mena rambles

Welp me and mom went into the comic shop at the mall toda (we went mall walking for exercise). We were the only customers in the entire store and we were never greeted. I was looking to see if they had Agent of Asgard. Me and my mom scanned the wall twice. One of the dudes walked past us and it really felt like he was purposefully avoiding eye contact.

I mean come on. We were obviously looking for something. This is not the first time I’ve felt completely unwelcome there. May say something on their Facebook page once we get home.

I need some help tumblr. I know I’ve been begging for my gf for the past month, and now she’s out of trouble and I’m in it. I feel like a complete ass. 

Between taking care of my sick mom earlier this month, having to do things for the family when my nephew was in the hospital, taking care of my still sick dad and now being ill with strep throat I did not get all the hours I needed to pay my bills. With both parents missing a lot of work this month, they aren’t going to be able to afford me not giving them all the rent I give them monthly (I pay half the house payment).

I need $200 to break even this month. I’m willing to pay any money given, back over the next few months if anyone is willing to help out. I have a donate button on the front of my blog. If you want me to pay you back just leave a message with the donation. I cannot open commissions because I am ridiculously behind on them, but if you want on a waiting list and a commission for your donation let me know as well and we can work something out when I’m finally caught up.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who donated, you have been a blessing to me. I am just a little over my goal. Thank you for helping me out, it means so much to me.