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Love for Louis time! What about him makes you the most happiest and what have you learned from him? ❤

What a great question :)

Imma do the Top 5 things that make me happiest about him because I can’t decide on just one:

a. Happy Louis! 

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b. The fact that he is the sun!

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c. His love for children!

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d. His love for animals!

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e. His generosity!

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And what I learned from him is to keep going even when times are though.

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Each year of Harry Styles is a different person.

Just hear me out. We got….

2010: Cherub Harry

2011: Menace Harry (ft. Louis as his partner in crime)

2012: Cheeky Popstar Harry.

2013: Punk Rock Harry.

2014: Farmer Harry/The introduction of Bun Harry™

(I couldn’t choose one, this year fucked me up.)

2015: Rock God Harry with Guns Blazing.