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It was five months. Five months of Brock being his boyfriend. In that time a lot had happened except one thing, they hadn’t had sex yet.


“Hmm?” Said man was sipping his beer as one of the Die Hard movies played on the TV. They were in Tony’s apartment tonight, Jarvis sprawled on the cool hard wood floors, Brock in the corner of the couch, feet propped up. Tony sitting diagonal from his, cold toes wedged under Brock’s thigh, the hand that wasn’t holding his beer was rubbing along Tony’s calves.

“Are you gonna fuck me?” Brock’s how body lurched, choking on his sip of beer, his eyes watered up he was coughing so hard. So hard he missed Jarvis jump up and exit the room. “Shit, I’m sorry. It’s just. I wasn’t – I’m” Brock put a hand out, cutting off Tony’s nervous rambling.

He finally caught his breathe enough to speak, “You’re fine, just caught me off guard.” When Tony looked like he was going apologize again he grabbed the other’s knee and gave a gentle squeeze. “Hey stop that, I told you, you don’t have to apologize. Now, what’s brought this on.” Now that the topic was brought back up Tony blushed hot rod red.

“Well, uh…” His hands fiddled with his shirt and his eyes wouldn’t meet Brock’s. That wouldn’t do. He leaned forward and placed his beer on the coffee table and then turned so he was facing Tony on the couch. With some maneuvering he put his legs up on the couch and made sure Tony’s were out to the before pulling him closer into the V of his legs. Once he had Tony within arm’s length he kept him his arms around him and brought his feet in behind his back.

Tony was still stubbornly avoiding his eyes, even after all the manhandling. Head titled down, watching his hands fidget between them. So he kissed the forehead presented to him and then leaned his head down so their heads rested together and they both stared down at his hands. “Come on Tonio, talk to me.”

“I don’t get it, we’ve been together almost five months. I’m not complaining, I’m very happy and I really like you but I don’t get it. I just thought that we might have tried something by now, like we haven’t even really made out. Yes we kiss, and I love when you kiss me cause it’s different but you never push for more. Do you not want it, are you not attracted to me that way?”

“Hey. No. That is not it. At all. Don’t think that okay?” He waited, waited for the eyes to look up at him. It took a moment but Tony finally got enough courage to lock eyes with him before looking down again. Hand reaching out and tangling in the fabric of his shirt. “To be honest, I’ve never been in a relationship before, yes I’ve dated around but it was never anything serious, always casual, always sexual, and always over quickly. You’re different, and I don’t want the same thing with you. Do I want to have sex with you? Yes very much,” He stopped watching the blush grow behind a valley of freckles (god he loved those freckles) “You have no idea how many times I’ve thought of fucking that ass into the mattress,” The shiver that went through Tony’s body was very enticing to watch, “but you’re not like the others. I want to cuddle with you while we watch movies, listen to you talk about your day, take Jarvis for walks in the park. I want to do a lot of things with you that aren’t just sex, so much so that sometimes I forget it’s an option.”

Tony bit his lip, contemplating, “Can we explore that option?” Tony glanced up to see Brock’s real smile coming to play. His eyes struggled to take in all of the man’s features, his long nose, strong jaw covered stumble. Brock didn’t answer him verbally, just tilted his head until he could bring their mouths together, but that was all the answer Tony needed.