This is the video you were asking for. It’s all you need to know about silver or grey hair. If you just want the tutorial on how to get silvergrey hair, it starts at about 04:40.

I know the video isn’t that great (just like my english) so I’m sorry but I hope it still helps some of you :) (sorry for all the awkward moments in the video :,)) 

I don’t care if the Director’s proclaimed missing (most likely dead) I want to know what sort of information he got off of Spy, and I guess I wanted to draw greying haired men even though Spy has a mask on…

dr-tardis-who  asked:

Hey, I understand that you're very busy with life and awesome writing. But I was wondering if I could have a Marvel and X-men Apocalypse ship? I have grey blue eyes, long dark velvet hair, olive skin. And I'm 4'10 I'm 19. I love books, music and dancing, I'm often described as loud and bubbly and I love adventures, but I'm feisty and will protect those I love. If you can't it's ok I know you probably have requests up to your eyeballs. Love your work 😊❤️😘

Thank you so much, darling! I’m glad you enjoy it so much! Any who, I ship you with:

Peter Parker/Spiderman

Peter absolutely loves your bubbly personality. In school, he’s the smart, but weird kid, yet you make it a point to talk to him. Even still, you weren’t quiet about being friends with him. In fact, he could swear you laughed the hardest when talking to him. Of course your friends would always ask why (only in the Marvel Universe because that’s how hidden heroes seem to be treated, I’m sure your friends are absolutely lovely xx) you hang out with him. You just smile and start blasting some music. One time, you ran into Peter while walking home. Grinning, you caught up to him before starting a conversation. The two of you went back and forth on whether wheat cakes or pancakes tasted better. After the two of you started dating, he told you he was Spiderman. Instead of freaking out, you became incredibly excited. You loved adventures so you begged him to swing you around the city. Eventually, he caved and took you. When stopping in an alley, a normal mugger tried to attack Peter (as Peter). Angrily, you quickly disarmed and stilled the man before he could hurt anyone. Being feisty in nature, you couldn’t help but to yell at the mugger that he shouldn’t be attacking people he’s never met, that he should think of who they are as people. Peter just stood there, stunned. A smirk crept across his features as a nearby officer detained the mugger. He knew you fought when you cared, and he loved it.

Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver

You and Peter had been friends since you were little. In fact, you were the one who would show him new music and start dancing to them. He would laugh before joining you. Unbeknownst to either of you, his mom caught the two of you one time and just smiled. Knowing of his mutation, you’d beg him to give you an ‘extreme piggyback ride’. He would just chuckle and shake his head. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand, it was being the cause of your pain. He didn’t want you to get hurt because you were with him while running. So, instead, the two of you would play arcade games that he had in his basement. One time, you were winning. Peter decided to playfully run after you. You squealed in delight as he caught you by your waist. The close proximity made you blush as you turned to face him. His eyes were shining with adoration before he leaned in to kiss you. He set you down, allowing you to face him and throw your arms around his neck. His hands threading through your dark velvet hair.

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