men's tanks

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Can I add a bit of info to your peter is trans post? In the first season of the cartoon Ultimate Spiderman, there is a flashback scene where Flash kicks him out of the masculine dresser saying "Sorry Parker, BOYS ONLY" which is honestly something I heard a lot growing up and I know a lot of other trans folks heard it too.

Yep!! You’re right! To be more specific for my followers, the scene you’re mentioning takes place S1E4, at around the 3:33 minute mark.

offscreen, Flash shouts, “Sorry Parker! This is the boys’ locker room!”

I wanna point out a few things here:

  • Flash outright states that Peter does not belong in the men’s room. 
  • Flash over-emphasizes the word boy, implying that Peter isn’t a boy.
  • Flash refuses to call him “Peter”. He calls him “Parker” instead. (Y’know… almost like…. he doesn’t wanna respect that his name is “Peter”…)
  • The students outside don’t immediately object to this.  
  • I dunno about you, but I don’t know many cis men that wear tank tops underneath their gym wear in communal locker rooms… seems like that tank top would be an unnecessary layer (for a cis guy)
  • Hey look at the… convenient… fabric shape of that tank top in the last pic

Anyways, yeah Peter Parker is trans in this universe too who would’ve known