circling behind in a clumsy attempt at intimidation and failing to notice to moment his pocket grows lighter. He rises to the bait when Jeremy sneers out a cutting commentary on his skills, completely missing the flash of silver flicking from Gavin’s hands to Michael’s in the blink of an eye. He turns his back on the three of them to aim a petulant shove at Ray, whose eyes pop back open for the first time in hours, snapping into motion as quick and dangerous as a snake. Ray uses his chained hands to pull himself up and deliver a solid kick, propelling their guard right into Michael’s waiting arms.

It’s unsalvageable after that; not quite quick, by no means clean, but hopelessly unstoppable; something akin to watching a man being torn apart by wild dogs. The rest of the mysterious crew have no chance to intervene, left watching in shocked silence over the security feed, their horror unnervingly acknowledged as the Lads bare their teeth at the cameras, chilling mockeries of real grins, full of promise. It doesn’t get better, the restless energy in the cell only growing as the four efficiently free each other from their remaining binds, laughing and crooning out childish singsongs as they destroy the room; Ready or not here we come.

See, the worst thing about taking the Lads hostage, the very worst part, isn’t their volume or aggression, isn’t the indifference and blatant disrespect. It’s not the looming danger of retribution from the rest of their crew, not even the way they will eventually, inevitably, break themselves free from any restraints. No.

The worst thing is the fact that even when they get out the Lads will not leave. There is no stealth, no mad rush for freedom or careful plans to storm the exit; they won’t escape, at least not until there’s nothing left to escape from. When the Lads break loose they don’t look to regroup, aren’t interested in taking a moment to recover before coming back with support. They want their vengeance and they want it immediately; want compensation for every injury, want to fulfil every promised threat, make good on every nasty laugh and hungry smirk, watch the terrified realisation in the eyes of their prey. When the Lads break loose they want to play.

By 1831 the outrageous activities of Les Jeunes France were providing frequent copy for Le Figaro.  Between August and October of that year they featured in seven articles, and in the first six months  of 1832 there were no less than twenty.
—  Bohemians: The Glamorous Outcasts, by Elizabeth Wilson 

@artificialities  , we were wondering just how much Le Figaro was fixated ? XD 

For anon…reader is Ani’s younger sister as requested, enjoy!


The Jedi in training stopped in his tracks. His eyes widened as he watched a slightly younger girl exit the home on Tatooine. His mouth gaped slightly in shock.

“Y-Y/N?” he asked quietly, “Is that really you?”
She smirked, placing a hand on her hip. “What? You don’t recognize your sister? It’s only been, pfft, 10 years.”

Excitement coursing through his veins, Anakin sprinted from his spot and over to his sister. She hugged him tightly as he brought her into his chest. She squeezed her eyes tight, still in slight disbelief that her brother was holding her. He eventually held her at arm’s length.

“You’ve grown up a bit,” Anakin commented.
She chuckled. “That’s what naturally happens, Ani. I see you’re still following the Jedi dream.”
He smiled shyly. “How couldn’t I?”
Y/N put a thoughtful look on her face. “Are you still hanging around with that Kenobi fellow? He was quite the looker as I remembered it.”
Anakin raised his brows at her. “You were eight.”
“And you were a nine year old falling in love with a handmaiden.”
“Princess, actually,” he murmured.
“Oh, look at you,” she teased.

Anakin laughed before pulling her into another hug. His thoughts returned to the reason he ventured this far in the first place.

“Y/N,” he asked seriously, “Where’s mom?”

The girl’s face fell. The constant worry that had been momentarily forgotten had returned. Anakin didn’t like that feeling at all.

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All of the Star Wars mini Tsum Tsums currently out.

The Original Trilogy set, The Force Awakens set, The Phantom Menace set, the Tatooine set, and the recently released Attack of the Clones set.

Can’t wait for the Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One sets <3

Why Sherlock isn’t the same without Jim Moriarty alive and around: Because in between all the gay jokes about Sherlock and John, crime-solving, humor, goldfish and other stuff, you need a genuine menace and evil, murderous force around. For the drama.

It’s why season 3 never quite clicked for a lot of people,IMO.

No real sense of the unbearable tension and unstoppable horror you got with Moriarty.

And Now a Eulogy From Father Yoda

I have questions about this service, and the main one is this: remember that time Obi-Wan stupidly faked his own death so that he could participate in a Bounty Hunter Obstacle Course that was hosted by Count Dooku and housed in a gigantic Rubik’s Cube? His fake funeral, which was also held in this weird, TERRIBLY LIT (BECAUSE OF COURSE) room that has STADIUM SEATING for some reason (wouldn’t want anyone to have an obstructed view of the shrouded corpses!) had a WAY smaller turnout that this one does. Now, this funeral is for several Jedi at once, but seriously: if I were Kenobes, I’d be feeling a liiiiiittle miffed about this right now. 

One of the best and handsomest Jedi dies and he gets like 15 people at his funeral? Was everyone turned off by Anakin’s glowering, menacing presence at that one and they all left early? (Also, LOL forever that the Jedi’s spectator cremation chamber is built to accommodate MULTIPLE FUNERALS at once. I guess the Jedi have always been prone to high-casualty disasters that demanded that a room like this be built.)

Read More: TCW, Season 5, Episode 18: No Way Out 

Bonfire Colossus
If you control a FIRE monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When this card is Special Summoned: Target 2 FIRE monsters you control; destroy those targets.
Can Be Found In: Cosmo Blazer (CBLZ-EN084)

Some effects might not seem that effective if judged on their own. Their stats might be lacking or their abilities are either underwhelming or counterproductive. However, if placed along the right cards, they will provide powerful sinergy to create all sorts of solid outcomes. Usually their use will speed up setups, while others will trigger the effects of other cards. Overall, if a card doesn’t seem that useful alone, they might have a chance to stand out as a tool for combos.

“Bonfire Colossus” is nothing out of the ordinary yet provides the option to Special Summon itself, but with a catch. If we control a FIRE monster “Bonfire Colossus” give us the option to be Special Summoned, but in return we must destroy two FIRE monsters in our field. This has some clear risks, since if we only control a single monster “Bonfire Colossus” might end destroying itself by its own effect, or lose valuable monsters just to bring this effectless monster on the field. However, “Bonfire Colossus” is not exactly about its Special Summon ability, but rather the effects it can work with to obtain bigger results than its mere arrival.

Keep on mind that “Bonfire Colossus” has no restrictions and can be summoned as any other monster in the game, going from Tribute Summon to being revived from the Graveyard. Not only that, but “Onslaught of the Fire Kings” allow us to bring it straight from the Deck, and although will only last for a single turn we have many options to work with until leaves the field. If we only have a single FIRE monster on the field, cards like “Skill Drain” and a chained “Fire Formation - Tenken” will avoid “Colossus” from destroying our monsters or itself, a really effective method if we want to summon various copies at once. But gathering atleast two FIRE monsters to pay “Colossus” destructive effect is not really difficult thanks to cards like “Rekindling” or “Hazy Flame Peryton” summoning abilities, as well Pendulum Summon recycling and/or resummoning Pendulum Monsters affected by “Colossus” arrival.

While “Colossus” is pretty much a Tribute Summon turned into a Special Summon, it actually triggers a variety of effects with its mere arrival. A good example is the Fire King archetype, as once are destroyed their effects will activate going from “Fire King Avatar Yaksha” destroying Fire Kings in our hand for further effects, or “Fire King High Avatar Garunix” wiping out the opposite field. Is a similar approach with “Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys”, which will return a turn later to clear the opponent’s backrow as a result. The previously mentioned “Hazy Flame Peryton” not only is an option to setup “Colossus” summon, but can bring two copies of “Hazy Flame Cerbereus” so once destroyed will let us fill our hand with further Hazy monsters. We don’t completely have to work along monsters with Graveyard effects, as we can obtain the assistance of the Meklord Emperors to replace the losses with their immediate pressence. Finally, “Bonfire Colossus” along other copies and effects will allow us to gather counters on “Kickfire”, a Trap Card which can deal considerable damage if we fuel it quickly enough.

“Bonfire Colossus” is an underwhelming monster on its own as can easily backfire and/or provide nothing in return. However, many FIRE strategies take advantage of self-destructive abilities to trigger certain effects, making “Bonfire Colossus” more effective than it looks. While the problem of destroying two monsters is easily solved with staple swarm effects, many candidates will provide their effects in return to overwhelm the opponent on many angles. Unfortunately “Colossus” is a very optional card as FIRE already has methods to destroy themselves without worrying, including “Goka, the Pyre the Malice” requiring a single monster to destroy yet provides various benefitial effects in return. “Bonfire Colossus” has solid potential to assist various FIRE Decks, but is not that necessary once we check other methods to obtain results arround self-destructive abilities.

Personal Rating: B-

+ Special Summons itself if we control a FIRE monster
+ Able to trigger various FIRE monsters by its destructive effect
+ Sinergy with several archetypes and effects

- We must destroy our monsters when summoned which might affect itself
- Doesn’t provide much once on the field
- FIRE has better and safer alternatives to trigger their effects including “Goka, the Pyre of Malice”

The Spoilers Send Their Regards: Someone Has Leaked The Entire 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Plot!

This post is an outline of the 6 biggest mic-drops that are expected to occur in season 7 of Game of Thrones.

So, the biggest pre-Reddit leaks show that the long-absent Gendry has finally stopped his one man tour of the world and meets up with some other Westerosi glitterati. We had long suspected that Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn would finally meet, and that is where we pick up the story.

1. When Jonny Met Dany

Topping last season’s meeting of Daenerys and Tyrion, someone else is being recruited to Team Dany as her and Jon form a (originally) uneasy alliance. When the two meet, the King in the North refuses to bend the knee, and Daenerys won't listen to Jon’s tall tales about White Walkers. He decides that the only way to prove the existence of the snowy menace is to bring one home. He creates a Suicide Squad of himself, The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Tormund, Jorah, and Gendry to capture a Wight. Oh, and those who are shipping a romp between the breaker of chains and Westeros’s baddest bastard, they get down and dirty at the end of the season on a romantic boat trip.

2. Ice, Ice, Baby

So, as you expect, Jon’s mission to collect Frosty the Snowman doesn’t go to plan at all. Perhaps one of the best titbits from the post is the actual birth of the long suspected ice dragons. There is a huge battle around an ice-covered lake, Thoros is killed by a Wight polar bear, and Jon nearly dies (again). Daenerys arrives to fly most of the team away on her dragons, but for whatever reason Jon gets left behind. Long lost Benjen turns up to save the day once more, and rescues Jon at the last minute. Saving the best bit for last though. Daenerys’s dragon Viserion dies in the melee, only to be reanimated as the Night’s King’s mount and off they fly.

3. A Bouncing Baby 

But this isn’t all J + D = GoT, expect more incestuous bonking in the towers, as this season we will be revisiting that Lannister sordid sibling sauciness. This time there will be a consensual scene of lovemaking, which leads Cersei to believe that she is pregnant again. She has Qyburn examine her in the hope of breaking Maggy the Frog’s prophecy, but all is not well down below. Towards the end of the season Cersei wakes up in a bed soaked with blood, apparently she miscarries her little Satan spawn.

4. Petyr Get ‘Little’ Fingered

No, it isn’t a gay analogy from one of his brothels, things finally come unstuck for the sickly Petyr Baelish. There will be no marriage to Sansa in the Godswood, although there could well be a beheading in the hallowed Winterfell grounds. With Jon off wooing Daenerys, Sansa is left in charge of family homestead, where she is finally reunited with her spunky sister Arya and crippled brother Bran. Baelish tries to play the two Stark girls off against each other by using the letter that Sansa wrote to Robb about bowing down to Joffrey. Bran helps Sansa figure out Littlefinger’s plan to divide the family, and she sentences Baelish to death. And it’no other than Arya’s job to carry it out, which the bloodthirsty little assassin does with glee.

5. A Boy Has No Name

Samwell Tarly will submit his application to University Challenge after completing his bookworm quest in the Citadel. Not only does he manage to cure Jorah of his Grayscale, but he also meets with Bran “Raven Eyes” Stark. Together the two figure out Jon’s real heritage, and confirm that his name is actually “Aegon Targaryen.” Fans of the books will know that Aegon was that elusive baby Targaryen who reportedly had his bashed against the wall. Aegon apparently did survive and becomes a prominent character in the fifth book, but as there has been no sign of Aegon in the show, presumably Benioff and Weiss are amalgamating the character into Jon’s backstory. It would finally put to rest the whole “what is Jon’s name?” storyline and solidify his and Daenerys’s joint claim to that pointy sword chair.

6. Balls To The Wall

After another season of weddings and beheadings, could the final prophecy finally be fulfilled? Reportedly the final shot of the season will see the icy Viserion taking down the Wall, in a blaze of blue fire, as the Night’s King rides his back. It brings full circle the whole ice and fire theory, meaning that there will two types of dragon going to war in a climactic battle at the end of the saga. If the Wall does fall, it will perfectly set up the whole of Season 8 as an army of White Walkers pour into the north. You know, we have only been waiting seven seasons for that.

Take a moment, have some milk of the poppy, and let all of that sink in. There is some other pretty cool stuff too, it just isn’t as sensationalist:

  • Euron attacks his niece and nephew, capturing Yara, while Theon leaps overboard.
    ⦁ The Mountain cuts down the captured Wight only to see it reanimate itself.
    ⦁ Lady Olenna admits to Joffrey’s murder, then drinks poison in front of Jaime.

The storyline does allude to the whereabouts of the Greyjoys and Brienne, but where the hell are Varys and Melisandre? There is also no sign of Euron attempting to woo Daenerys or Cersei, which we were all sure would happen this season. While it may seem a little light on deaths at the moment, expect to see the demise of the sand snakes and possibly even Yara Greyjoy — fear not, those crypts are sure to be a lot fuller by the season’s end. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, we finally get a full Stark reunion, Jon and Dany seem like the perfect political powerhouse, and most importantly — Nymeria is back!

If you want to see how everything will play out episode by episode then click the link below.

medicblossom  asked:

show me our child o A o

Send (ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾ to meet our muses’ lovechild(ren)!

NAME(s): Sarada, Soshi, Seito
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Unfortunately they all look very Uchiha. Dominant genes. Soshi does not have the sharingan, but so long as he’s with his twin brother, no one is able to tell.
PERSONALITY: Soshi takes after Sasuke. He’s very quiet, keeps to himself mostly, and focuses primarily on genjutsu, despite not having the sharingan. Seito is more like Sakura. Bubbly, outgoing, friendly, which embarrasses his brother and sister to no end. But the twins are fond of pretending to be the other, just to mess with people. They’re kind of menaces, actually.
FUTURE: Sarada becomes the top kunoichi of her class, the first to reach jonin, and is well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming hokage. Seito and Soshi are separated on teams, but have been known to switch it up, just to mess with people. Soshi becomes a med nin, wheras Seito becomes an instructor. 
FIRST LOVE: I like to think Sarada ends up dating Mitsuki, which leads to awkward family dinners with Kabuto, Orochimaru, Sakura and Sasuke.

Écrire, c'est entrer dans la solitude où menace la fascination. C'est se livrer au risque de l'absence de temps, où règne le recommencement éternel. C'est passer du Je au Il, de sorte que ce qui m'arrive n'arrive à personne, est anonyme par le fait que cela me concerne, se répète dans un éparpillement éternel.
—  Maurice Blanchot - L’espace Littéraire 

true-furry-trash  asked:

How's your kitty? I haven't seen any updates for a few months :o

I have several cats, so I’m not sure which one you’re talking about.

But if it was several months ago, I’m going to guess it was the most recent  stray kitten I found. We were gonna take him to a shelter, but some us got super attached to him during the time we raised him back to good health (he was disturbingly malnourished when we found him), and in the end we decided to keep him.

He’s at a rambunctious half-a-year old age now. We named him Ghost, because he was mostly white and had an uncanny ability to completely disappear, even in closed off rooms we knew he was in. These days though “The Carpet Piranha” tend to be his more accurate nickname, for self-explanatory reasons.

He is an adorable menace that no can resist picking up and hugging.

Does anyone have any spare body parts to donate? I happen to be creating an army of “abominations” and I require the donation of a few spare “parts”. I will accept nearly everything from humans and tentacles from squids or octopi solely to make it more menacing.