men's usa hockey team

This lack of innovation – or blatant lack of interest – in paying and promoting the U.S. women’s national hockey team is confounding. This has been one of the country’s most successful national teams over the past two decades, never having left an Olympic Games without a medal, while also winning seven of the last nine world championships.

Yet the disrespect this team receives from the men who run USA Hockey is palpable. When the governing body unveiled the 2014 Olympic jerseys to be worn by the men’s and women’s teams, something was missing — mention of the Olympic gold medal won by the women. Written on the right sleeve were the years “1960” and “1980,” the two times the U.S. men have famously won the Olympic gold medal. Conspicuously absent was “1998,” the year the U.S. women won the Olympic gold medal.

To this day, USA Hockey continues to sell jerseys without “1998” on the sleeve.

But like zimbits at Disneyland !

-so because its Disneylands 60th anniversary there has been considerably more disney on my dash than normal ( i blame kim, and alice(though alice posts more about WDW) so i blame kim, and because I’m a self sabotaging little so and so i started thinking about zimbits at disney world like:

- Bitty is such a disney fan boy, he grew up watching them but its like 7 hours to the nearest Disney park so it never happened.

- On the other hand we then have jack, who likes disney as much as the next kid that grew up through the 90′s and 00′s but who has been to disney parks so many times that it has kind of lost its charm to him as a 20 something year old hockey robot ( like srsly they guy had been to DisneyLand, Walt Disney World and Paris Disney before he could even properly speak )

-Bitty wanting to try all of the novelty shaped disney related food (ice creams, marshmallows, waffles ect - jack is sure that bitty baked no less that 10 mickey mouse shaped pies in the weeks leading up to the trip)

-Jack chirping bitty about how invested he seems in all the food “its just food bittle, you could make more than half this stuff on your own” “Jack Zimmermann be quiet and let me marvel in the wonder that is disney food”

- Jack coming as close as he get to a break down over food when he find out that carnation cafe doesn’t serve PB&J soda’s anymore

-Jack and Bitty lining up for what seems like forever to get a picture with Micky Mouse and Bitty is a stuttering mess “ Bittle you weren’t even this nervous when you met most of the guys that where in the 1980′s USA mens hockey team” “this is mickey mouse jack, i have been dreaming of this moment since before I knew what dreaming was”

- Jack and Bitty with matching ears

- Jack and Bitty going on rides

-Jack and Bitty getting pictures in front of the castle