men's rights activists are a joke

Americans had one job. Trump, the racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting man; the world urged you to make the right decision. Because at the end of the day it won’t just affect you, but everyone around you.

It takes just 4 minutes to launch nuclear weaponry.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter; promoted rape as a joke, which is now spurring men on to treat women like objects - something we’ve worked hard to remove from society; laughed about not paying taxes; continuously insulted people of different races, religions etc.

We all laughed about it months ago but who’s laughing now? People are at home crying; fleeing their sexuality and religion in the hopes of survival; Families scared of deportation. The only people laughing now are the people who don’t know this struggle.

People wonder how trump won this election? White supremacy.

88% of black people voted for Hilary in Florida alone. White people vote for trump because of Hilary’s email scandal? You’re lucky you don’t have to endure the pure anxiety that a poc has to as they await their fate.

You want your children to grow up watching this man? Who could very well take back the legalisation of gay marriage? You want to show your kids that rape is okay and it’s perfectly acceptable to call a woman whatever you want, it’s not like women could ever be highly educated, right? You want your children to grow up watching a racist?

Hilary might not of been perfect but I know for sure that people around the world would not be crying in despair if she was elected. She promoted something so promising, equality for all. Statistics have shown that of the millennials that voted, almost all of the map was covered in blue. Trump voters were of an older generation with old fashioned ignorant views.

Women who voted for trump? I pity you. You accept a man who shames our bodies, calls us ugly, sees us as objects…and many more offensive comments. If you accept this, then I really, really pity you and your view on women in society.

And to those who wasted their vote? Shame on you. 18,000 votes were wasted on Harambe. It’s all fun and games, but when you have the privilege to vote, you use it. People give out that 16 year olds would be too immature to vote, yet adults are a lot worse.

I’m disappointed in you America, allowing an anti-Muslim fascist, whose views are similar to those of the past, in hitler. You should of learned from the past. I’m still with her. I’m with Hilary. I’m with basic human rights. I’m with freedom.

(Michelle Obama 2020🙌)

I had no idea but apparently it's international mens day, ya'll get out there and celebrate

Here’s a quick rant- it makes me really mad that men’s rights is just about opposing feminism and mocking women’s rights. Instead of talking about toxic masculinity or the pressure on men to sleep with a lot of girls or something, MRA activists just make fun of women. They aren’t actually their for men. They don’t care about teaching men how to oppose patriarchal structures. So men’s rights has become a joke movement just to mock feminism -_-

“South Park’s Sexist to Woman”

…Well, yeah, it’s a show that’s made to push the boundaries of comedy and what’s cool and what’s not.
But they’re rude to everybody, woman aren’t a special exception.
Have you seen the men of South Park? And then the women?
Like, yes I know that South Park invented the ‘Get Back Into The Kitchen’ joke, but hey… why watch it if you’re going to cry about that? Have you not looked at the woman of South Park?

Add anything you want as it goes along, examples or statements. Go nuts
I know an obvious choice would’ve been Wendy Testaburger, the activist, feminist and animal rights protester. The little 10 year old who defends and is literally the person to look up to… But that’s too obvious. The Testaburger family are very strongly activists, and literally everything a tumblr sjw would look for; So here, are the mothers. 

Sharon Marsh has to deal with a rather daft husband, Randy Marsh. Randy is the main father, and in saying that - probably the dumbest father too. The amount of shit she has to deal with, it’s a wonder why she ALWAYS face palms (It’s cute how Stan’s developed this too.) Within the Marsh family, there’s also Shelly, who is portrayed as an evil older sister… But is shown to have a heart, swearing to protect her brother from the bully Trent Boyett yet be undeniably strong and dominant. 
But back to Sharon; Sharon is the backbone in her house and certainly a super mom. She’s the sane half of her marriage, and parents Randy also.
She is not portrayed as a super feminine woman, even having her hair short (And I know it’s wrong to steretotype women this way, but back for ‘98 this is important to consider) 

Sheila Broflovski is definitely a strong woman - if anything a strong, courageous leader. She loves her children, her heritage - and is VERY protective, going in absolutely every way to protect her biological son Kyle and Canadian adopted son Ike. She started a war for the protection and restriction of speech, and is not scared to have her opinion. She’s in charge of almost every movement within South Park, and she’s very “open-minded”, taking extreme measures to make sure the children know the correct things. A 1998 ex-Jersey woman, who dominates profoundly over husband Gerald, is amazing. C’mon. There’s SO MUCH to say about this woman, and you could say she’s a naggy bitch - But she get’s shit done. 

Liane Cartman is a very sexually active woman, yes. She’s a porn star / prostitute etc and yes, she’s very sluttily portrayed - But she is shown as a lovely mother. She’s a submissive woman to her son, Eric, but she does everything she can for him. She works 2 jobs, is poor, but still takes control. Eric’s unhappy? She goes and does literally anything for him. Even if she does spoil him, she has her moments where she takes control (an example would be telling him off in e01s01 where she tells him off for being difficult), and almost everything she does is to aid others. Eric’s unhappy with life? She (very stupidly) requests an Abortion so he doesn’t have to be in pain… Which includes sleeping her way up to Bill Clinton, but she tried.
Amongst the mothers who have husbands to care for too, she’s the only single mother - So she focuses on others. In saying that, she’s also implied to be very much like Eric Cartman, in the sense she’s homophobic and racist, but this doesn’t damage the good she does. Especially since Liane is based of the cheating ex of Trey Parker.

Mrs. (Carol) McCormick
I have written nearly and ENTIRE page on her and her husband that can be found here (x)

More Parents…
If you want seperate parent analysis’, just ask
One of the biggest episodes that portray the strength of the women have got to be ‘South Park Is Gay!’ As all the men become metrosexual, the woman take up running the town. And, not only do they run the town they take it in their own hands to end the fad. 

Every. Woman. Here. Is Strong. Stronger Than Their Husbands.
Progressive, even. 
Yes, South Park makes sexist jokes; to BOTH Genders. 
Yes, South Park pretty much invented the joke majority of feminists hate.
But before you start ranting and whining - Just remember how amazing every one of these characters are.

Even if Betsy’s dead,
Even if Liane’s single and very sexually active,
Even if Sheila’s bossy and normally angry,
Even if Sharon’s not coping with her marriage
Even if Mrs. McCormick is in an abusive household
Even if Linda’s mentally unstable due to her husband,
Even if Mrs. Tweak handle’s her husbands shenanigans with the coffee shop and is over protective of Tweek,
Even if Mrs. Black isn’t shown often,
Even if Mrs. Valmer’s a strong woman, yet her disabled son isn’t very respectful of women (In some episodes…not all, correct me on will)
Even if, not pictured, Laura Tucker lives in a household that shows signs of arguments and the constant need to flip each other off
Even if the mother’s of the girls aren’t shown here…
They’re not perfect, but they’re stronger, and even realistic. Evaluate it before you preach, please.

Today in the car

Brother: There are actually men’s right.s activists?

Me: Unfortunately.

Brother: But why? They already have all the rights?

Me: I’m so proud of you right now.

Every single men’s rights issue that is a result of our culture’s sexualization of women (eg. wage gap in the porn industry, ‘women only’ employment ads for bars and restaurants, lack of male only spaces vs. female only spaces [gyms, sex shops, youth groups], general acceptance of gay men vs gay women, and women getting free drinks or cover in bars before 11) is a women’s rights issue that men’s rights activists have exploited to complain about the unfairness of feminism.

You cannot sexualize our bodies and complain when it works.

Through the hills of “straight people are a disease” and the vales of furry fandom, the Mountain Lodge post has finally reached men’s rights activists. “What is it with women and candles?” “If this was an entire joke based around a candle replacing women like they were a disposable object Tumblr would be throwing a fit.” “Jokes on them, none of these guttersluts are going to have a bed mate.”

This is it. My name in lights. I’ve hit the big time. Lando Calrissian smiles, extending his hand to me. “You truly belong with us here among the clouds.”

Dad, Jokes

I am mostly pretty chill when it comes to how marketers and advertisers depict fathers. There are a lot of “Dad-Bloggers” (ugh, is that what I am?) who are borderline Men’s Rights Activists when it comes to this topic. “DON’T CALL ME MR MOM!” they shout as they clutch their camo-patterned diaper bags.

But there is one aspect that of society’s depiction of dads that really gets me all worked up. Here’s the first three lines of an email from a social media something-or-other that I just deleted.

Fathers. They’ve all embarrassed us one time or another with their “funny” jokes or their amusing sense of style, but we love them just as they are. With Father’s Day around the corner…

Society has coined a new term recently: Dad Jokes. Now originally Dad Jokes followed a specific pattern where the dad torments the child by not giving the child what he wants. Example:

Child: I’m hungry.

Dad: Hi Hungry. I’m Dad.

That’s the most classic example. The important element isn’t that the Dad made a bad joke, it’s that he made a bad joke at the expense of meeting the child’s needs. This is actually very similar to the school teacher’s “I don’t know, CAN you go to the bathroom?” Perhaps Dad Jokes are really just Teacher Jokes. 

But now people are referring to ANY bad jokes as Dad Jokes. But bad jokes have always existed and are told by virtually everyone. You go to an open mic at a comedy club, and you’re going to hear a lot of bad material. But no one says, “Man, there were a lot of Dad Jokes in there tonight.”

So, bad jokes are not Dad Jokes. OK? Settled? Moving on.

On top of that, the common consensus is that “Dads aren’t funny.” But this is a ridiculous statement. The truth is PEOPLE aren’t funny. There are so many unfunny people in this world. Some of them are dads. But you know what? A lot of dads are funny. 

My dad is hilarious. David Vienna of thedaddycomplex is hilarious. Charlie Capen and Andy Herald of how2beadad are hilarious. There are funny dads everywhere.

Look, you can joke around and say that I’m clueless around the house and Mom is the one really running the household and I’m really just a third kid for her to take care of and I’m just a big dummy man-child who couldn’t handle a grocery list if my life depended on it. And I’d laugh along with you and shrug it off because you’re only slightly wrong. 

But don’t come around here talking about how dads embarrass their kids with their Dad Jokes. My kids get nothing but grade-A comedy in this house.
(drops mic)
(gets stern look from wife)
(picks up mic and puts it away neatly)

larries are literally the biggest joke, also they think they’re some kind of gay rights activists because they want these two guys they find attractive (lmao) to be together but literally all they do is fetishize male/male relationships i’m sure most of them wouldn’t give a shit about the rights of gay men they don’t fantasize about when will larry finally go extinct