Embracing the Blues

Despite my outspoken love for color and the myriad of style variations it provides in a single look, lately I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to the intricate complexity of monochrome ensembles. There’s an appealing aura to that blur of color, that makes you focus on it just enough for the shade and texture variations to come to life… and here is where the beauty of monochromatic attires resides. After that initial misperception of a dull combination when your eyes have not yet adjusted to the color in question, the small details suddenly pop through slight hue variations, pattern combinations and of course, textures. 

The ability to combine all these elements in a way that this surprise element is achieved, is in my opinion, a most difficult task. Mind you, I’m referring to the very essence of monochrome attires, those where tonal variations are almost imperceptible: although pairing together highly contrasting shades of the same color, such as navy and light blue, may still qualify as “monochrome”, this is not what I’m focusing here. It requires a keen eye and taste to be able to pair together an alluring combination, resorting “only” to fabric traits such as pattern and texture, in a successful fashion. The choice of lighter or darker tones for particular garments is crucial, since rules do not actually apply in this scenario.  One might say that the easiest way to pull it off would be to progressively increase or decrease a tone from the inside out (shirt, vest/cardigan and jacket), but this is not always the case especially if you take accessories into account. 

As with so many other processes in menswear, it’s a matter of experimentation and persistence until you find a formula that works for your particular style. In this particular case, texture and color variation played the most important role, with pattern only visible on the scarf and socks. The only contrasting elements on the whole outfit are the brown tassel loafers… and Boris who insisted on making the shot. 

Details: double breasted jacket and tailored 11 oz denim pants by CAMO, denim button down by Our Legacy, tasseled loafers by Herring Shoes, v-neck jumper, linen tie and polka dot socks by Purificacion Garcia and scarf by Massimo Dutti.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

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