men's short shorts


Shoma performing his short program at the 2017 Asian Winter Games

With a score of 92.43

.43 to first place he deserved more than that on the 2nd jump, I mean he didn’t fell completely :p

P.s. I like his blue costume but I was waiting for purple haha

Yazz ugly cute fine ass😍
Algee baby face fine ass😍
Luke sing me out my panties fine ass😍
Keith tall model face ass 😍
Woody funny stroke game gotta be bomb fine ass 😍
Elijah dark chocolate singing fine ass 😍

anonymous asked:

How do you always draw hair so amazing?? I don't understand, like what is your process and everything?

Ohh, well thank you so much! 💛 Well, I really just follow the basics and sort of improvise from there. But to start, I think of where the parting is. 

Then how the physics of the specific hair works. Some hair has more volume and flexibility than others. Keeping it rounder gives it more mass.

An easy way to give hair texture is through repitition of thin, long and short lines

Again, consider how hair falls under any condition, and how it specifically wraps around the person. Sharper lines make the hair look thinner, rounder lines make it look thicker. 

And finally, I color it, the lines and add a bit of highlights and shading. 

Chances are, you’ve probably these tips a lot, but once you learn the basic physics and fundamentals of how hair roughly works, it gets pretty easy to experiment with it. Hope this helps! 💛


this is the most stunning short film i’ve seen in a while. i literally can’t stop watching it again and again.

Jealous - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Requested by HarryPotterTeapot

So sorry I heard you were doing x men imagines so could I request a quicksilver imagine? I really like jealousy ones so jealous imagines preferably?

You and Peter had been unbelievably close for a while, to the point where the majority of the school was questioning if you were dating. The two of you weren’t of course although as Charles kindly let you know when he was picking your brain once a part of you wished you were. More recently, though, your powers had been getting the better of you. You had similar energy powers to Alex so of course, Charles had entrusted you to him.

You were sat with Peter on the bed in your room surrounded by food,“Hey (y/n), wanna come spar and train a little? I have a little free time.” Alex had swung round your door wearing joggers and a really, really tight top. You couldn’t help but give him a little look up and down blushing slightly but you could feel Peter move a little closer and become a little tenser behind you,

“We were just chilling out surely she can come lat…” you cut him off,

“No, no it’s fine I’ll come” you smiled at him as he smirked but what you didn’t see is Peters scowl as you pulled yourself off your bed and out towards Alex.


You had been sparring for about half an hour with Alex and both of you had a slight sheen over your skin and Alex had lost his top about ten minutes ago and was now hovering above you as he pinned you down, “You fight well, (y/n)” his smirk almost had you melting under him. Yes, you seriously liked Peter. He was funny and charming and witty, not to mention cute beyond measures but no one, not even you could deny that Alex Summers was absolutely gorgeous. You coughed awkwardly,

“Thank you, Alex,” you were panting a little as he stood up and offered you a hand,

“We should focus on your energy, we don’t want any accidents like the other week,” Alex chuckled. He was referring to when Peter had made you jump by picking you up and whizzing you off suddenly making you panic and nearly killing yourself and him, “that boy is too silly for his own good, doing that when he knows you weren’t in control.” Alex mumbled but you still heard him. You followed him into the training room Hank had designed for people like you so you wouldn’t do too much damage. “Okay stand how I told you.” Alex still hadn’t put a shirt on distracting you a little as you tried to stand as he had instructed you so you wouldn’t lose your balance as you were learning. “No, no,” he chuckled and approached you, “Like this,” he said quieter as he stood behind you and placed his hands on your hips and moved you gently, his hand ran up your arm as he positioned it before looking down at you and how close the two of you were. You could feel his warm breath on your neck and you almost turned to say something about your proximity when a silver flash stopped outside the observing window. Glancing over quickly you saw Peters hurt and angered eyes watching the two of you. Alex didn’t notice him until you pulled away harshly. Wanting to go to Peter.

“(y/n), you need to train. You need to practice you can’t just keep running from it and me every time he makes an appearance. He won’t be good for you- I mean your powers.” Alex stuttered and you turned to him.

“You have no right to say that.” you snapped and ran out after Peter not that you could keep up with him.


You found peter in his own room for once. It was rare for him to be in there now, he would always be in yours. “Peter…”

“Just stop.”
“Stop what? Peter we were training, that is all. We have done it so many times before,”

“So many times, yeah.” He stood up shaking his head and turning to you, “ And every time you get closer and closer, you think that I didn’t see him on top of you? Practically drooling over you! His hands on your waist and moving across your skin like that!” You could see his eyes misting over slightly, “Stop getting in my hopes up” he said a lot quieter.

“What do you mean…”

“I mean,” he fumbled for words for a moment before walking to you, “I mean only I should get to do that.” One hand grabbed your hand where Alex had done moments earlier, the other reached from your cheek as he leaned down and kissed you. You responded immediately kissing back, you felt his tongue run over your bottom lip and you pulled away leaving him looking confused.

“Were you actually jealous, Maximoff?” you smirked,

“Of course! Some idiot had his hands all over my girl.”

“Your girl?! Oh really? You smirked,

"Oh obviously babe, always have been mine.”

“That quick tongue of yours will get you into trouble”

“What kind of trouble?” He smirked and took you by the waist and pulled you in, kissing you.

“You bloody kleptomaniac, stealing things. Stealings hearts”