If the voltage men had kids together, this will what they would look like in the end. What you see cannot be unseen.

Hello “He could my dad lolz”,

How old are you? I’m worried I have 5 years old following me on tumblr.

the average age for men to start having kids is 30 where I live. Your celebrity crush is in his thirties, so unless you’re a 5-10 years old, he would have had you really young. Now, if you’re older than 15 years old, it’s normal to find grown up men attractive: it does not mean you have a “daddy kink”, especially if they are not “middle aged” yet. (yes, even if they could have had a child of your age)

a “middle age” person is, according to Oxford dictionnary: “The period of life between young adulthood and old age, now usually regarded as between about forty-five and sixty.“ 45-60. NOT 30-35.

now, you can keep saying you have a “daddy kink” or “he could be my dad lolz” or “I’m obsessed with middle-age celebs” when talking about Tom Hiddleston (34), Lee Pace (36) or Charlie Cox  (32) if you want: I don’t really care. But know that I’m a bit worried when I see it on my dash and wonder how old you are every time.

thank you :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think there's definite proof that women in general age worse than men? I'm asking because of this (www,returnofkings,com/63371/women-age-worse-than-men). The article is basically just conjecture but someone down in the comments (they go by Anti Femastasis) is attempting to explain how they age worse because of their "fertility optimum" in their youth. What do you make of all this? (and ty!)

my first reaction: ‘oh god those people are all idiots’

fun fact: in basically all nations women have a higher life expectancy than men. I’m not kidding, even in countries with a low over-all median life expectancy like Angola females still clock in with two years more (all data go here)

I mean, how do you even define ‘age worse’, like the quality of aging is not dependent on wether or not you can still theoretically reproduce (also it’s not like fertility doesn’t drop in males once they passed the forty). That reminds me, the optimum fertility for females is mid twenties, if you find a dude trying to tell you that going after teens because biology is a thing 1) punch him in the nose (ok don’t, you get injured/sued, try to verbally punch him in the nose) 2) run the other way and possibly alert the police to the pedophile. 

But seriously, fuck those people. 

Josh Duggar accurately portrays how easy it is for a white cis male to cheat the system

Yes! I have finished Rose’s design from Real Men Wear Tights AU! I am quite fond of the result for this one. I’m not sure whose next, definitely another dude. I’ve been thinking about doing Tavros for awhile now so maybe I’ll do him next! Though there is also a pretty significant pull to finish the family and draw Dirk next. I hope you’re all having nice days and everything! 

P.S. I read the newest chapter. It was amazing! Please keep up the amazing work, writing and arting and just. Yes. That is all. ~ Kera

With “Mad Men” coming to an end tomorrow night I thought now would be a good time to post this brilliant quote. “Don’t lick your boss” comes all the way from the United Kingdom. Rebecca Reffell’s hilarious little one says this to dad before he leaves for work. Thanks Rebecca, I’m pretty sure this was actually said to Don Draper a time or two!