Whats Up Tumblr Fam!

I hope that all is well!

I had the most amazing time shooting this story a few weeks ago with the amazing Marcio Sousa.

 I came up with a concept a few weeks ago to embody the feeling of a having creative release for the first time after a dry spell. 

For me having an creative release feels like cool water touching your skin for the first time after being on a desert for 3 months.

We were very lucky a when we shot this concept. We had very warm weather and good lighting that we were able to manipulate to create some really beautiful imagery with a bucket of water and an amazing model. Marcio was a joy to work with and I had some much fun collaborating with him.

This one is for you guys! I hope you all enjoy this set as much as I did shooting it

With Love

- T

Photography -Tarik Carroll

Model - Marcio Sousa

Photo Assist - Mark Anglin