Response to Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train

Without fail every morning I got the Luas(the shit Irish equivalent of the tube) I’d struggle to find a seat because someone had a bag on the free seat next to them during rush hour. It wasn’t always a woman with a hand bag it could have been someone of either sex with a laptop or a ruckstack(most often male) but the the majority of the time it was a woman with a handbag. Then I would have to have the awkward moment of will I have to ask her to move it or stand the entire 20 minutes with nothing to hold on to. Like most people I don’t ever want to have to talk to strangers on public transport and dreaded this awkward exchange. I find this blog bizarre because while taking up too much room on public transport is not specific solely to one gender, women have in my experience of travelling during rush hour been far far far worse than men. 

What always made it more annoying was that they generally had much smaller bags. My sister travels with her guitar on public transport so I understand she needs more space. Fine. Someone with a large bag like a ruckstack needs more space, it’s heavy. Fine. That’s all understandable. From looking through a lot of your pictures it seems like plenty of those pictures are of empty trains with people with a lot of bags. It’s understandable that people stretch out in those circumstances.

A handbag never needs it’s own seat during rush hour. I have always had a bag with me while travelling. My standard one is bigger than a handbag but not by much. My smaller camera bag is about the size of a handbag. If I’m being honest I actually use them both as if they are handbags and I always have it on my lap during the journey. Even when the bus or train is empty. Maybe as a gay man I’m oblivious to the possible sexual role these positions people sit in play but the fact is I just want to fucking sit down when I get on public transport and it’s infruriating to be prevented by little handbag. I’m baffled by the lack of manners that people can’t automatically just put a light bag on their lap.

I find the idea of taking photographs of strangers for the purpose of ridicule extremely nasty and juvenile. I’d like to think your at least coming from a well intentioned place but the concept of this tumblr doesn’t at all seem like it’s comes from someone who believes in equality. You should be shaming everyone for bad behaviour on public transit or no one at all.