i imagine that making shirts is most of what he does in his free time


We really liked the headcanon that Todd’s an artist, so we decided to integrate that into his character. I wanted to mess around and see what his doodles might look like; I decided he’d experiment and scribble a lot, and like to draw the people around him. (I also figured he’d have terrible handwriting lol)- Goaterz


Name: Scott Summers
Age:  33
Birthdate: idk its never listed I just headcanon him as a sagittarius but i have yet to pick a date
Species: Mutant 
Gender: Cis Male
Profession: Headmaster at the Jean Grey School, Leader of the X-Men


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: white
Height: 6′3″
Weight:  195 lbs


Siblings: Alex Summers and Gabriel Summers
Parents: Katherine Summers (deceased) and Corsair 
Grandparents: Philip and Deborah Summers
other relatives: Nathan Summers (son), Nate Grey (son), Ruby Summers (daughter), Rachel Summers (daughter), Hope Summers (granddaughter)
Any Pets?: nope


Abilities: Optic blasts, strategical genius, really fuckin good at math/spacial awareness

Hobbies: Training, spending time with his kids, watching movies (rarely bc hes a workaholic)


Positive: Assertive, good leader, caring, selfless, smart

Negative: Self loathing, impatient, workaholic, self destructive


Colors: Red :|
Smells: shampoo, soap,
Textures: polished wood
Drinks: coffee,


Smokes?: No
Drugs: No
Driver License: Yes
Ever Been Arrested?: yeaaaaaah

Hiiiii finally I have my dark grey hair color!!! I’m so happy !! For the moment is too purple but it’s okay. I like it too xD. Yo have a perfect dark grey is so difficult. And in France we don’t have a lot of product for….

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Ahhh I feel like this is sooo bad but I love me some older men! Mhmmm like the touch of grey In their hair and the confidence they carry. And they are some smooth talking motherfuckers lol. But I love them and I want one. Hahaha

😂 join the club. Before I met Devin, I was 100% convinced that I would end up marrying a guy who was at least twice my age. All of my Hollywood man crushes are over 50, not gonna lie.

About Sleipnir

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Name: Sleipnir Venator/Lokison
Age: Dependant on the verse of course but his mortal age is about 24-26
Birthdate: February 15th
Species: DemiGod/trickster
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual (preference to men.)
Profession: Hunter/Unemployed

Hair: Messy, long, brown hair
Eyes: Grey/blue
Skin: Pale
Height: 6'3
Weight: 12 stone (14 pounds are in a stone you work it out)

Siblings: Fenrir, Jormungandr, Hel
Parents: Loki (Gabriel in SPN verse)
Grandparents: Odin, Frigga
Other Relatives: Thor, (every angel ever) 
Any Pets?: Depends on verse but Sleip has a dog in any apocalyptic setting

Abilities: Shooting, hunter, hiker, tracker, good physical wellbeing.
Hobbies: Hunting, shooting, reading, researching, eating, drinking

Positive: Good hearted, good morals, kind, street smart.
Negative: Moody, negative thinking, borderline depressed

Colors: Black,grey,green,gold
Smells: Hay, food, countryside, ashes, TNT.
Textures: cotton, skin, metal.
Drinks: Beer, whiskey, water.

Smokes?: Yes
Drugs: Dabbles
Driver License: No
Ever Been Arrested?: Yes
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