Ship/Shape/Sunday #12

A Mix Made on 25 July 2015

1. Monotony, “Monotony,” Monotony (Faux Discx)
2. Institute, “Cheaptime Morals,” Catharsis (Sacred Bones)
3. Ceremony, “Your Life in France,” The L-Shaped Man (Matador)
4. Downtown Boys, “Wave of History,” Full Communism (Don Giovanni)
5. Teardrop Factory, “3am Coke Dream,” Thrash in the Heart (Faux Discx)
6. Tense Men, “Nonentities,” Where Dull Care Is Forgotten (Faux Discx)
7. Prinzhorn Dance School, “Let Me Go,” Home Economics (DFA)
8. Joanna Gruesome, “I Don’t Wanna Relax,” Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
9. Sauna Youth, “Creeping,” Distractions (Upset The Rhythm)
10. Metz, “The Swimmer,” II (Sub Pop)
11. Pig Eyes, “Dirge,” S/T (Electric Assault)
12. Grey Hairs, “The Hedgehider,” Colossal Downer (Gringo)
13. Hey Colossus, “Eat It,” In Black and Gold (Rocket)
14. The Flag, “Shoot the Messenger,” Heat Waves (Geographic North)
15. Vexx, “Ocean Shores,” Vexx (Upset The Rhythm / M’Lady’s)
16. Sauna Youth, “Monotony,” Distractions (Upset The Rhythm)

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Bernie Brooks is Ship’s editor-at-large and SE Michigan correspondent. He is now instant-gramming on his app phone. You can follow him at dhallllc if you feel like it. Send him records, tapes, zines, and prints: bernie [at] shipinthewoods [dot] com

Image by Bernie Brooks.

tbh Chandler cops are the worst. I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive experience with one. Lots of grey-haired men in suits who think they own the world.