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‘X-Men: Gold’ will be written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ardian Syaf. The series will see Kitty Pryde return from space to become the new leader of the team which consists of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Rachel Grey!

‘X-Men: Blue’ will be written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina. The team will consist of the time-displaced teen versions of the original X-men - this time led by Jean Grey. Magneto will also be their mentor in the absence of Prof X!

Both series begin in April 2017!

Thomas Mickleberry Merritt [left] and Unknown Fellow Officer, Company G., Second Georgia Cavalry Regiment, 1862–63

The 2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry assembled at Albany, Georgia, in February, 1862. lists 1,693 men on its roster for this unit.

Men often enlisted in a company recruited in the counties where they lived though not always. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded.

Photo Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

amazing how eva has clearly been working her ass off with brian kendrick and has posted video evidence of her executing moves better than some of the men on the main roster and yet what do the nxt fans do? try to boo her out of the house, try to ruin her evening by relentlessly chanting you can’t wrestle at her STILL after she has been so vocal about her passions, after she has put in so much work to get better

wrestling fans are awful, especially to women, never let anyone tell you otherwise
The Woman Who Dresses Hollywood’s Leading Men
By Sheila Marikar

Such is the effect of Ms. Ashley Weston: her clients wear what she suggests without complaint. They also tend to be men. With a roster that includes Harrison Ford, Jon Hamm, Liev Schreiber, Paul Dano, Rob Lowe, Darren Criss and other A-listers generally absent from worst-dressed lists, Ms. Weston, 28, is one of the few celebrity stylists in Hollywood who work almost exclusively with men.

“I always say, ‘Think of me as an extension of your brain,’” Ms. Weston said. “‘I’m basically you, but I’m going to refine it, clean it up more, I know more about it than you would. Basically, I’m taking the hassle out of you having to dress yourself.’”

fans will blame creative and management any chance they get in regards to men on the main roster, but as soon as the women are concerned all the sudden they forget that these people are being told what to do. you can’t expect any woman on the main roster to give the performance we saw on nxt tonight simply because wwe would never give them the opportunity to do so. you can’t put on a good match in 2-3 minutes holy shit stop blaming women for the mistakes of shitty management/booking/writers its 2015 i cant believe this still needs to be said