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My prof hates me and its killing me in that class :):):):)

I’m formulating a…slightly batshit and completely unlikely theory about Jaqen H’ghar and like…I gotta share.

The facts are these:

Jaqen H’ghar is from Lorath. He tells us this in A Clash of Kings, Arya II. Here’s what A World of Ice and Fire has to say about Lorathi speech patterns:

Accordingly, the Boash'i put aside even their own names, and spoke of themselves as “a man” or “a woman” rather than say “I” or “me” or “mine.” Though the cult of the Blind God withered and died out more than a thousand years ago, certain of these habits of speech endure even now in Lorath, where men and women of the noble classes regard it as inutterably vulgar to speak of one’s self directly. 

So, what’s that mean for Jaqen, or the Face of Jaqen? Well, either he’s a commoner from Lorath from a very very long time ago, or he’s a Lorathi nobleman. The nobleman kind of makes sense–a Faceless Man was sent to King’s Landing for reasons unknown, perhaps a nobleman of any sort was seen as a good choice. 

Before I move on, I want to point out an interesting parallel though:

These new Lorathi were worshippers of Boash, the Blind God. Rejecting all other deities, the followers of Boash ate no flesh, drank no wine, and walked barefoot through the world, clad only in hair shirts and hides. Their eunuch priests wore eyeless hoods in honor of their god; only in darkness, they believed, would their third eye open, allowing them to see the “higher truths” of creation that lay concealed behind the world’s illusions. The worshippers of Boash believed that all life was sacred and eternal; that men and women were equal; that lords and peasants, rich and poor, slave and master, man and beast were all alike, all equally worthy, all creatures of god.  An essential part of their doctrine was an extreme abnegation of self; only by freeing themselves of human vanity could men hope to become one with the godhood.

that….that sounds sort of familiar, right? Where have I heard this before?

“You should. Stay, and the Many-Faced God will take your ears, your nose, your tongue. He will take your sad grey eyes that have seen so much. He will take your hands, your feet, your arms and legs, your private parts. He will take your hopes and dreams, your loves and hates. Those who enter His service must give up all that makes them who they are. Can you do that?” He cupped her chin and gazed deep into her eyes, so deep it made her shiver. “No,” he said, “I do not think you can.” A Feast for Crows, Arya II


Probably not important.

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im pleased to say i have updated my ‘favourite white men list’ and billy eichner is now sitting at #3

oh well

(discussion of skeevy men)

look, I’m a fan of medieval Christianity, generally

but I am twelve different types of skeeved out about the level of discourse surrounding Mary’s perpetual virginity. It’s creepy. It’s creepy and gross and yuck.

(seriously, graphic description about to follow)

like there’s an account in one of the noncanonical gospels about the midwife checking Mary after the birth of Jesus to prove that her hymen is intact? whyyyyy

why did they feel the need to fetishize her virginity like that? Is it because of the number of sexually repressed men who decided to be celibate and so they just become super obsessed with Mary’s virginity?

It’s just awful

no offense, but Highlight deserves all things good and happy in this world


since i’m still not over any form of esikars angst (and desperately gripping onto my ‘amnesiac/brain damaged kars and ghost esidisi end up on a planet somewhere far away and try to cope with the mess they are in?’AU), I drew this instead of my original plan for day 12…

Goodbye, Temperature of Love

it’s been a while since i wrote a critique this long. but sometimes i get annoyed and spit out walls of text. and sometimes i like to give these posts dramatic titles. so here: a 1k work piece on why i’m no longer going to be watching this drama. read at your peril.

(@the-feminine-grotesque​ and @theflowergirl, this is for you guys haha)

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