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Reasons why you are NOT asking for too much
  1. Sugaring is a JOB and let’s be real a pretty intensive one at that. At best it’s kind of fun, at worst it’s downright dangerous.
  2. The more boring or risk-related a job is, the higher it pays. For example I work 2 days a week moving information from a website into a spreadsheet - that’s literally all I do, and I make $600 a week ($39.50 an hour). 
  3. Why would you work a dangerous job for LESS than what you can earn doing a simple desk job? I make $2400 a month in my DESK JOB. When it comes to men I ask a minimum of $4k a month because I can already make $2.4k every month just working a desk job for 2 DAYS A WEEK. 
  4. Most daddies demand far more of my time and energy than my desk job, and they come with far greater associated risks, why in the hell would I sugar for the same amount I get working 2 days a week in front of a computer? I wouldn’t. You shouldn’t either.

They call it an allowance, but you need to see it as a salary. You are not asking for too much, you are asking for what you deserve.

Reasons to go to school in Canada if you're American

1. your money is worth more there

2. there’s probably a billboard with your favorite hockey player on it

3. rainbow money

4. two dollar coin (actually the best monetary invention ever)

5. Tim Horton’s slices your bagel and then cuts it in half too :o 

6. Canadian’s think jokes about them are hilarious and since you’re american you know a lot of them

7. my school has non-gendered bathrooms on every floor in every building 

8. one time my sociology teacher showed us the difference between men and women’s salaries and these two bro’s in the class were so offended saying stuff like “how can you just pay women less”

New study shows the wage gap effects women in all industries, at every level 

According to a new report, women in the United States are paid less in all industries at every level for the same work as men, Reuters reported Thursday. 

  • The study, conducted by PayScale Inc., analyzed data from a poll of 1.4 million full-time workers.
  • The biggest wage discrepancy is between married men and women with children. 
  • Fathers earned the highest median salaries (about $67,900), while single women with children had the lowest ($38,200).
  • Additionally, men’s salaries steadily increased until their 50s, but women’s wages stagnated in their mid- to late 30s.

“The gender pay gap is absolutely real.” 


Women’s Soccer Players in The Netherlands Have Extra Jobs in Addition to Playing Soccer

It is commonly known that men who play soccer at a profesional level earn and make more money than their female colleagues. Women’s salaries at professional level soccer are significantly less than men’s salaries. The difference can be so significant in some countries that some professional female players need to have an extra, normal job in addition to playing soccer. However, some female soccer players do earn enough money through sponsorships and endorsement and therefore do not need a second job .

Dutch Newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, interviewed six members of the Dutch women’s national soccer team before they left the country to take part in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada. All six players, who were interviewed, play soccer at a professional level in the Netherlands and have an extra job as well. These six players aren’t the only ones in the national team that have an extra job, the majority of the team works 20 hours a week outside of soccer

These players all have different kinds of jobs, for example jobs in social services, offices, supermarkets, and other stores. Players manage to play club soccer at professional level in the BeNe League as well as have a normal job. The Dutch men’s national team also played at World Cup Level last year, 2014, in Brazil. However, the only difference between the two teams is that the men earn more money and do not need a second job. Working and playing professional soccer can be difficult for some women, but players claim that their bosses are flexible and allow them to have free time for training. Finding a job can also be difficult because soccer players are not available all the time due to training schedules and therefore they are only able to work half a day at most. 

The six Dutch women’s soccer player who were interviewed were Angela Christ (pictured top right), Dyanne Bito (pictured top left), Anouk Dekker (pictured middle left), Desiree van Lunteren (pictured middle right), Sari van Veenendaal (pictured bottom left), and Stefanie van der Gragt (pictured bottom right). Angela Christ, age 26, plays for PSV in Eindhoven and works 18hrs per week as an administrative partner at a car rental company. Christ claims that she needs a second job as her contract and salary from PSV is not enough to pay for rent. Dyanne Bito, age 33, plays for Telstar and works 24 hours per week for alarmcenter Eurocross. Bito told NRC Handelsblad that the men’s and women’s team spend the same amount of time training but the women are underpayed. Anouk Dekker, age 28, plays for FC Twente and 18 hours per week at Stichting FC Scoren in de Wijk. Desiree van Lunteren, age 22, plays for AFC Ajax and works 15 hours per week at a sports shop called Sport2000. Sari van Veenendaal, age 25, plays for FC Twente and works 16 hours per week at Implus voor Welzijn en Educatie. Stefanie van der Gragt, age 22, plays for Telstar and works at a local supermarket. [NRC Handelsblad]

Thus in conclusion, women’s soccer players in the Netherlands train the same amount as the men and yet they are paid a substantial amount less. Therefore many women need an extra job outside of soccer as they only get a limited amount from the clubs they play for. 

Is it fair that women are paid less and therefore need a second job to support themselves, while men don’t need a second job and yet earn much more money?

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