men's style pro


From New Post on Men’s Style Pro!! How To | Rock The Green Double Breasted Blazer 3 Ways -

Custom Green DB Blazer - #Indochino

Sweatshirt & Belt - H&M

1901 Shoes via nordstrom

Dean English Oak Sunglasses - warbyparker

Washed Jean - #Levi's 

What’s in my bag?

•7” Opinel
•Pipes - Comoy’s Tradition & Peterson Irish Army 999
•Tobacco pouches w/ Orlik Golden Sliced & my Opium Den blend
•Pipe Zippo, czech tool & spare matches
•Notepad & pen
•The Saturday Paper
•Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men
•iPhone 5
•Driving gloves & scarf

Men’s Style Pro Featured on Urban Field Notes - The Sartorialist Visit’s Philly

Photo Credit: Brent Luvaas

Raw Wool Blazer by

Alpha Camo Chinos by Dockers