Shopping Guide: Best Men’s Swimwear & Tanks


I have no idea what’s going on in New York but I guess the excessive heat means it’s finally summer. I mean, I’ve literally soaked through all my clothes this week like what are you even supposed to wear in this weather?! For those of you who can’t be bothered to wear “actual” clothes this summer, I’ve rounded up the next best thing to being naked - swimwear and skank tanks because less fabric = slutty cool and at least if you sweat, you’re already dressed to jump out the window in the pool or the ocean. See the full list of my favorite swimmies and tanks below.

Shown Above:

  1. Brooklyn Mesh Tank Top from Urban Outfitters
  2. Rhytym Strangle Tank
  3. Lost Big Stripe Tank
  4. Sunspel Racerback from Club Monaco
  5. PA:NUU Hype Print Tank from ASOS
  6. Horizon Big Dots Swim Shorts from Saturdays Surf NYC
  7. Paste “Dive” Swim Trunk
  8. Katin x Club Monaco Surf Trunk
  9. J.Crew 7" Tropical Fish Board Short
  10. J.Crew 7" Oxford Cloth Board Short

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Imagine: Catching Peter stealing.

You were minding your own business, holding your shopping basket and filling it with necessary groceries - when you noticed the items(which you were about to take) go missing. The first two you dismissed as your own mind playing tricks on you, but after the third item disappeared right underneath your touch - you began suspecting a certain someone was behind it. 

Only when that certain someone noticed your odd behavior had he begun laughing. You couldn’t help the small smile spread on your lips as you turned around on your heels, meeting face to face with the silver-haired boy.

“Honestly, you’re a jerk.”

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