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What drew me away from calling myself a radfem is that some of you are so delusional and crazy about political purity at times. Like, while i personally support separatism and female-only communes, those are a) not a reality and b) only one option, it wouldn’t be something all women would want to live in. Like, there would still be men, there would still be women who live with men, there would be het couples with kids, there will be fathers, men would still make up half the population, they’re horrible misogynistic beasts but they’re not going away, all we can hope for is to create a society in which male children are educated to be better people (I believe feminists having control of the school/educational system and of media would do wonders for the world tbh), to end oppressive gender norms that make them be that. We taught many of them to accept women voting and driving and taking jobs, they can be tamed to be better. We can’t just shut ourselves into all female comunes and leave the other women outside at the hands of male violence. A true end to patriarchy comes with changing the values which are taught in society which would create decent men who are a lot less violent. It’s not an ideal approach, it’s not satisfying, i’m angry and I hate them too but we have to be realistic, we have to strive for accomplishable goals, not perfect utopies.

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I dunno if anyone elaborated on the IBS thing, but it's not anything like uncontrollable diarrhea. My mom has it, actually- she has to avoid certain foods because, yes, it can give her the runs or else really bad stomachaches. But it's not like uncontrollable. It almost killed her as a baby, since she lived in Cuba and it's always been hard to find good, available doctors. I'm not giving you hate- I just wanted to explain IBS to you and that anon since I don't really find IBS to be funny. : /

Hey! No. I don’t find Ibs to be funny. I find who it happened to, a racist (wrote a lymric about a black kid getting shot), anti gay (doesn’t think homophobia is a problem in america), misandrist (doesn’t think men can wear make up) is funny.

Basically, she’s a bad person known for obsessing over things and the idea that karma may have bit her in the butt was funny… at the time. The disease was not the funny part. Even then, I can’t defend myself, the joke was definitely in poor taste and I’ve apologized.

I’m also not okay with that anon lying about her having autism, as if having autism makes you a bad person.

I know CK is going to see this, and focus 100% on the part where I called her racist, homophobic, and misandrist, and 0% on anything else, because that’s what she does. I want to stop talking about her now, but I keep getting anon asks in about this so I figured I would answer one.

TLDR: IBS isn’t funny and my original joke was in poor taste, even if I don’t like CK.

Now I’m done talking about CK. No more asks about it, please. Any further will be deleted. I want to get back to talking about positive stuff and not drama. If you REALLY want to talk about it, hit up my private messages.

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Remember that interview with the Christmas sweaters when those men were lifting up their shirts and one was like 'we are making the guys uncomfortable' and Harry deadass said "that's not true" and then "yaaaayyy" when they lifted their shirts again

BYEEE he is literally out there doing these things i’m so proud

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hi, i'm maja(it's 'may-ah' pls don't pronounce it with j). david bowie is my favourite alien ever, i love him dearly. there are also many other bands i love, right now mostly from the 80s but i love loads of other music like africa by toto for example. you know what's the other thing i love? movies. damn right. bandslam is my fave movie ever. among other thing i'm also a great admirer of art, literature, women, and men in make up. in addition, i'm cancer and INFJ!! lol bye

on point my dude 9.5/10 

Mixing mental illness, loneliness, and not being straight together is so weird for me. Because mental illness makes me not interact with people for months on end and that makes me lonely and then that, well, it makes me wonder if I’m faking not being straight? Like I haven’t felt anything for so long, how do I know that I’m actually not straight? What if I am? After all I identify as bisexual so what if I’m making up being attracted to other genders besides men? But then I remember how in the past I used to obsess over girls, how I would do anything for them just so they could like me the way I liked them, how badly I wanted to kiss them and how I would do anything for them to kiss me. Like no, I actually am bi but suddenly I’m doubting everything. Is this thing?

me re: the new cover boy -

as an afab person : why do men steal everything tbh

as a boy who wears make up a lot : … representation and normalisation of boys who wear make up …

Fragrance can be the deciding factor for Type cosmetics

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Being a tall woman is so wonderful and funny because men will tell me all the time that I’m too tall. They try to condescend and embarrass me when it’s all just insecurity of being small and they have to find some way to compensate and be bigger and badder lol. Girl, if you’re tall wear your heels sit up straight make men uncomfortable and never make yourself smaller to make a man feel bigger.

Review “Mambo in Chinatown” by Jean Kwok

In this novel about freedom, development, family and love, we follow 22-year old Charlie, an “American-born Chinese” and her life in New York City. Charlie works as a dish washer, but is desperately searching for a way out of Chinatown. When she starts working at a dance studio as a receptionist, her talent for dance is quickly discovered and she is catapulted into the world of pretty dresses, make up, men and dance - a world her father does not appreciate. When her little sister struggles to get into an elite high school and also falls mysteriously ill, Charlie is busy with problems in both of her worlds.

Jean Kwok writes with heart, attention to detail and autobiographical knowledge. Therefore, everything in this novel is believable and down to earth. From the conflict between Eastern and Western medicine to arranged marriages, from first love to the ugly duckling transformation and coming of age, from the struggle to achieve to immigrants mistrust of the system - even for non-immigrants, these are relatable problems and interesting to read about. Overall, I would say this is a superb story. However, there are two tiny little things bothering me, which bring the rating down to 4.5/5: first, the super-sugary happy ending. With the exception of one issue, everything is resolved and everyone is happy. That does not sit well with me, considering that is usually not how the world goes. Also, - and that is no critique about Jean Kwok - one has to be tolerant towards Eastern medicine, tai chi and qi gong and the like. If the reader thinks these concepts fraud and ineffective, this novel could quickly become a mayor annoyance.

here is my review of Jean Kwok’s other immigrant novel, “Girl in Translation”

Obviously men hide behind allegedly feminist politics to get away with straight up making violent jokes about violence against women, including sexualized violence against women (remember all the dudes who thought “dicks out for murdering t//rfs" was funny and how many find making jokes about bashing in the heads of women whose transphobia has 0 effect on their life chances somehow appropriate, and how many find it cool to call Clinton a cunt because they secretly care more about her being a woman than about her being…an imperialist?) but like. Men are allowed to make critiques of certain varieties of feminism, and there are varieties of feminism that are especially likely to harm certain kinds of men, e.g. the relationship between the feminism of white women and black men has, depending on the historical period, ended with black men hanging from trees or dying in jail due to false sexual misconduct or rape allegations. They’re often not very good criticisms but guess what…it doesn’t matter if you judge of the criticism on the strength of the criticism itself instead of who it comes from so it’s all good.

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(3/?) Why is giving women an equal opportunity at job interviews, or simply NOT preferring men, seen as "unfair" to men? Then my prof asked us to come up with strategies to make gender equality a reality. A man who sat beside me simply said "Education. If women were as smart as men, they could get better jobs." I was aghast. There's already thousands (prolly more) of intelligent women who aren't being treated as equals.


Communismkills is the worst blog on this entire website and I have so much shit to make fun of her for it’s not even funny. The reason I’m mentioning discourse here is her recent stupid bullshit about men not being allowed to wear make up. Like that legit is harmful and her only defense is “I can criticize whatever I want”. Sure you can. And I can criticize you for being an ignorant asshole.

Some reading between the lines at this lecture tells me that the reason the only pictures we see are of adult males isn’t because there are no refugee children.

Not only are their plenty of children, but the Greek school system is struggling to accommodate them all. The UN doesn’t allow them to be photographed at the camps themselves, ostensibly for human rights purposes.

What happens is that children and families stay put in their camp almost at all times while they wait for months at a time their paperwork to go through.

Single men, on the other hand, who make up a “noticeable minority”, like to “roam off”.

Gender rolls with a side of salt

Okay, so as you may or may not know, I’m Japanese. Our country is also having a population crisis, and I know the damn reason for this. Japan doesn’t follow the traditional “gender rolls.” Their country’s ideology for a man is a “pretty boy,” and that is the main link I can find for why Japan is having a population crisis. They’re not making the men suck it up and ask a woman out. This population crisis will probably happen to other countries with this ideology such as South Korea and maybe China.(have you seen their fashion?) As time will go on this will also happen to the western world as they scream and holler ,“fuck gender rolls!” Now compare countries with a growing population’s men to Japan’s men. You’ll see that generally the Japanese men are scrawny pretty boy appearing. As a Japanese this is making me just a little salty

ok really I’ve never had Strong Ship Opinions™ but if there’s anything that makes me extremely uncomfortable it’s when people pair together a girl who is CLEARLY really not interested in some fuckboy, and it gets mega popular

the same kind of extends to m/m ships where the two just Don’t Get Along and not in an interesting way, just that they’re two pretty boys who people wanna see kiss I guess.

really like, normally I just let people have their fun even if I don’t really see the appeal in it but WHY IS EVERYONE SO DETERMINED TO MAKE GIRLS PAIR UP WITH MEN THEY HATE LMAO

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Sorry if this isn't actually your Tumblr, but in reply to your Instagram posts I would say to block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Especially older men. Don't put up with it and don't feel bad for blocking them, they deserve it.

Hi! Yes, this is my tumblr. Thank you so much for going through all this trouble just to write to me.

I’m starting to block them nowadays, but if worst comes to worst I’ll go private. Let’s hope that day doesn’t come.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time of your day to write to me. It warms my heart.

All my love,