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[Park Jimin] Imagine - Mind Your Business

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook  (BTS Semi-Famous) 

Genre: Drama & Romance

Summary: You are next in line to take over your family’s company. However, you do not want to run a company. You have no passion or experience for it. You want to sell it and live a normal status life. Your parents disagree and plan to send you Seoul at a boarding school that’ll set you straight.

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You were pacing back and forth in your father’s office. Hands crossed while your thoughts are endless about why they had you released early from school. 

The door clicks open and your head snaps to the direction a figure walks in through.

 “Well?” You ask impatiently. Your father isn’t taken aback by your attitude, he knew how much you didn’t want to be separated from your friends.

“Take a seat.” Your father pointed at a leathered chair that looked way too cold to be sat on. You obeyed anyway. 

“We know what you want to do with the company.” He sat in front of you and your face shrunk. You were waiting to tell them until they have officialy given you the certificate that the company was yours.

“How did you find out?” You spoke with the slightest string of confidence.

“You’ve forgotten we have ears everywhere Y/N. Especially in public when you hang out with those commoners.”  His words offended you. You loved every single one of your friends.

“This is all because you wanted to go to a public school. You wanted to be normal. You neglected your inheirted power to be normal. And now you’re giving up everything you have just to be normal. Well, tell me Y/N, what is normal?”

“Normal is not having your parents forcing you into an engagement. Normal is not being forced into power. Normal is when your parents care more about their children than a company.” You spoke normally, not wanting to raise your voice at your father. 

 "What is this nonsense Y/N?“ He rubs his head in stress. 

 You didn’t want to be like them. You didn’t want to worry about a company or going bankrupt. You had no experience in business whatsoever. The best choice for you was to sell it over to someone who could manage it.

 "I have no skills in business, how do you trust me to do this?” You look at your father. 

 "That’s why we’ve prepared this.“ He waves a pamphlet in his hand before throwing it on the table that separated both of you.

 You look at it curiously, cautiously taking it. ‘Business School in Seoul’ You look at it horribly. You couldn’t believe your parents would want to send you off, across the ocean, because they cared about their company so much.

“It’s a boarding school in Seoul. One of my friends recommended it. He sends his son there and sees progress. I expect so much from you Y/N. Don’t let me down.” He spoke as if it were fine. He didn’t understand what you wanted. 

You were left speech less. You didn’t know what to say. 

“I won’t do it.” You say finally. Your father only smirks, clearly having something up his sleeve.

“If you don’t want your little normal friends to end up hurt, you will.” You were afraid of his threat. Your parents cared so much about this company, that they’d go low enough to hurt your friends.

“You should’ve gone to the private school we wanted you to. Then this never would have happened. And now, you get to go to a boarding school.” He only rubbed it more in your face. 

“You already have me engaged to someone I’ve never met, how much father are you going to push and control my life?” You stood up and raised your voice. 

“I am willing to push as hard as I can to get you to realize what you were born to do.” Your father lowers his voice and you only scoff. 

With that, you storm out of his office and slam the door behind you.


“I could take these.” You tell the chauffeur who was managing your bags carefully. “You always were so humble Miss Y/N.” He smiles and politely rejects your offer.

“This is where you’ll be staying. The dormitory is in the east wing, and the campus is in the west wing. It’s an international school, so don’t worry about not speaking Korean.” Your manager, Sunny, explained. 

You sigh heavily in response. “And, I know you won’t enjoy this, but -” Sunny was afraid to continue her sentence.

“Say it.” You said boldly. 

“Your fiancé attends this college, so your father set up a dorm for you two.” She squints her eyes, preparing for a tantrum.

“Are you serious?” Your mood goes from worst to worse. “You’re almost 19 Y/N, please consider your future.” Sunny tries to reason with you.

You had no interest in arguing over a topic you’ve been fighting over half of your life. 

 The campus looked cold, it was probably Seoul’s bitter weather. There were students in uniforms, chatting and laughing. Most of them looked wealthy and uptight. 

“All of them are money hungry.” You say underneath your breath. You knew you weren’t going to get along with many students here. 

“Do you want us to guide you to your dorm?” Sunny asks as men continually take your luggage to it. 

“I’ll just follow them. I want to check it out alone.” You hinted her to leave and she silently nods. 

You follow the men who were taking your luggage to your new home. You walk into the large, modern looking building. It was a uni-sex dormitory. You look up and examine your surroundings. It seemed luxurious and over the top. It was like a 5 star hotel. 

“You new here?” A voice makes you come back to your senses. You look at who the voice belonged to. It was a tall male with dark brown eyes and faded orange hair. He was holding a bouquet of flowers, clearly for someone else.

“Yes.” You fix your posture as you read his name tag, Park Jimin.

“I think you have the wrong school. The community college is that way.” He points out the door and you become immediately offended. “Excuse me?”

You notice your wardrobe and it was casual compared to the expensive uniform you haven’t ordered yet. 

“Do you not speak English?” He crosses his arms. “What’s your problem, Tangerine?” You tease his hair color and his seems offended. 

“At least I have more sense in fashion.” He counters. 

“Did I order a glass of your opinion?” He scoffs at your remark, “Are you really this childish?” 

Someone taps your shoulder and you face the person, it was Sunny. “Y/N, really shouldn’t argue with him?” She says through gritted teeth.

“Why? This lowlife was being rude first.” You point at him. He rolls his eyes, and starts walking past you. 

“That lowlife is your fiancé.” 

Both you and him freeze. He turns around slowly and looks at you. Both of you shared the same shocked expression. “You’re Y/N?” He asks.

You didn’t answer. You were shocked that the rude person was the one your father chose for you. 

“These are for you then.” He smirks sarcastically, handing you the flowers. 

You don’t take them, instead you walk back outside the dormitory. 

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Author’s Note: Don’t worry! I will make this a series, however, I want to get a good feel on how many people would read and enjoy this! So please don’t be a silent reader and like and comment! (:

The Colors of the Plaid- Part 1

Childhood friends who don’t understand that they are supposed to hate each other. Family betrayal. An adventure that leads to so much more than a happy reunion. An unexpected love that turns the world upside down. Secrets and lies that threaten to destroy everything. Is it possible to get your happy ending?

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: None for this chapter

A/N: I am so excited about this one, y’all. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with Scottish Highlander!Dean like I have. Let me know what you think! Special thanks to @aprofoundbondwithdean for teaching me how to write in the Scottish accent. It’s much appreciated, love!

1300 AD

You waited on your doorstep. Your luggage was packed and ready, along with some food the servants were kind enough to fix for your journey. Judging from the letter you had received from your dear friend Jess, the Highlanders would be here today to take you to Scotland with them.

The night before had been hell. You had waited until your mother had consumed enough wine for several, much larger people, then went to her in her bed chambers.

“Mother? May I speak with you for a moment?”

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Take It Back – Olympics Special ( Lafayette X Reader )

Hey’all! How are you? I hope you’re fine. Anyways.

Bella, aka my Eliza, aka @a-very-superwholocked-starkid, says: “Ok, so…I’ve seen your Olympics post thingy and I would like to request anything with Lafayette x Reader Olympics related, with the reader being (of course) brazilian and all, just ‘cuz I’m a sucker for Laf, what can I say?

There isn’t much to say except that I changed the plot halfway through it, so I’m not really sure if it’s good. Looks nice to me, however. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 2.384+

Warnings: curse words, Portuguese

Setting: Rio Olympic Games, 2016 (Modern AU)

Originally posted by alexanderhxmiltrash

Your cousin Alexander and you were pretty tight. His father was your mother’s sibling, and, despite the fact he was born in the Caribbean and grew in the United States, while you had always lived in Brazil, you were great friends. When you were little, before Alex’s parents passed away, he’d come over and visit you at least once a year. After he went to college, you’d always be skyping and facetiming, no matter what or when. The two of you had pretty much the same interests, and you were so alike it scared you. So, when he asked you if he and a couple of friends could stay in your place during the Olympics, because another friend of theirs way playing, you said yes without hesitating.

After months of planning, they were finally arriving today, so you drove all the way to the airport to pick them up. It was a hell of a drive, under Rio’s striving sun and with all of the traffic, but you couldn’t back down. The first thing you did when you got there was buying yourself a popsicle, and of course Alexander took advantage of your overheating to frighten you.

“Boo!”, you heard a voice yelling from behind you, and accidentally dropped your money. He started laughing really hard, and that was when you realized it was your cousin. You rapidly picked it up, giving him an I’m so gonna kill you smile. “Y/N! You should have seen your face!”

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anonymous asked:

"Namjoon It's the 23th message I'm leavign on your voice mail, call me back or I'll really think that those fucking mosquitoes have killed you... and if you're just ignoring me then you better know I'm gonna make you suffer more than any insect could"

“Fuck” Namjoon whispers into his phone. He had completely misplaced the thing for the last week, after which one of the boys on deck found it under a box. How it got there was a misery, but after charging it, Namjoon found a grand total of 42 missed calls, 50 messages and 25 voice mails. “I’m fucked”

The first messages were cute, then worried and finally, they turned aggressive, and he knew he was in for quite the talk when he reached Jin. He had been looking forward to seeing him after the three months he’d spent away, but now he felt like running back on board.

“Really sorry to interrupt” the driver snickered, pointing outside of the window “But we’re here”

Namjoon felt the blood drain from his face as he stepped out and saw, much to his dismay, Jin waiting right at the door. He’s going to have to kill Yoongi, because this was definitely his doing. 

“Umm… hi, Jin, how are you?”

The other didn’t say anything, just staring with a blank expression.

Namjoon could almost hear the “Run” in his ears “Ok, look, I’m really sorry I, umm, I misplaced my phone and, uh, yeah, I couldn’t find it for half the trip, and I, well, I didn’t have, I couldn’t… Oh fuck, I’m really sorry, please stop looking at me like that”

Jin just scoffed, moving out of the way to allow two of Namjoon’s men to move the luggage. 

“Jin, really, you know I don’t mean to not call you and, and make you worry and stuff… I’m sorry… I’m just clumsy, you know that… Please…”

“I know” Jin sighs, motioning for the other to stop hiding at the base of the stairs and actually come hug him, finally, “But I still get worried and whenever you don’t answer, I don’t know what to do or who to talk to…”

“I know… I’m sorry… I promise I’ll be more careful after you marry me”

“You mean if I marry you”

“What? No, I mean when you marry me”

“Uhuh” Jin giggles, moving back inside the house.

“Wait! No, Jin, I’m serious!”

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Avengers x Reader

A/N:So my Avengers x Reader fics get more notes than any other of my other fics and you guys liked “YOU HAVE A SISTER?!?” a lot since it got like 130+ notes so I guess I’m gonna make more avengers x readers haha hope you guys like it :)

P.s. Wow.This is so long but I think it’s one of my best but that’s my opinion.Let me know what you think!

“Pietro!"Wanda yells,knocking hard on her brother’s door.Pietro runs to the door and opens it.Wanda,
knocking non-stop,didn’t expect Pietro to open the door right away so she fell in.


“Wanda?Are you okay?"Pietro asks,helping his sister up.Wanda had a big smile on her face as she nods.
”(Y/n) texted me and she’s visiting New York!!“she says excitedly.You and the twins were best friends back at the orphanage before you got adopted at 15 years old.Pietro now has the same face as his sister,"really?!"he says,"how’d she get your number? We haven’t talked to her in what? 10 years?"Wanda nodded and said,"yes but she found me on Instagram and we started talking and we exchanged numbers.”
Pietro nodded and said,“that’s great! I can’t wait to see her!”

“Hey (y/n)!We’re at the gate!"Wanda tells you,her phone between her ear and shoulder,as she carries the sign that says "WELCOME TO NEW YORK (Y/N)” as Pietro gets some drinks.“Okay! I can’t wait to see you!"you say.

You walked to the gate and saw someone holding a sign that says "WELCOME TO NEW YORK (Y/N)” and you thought,“that must be Wanda."You walk over to the girl in a red wine colored sweater and she screamed,”(Y/n)! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you’re here!“

You guys talk for a bit telling each other what happened in those 10 years."That’s so cool! What am I thinking?"you tell her,closing your eyes.She giggles and says,"Sparkly Unicorn Mermaids?"You laugh and said,"You can read minds!Oh and how’s Pietro? Does he have powers too?"Wanda nods and says,"yeah.He can run at the speed of sound."You nod,"cool.Where is he anyways?”
Wanda remembered that he went to get drinks but what’s taking him so long?She grabs her phone and calls him.“Piet? Where are you?”

“Sorry Wanda.I went to get the drinks but I noticed they got my order wrong so I went to get a new one and the line was 3 times longer than it was before,"Pietro said.Wanda sighs,"It’s okay Piet,just come back to the front.(Y/n) and I are waiting for you.”

When Pietro came back you didn’t recognize him.“Hey (Y/n)! Oh my gosh I missed you!"he says,hugging you tightly.You hugged him back and said,"Pietro? You look…different.”
He nods,“yeah it’s because of my powers.Did Wanda tell you about our powers?” You nodded.“Okay,we have to get home and introduce her to the team,"Wanda says.

You guys take a cab to the tower.On the way there you look at the tall buildings surrounding you.When you got to the tower you were amaze."Wow.You guys live here?"you said making the twins laugh.

You all went up the elevator and when you stepped out you saw a man with a top knot and a….metal arm?You didn’t think much about it,it didn’t scare you,you thought it was cool."That’s Bucky,"Wanda says and you smiled at him and gave him a small wave.Bucky saw you looking at him and he dropped whatever he was holding.His jaw was hanging and his face looked like he just saw a monster.Well to him more like an angel.

He was snapped out of his trance when the thing he was holding shattered all over the floor."Oops,"he said and cleaned up the mess.

Mr.Barton,Mr.Thor,and Ms.Romanoff, please come to the main floor,the guest is here,"said FRIDAY.

The avengers came in the room and had the same reaction Bucky did.They were like that for a good minute before the girl with red hair snapped her fingers at them.

"Hey.I’m Natasha, but you could call me Nat,"she said."Nice to meet you,"you said,shaking her hand.
"This is Steve,the captain of our team,also know as Captain America.This is Tony,iron man.Bruce,the hulk.Clint,hawkeye.And Thor umm as Thor,"she said,pointing at the men as she said their name.

"Nice to meet you all,"you said shaking each and every one of their hands.

You all decided to talk about yourselves to get to know each other better.Mostly the little things like your favorite things.

"What’s your favorite flower,"asked Steve.


“What’s your favorite food?"asked Bucky.

"Pizza and chocolate.If that counts as a food.”

“What’s your favorite movie?"asked Bruce.

"Well I don’t really have a favorite because I like a lot of movies but there’s this one movie I really want to see called ‘The Martian’.”

“Favorite….um activity?"asked Clint.

"Roller Skating”

“Favorite animal?"asked Thor.

"I like all animals”

“What do you like in men?"asked Tony.


After that last question Wanda said,“Okkaayy…..I think it’s time for bed.(Y/n) we have a guest room right next to mines,let’s go?"You nod and followed Wanda up the stairs. "Oh!Wait my stuff,"you said while running back to grab your luggage.
"I’LL HELP!"yelled all the men in unison.You stood there as you watch the men carry your luggage for you and some even fighting over them.

"I’ll carry it!”

“No! I will!”

And those were Steve&Bucky and Tony&Bruce.

When you finally got your things in the room you were all ready for bed,wearing your pajamas and all,about to get all snuggled up in the fluffy blankets until you heard a knock at your door.

You opened the door and no one was there but some roses on the floor.You picked it up and it was from Steve and it said,“(Y/n),I know we just met but will you go out with me?"You thought it was sweet but you did just met the guy and you had your eyes on someone else.You closed the door and put the flowers on top of the dresser and you heard another knock.This time there were chocolates with a note that says,
”(Y/n), wanna get pizza tomorrow?-Bucky"You smile and put the chocolates on the dresser next to the flowers from Steve and there was another knock at your door.This time you found tickets for the movie 'The Martians’ for tomorrow at 7 from Bruce.Again you put the tickets with the other gifts.Like before,you heard a knock at your door and found the biggest teddy bear ever.You dragged the huge teddy in and found a note on the bow on its neck:From Thor.
This time you didn’t put it on the dresser since it was huge and this time there was no knock.You sigh and were about to finally get in bed until you saw a card slide in from under the door.

It read:
Dear (Y/n),
I know Clint was the one who asked you what you liked to do and it was roller skating and he’s married and has children so….I was wondering..
Would you like to go roller skating with me tomorrow afternoon around 3?


You smiled,you just got asked out by the whole team but you still didn’t get asked by the one you wanted though.
You finally got back in bed with no interruptions and went to sleep.

You woke up to Wanda sitting next to you.“Good Morning sleepy head,"she says,"who gave you all these gifts?”
You rubbed your eyes and looked at the dresser filled with things you like.“Umm…basically the whole team except you,Nat,Clint,and Piet,"you said.

You both went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Good morning (y/n)!Did you get my note?"Said the whole team in unisons.

"Wait.You gave her a note too?"they said again.

They all looked at each other with an angry but confused expression.

"Look you guys,you all are very sweet but I can’t date…any of you,"when you said this it broke your heart to see their expressions turn to anger all the way to sadness,"I-I have my eyes on someone else and sadly…he didn’t ask me."And with that Pietro walked in the door holding something in his hand.

”(Y/n).Remember this?“he said while giving you a heart shaped locket.It was the one you gave him 10 years ago right before you left.It had a picture of you and him in it."Pietro..,"you said,"You still…have this?"He nods and walks closer to you and puts it around your neck,"yup,I never leave home without it.I look at it every day hoping that I’ll see you again."You smile and almost tear up,"oh,Pietro.”

“(Y/n),I’ve always wanted to ask you this but I was too late to ask you before.But now I guess is a good time to ask you since fate brought you here to me,"he says,”(Y/n), I loved you since the day we met 15 years ago when we were 10 and you were my first crush and now I want to ask you if-if you wanted to…to go out with me?“


Finally you here those words come out of his mouth.

Instead of saying yes you grab his neck and pulled him down so you could kiss him.

The kiss was sweet and soft and you felt him smile into it which made you smile."I’m guessing that’s a yes?” He says when you pulled away.You giggled and nodded,“Yes Pietro,I’ve been waiting for you to ask.”

You felt the team staring at the two of you.You looked at them and saw only Wanda,Clint, and Nat smiling the rest had their jaws hanging.

“What?"you said,"you didn’t see that coming?”

And that’s when Pietro knew that you two will be together…forever.

Title: Dangerous [1/?]
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Romance
Pairings: Phan.
Trigger warning: None
Summary: Phil gets sent to a boarding school for people with strange abilities after an incident at his previous school. There, he meets Dan who wants nothing more than to hate his guts. But maybe there’s a reason for that? Getting a crush, however, was certainly something neither Dan or Phil had planned. However normal this love story may seem, the strange school they attend will change it from normal to Dangerous.
Authors note: also uploaded on fanfiction . Net under the title ‘telekinesis’. I’m looking for someone to help beta this story so if anyone’s willing to help that would be lovely :)

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Will&Tessa on Titanic - Chapter 1

Summary: The R.M.S Titanic is dubbed the ‘Ship of Dreams’ and is said to be unsinkable. The largest ship ever built could hold up to 3,300 passengers. Among them is one Theresa Gray, a seventeen-year-old American aristocrat, traveling back home to New York with her mother and fiance’. In her sheltered life, she feels trapped. That is, until she meets Will Herondale, a struggling British artist looking for a fresh start. 
The movie Titanic retold. By @not-taylorswift and @herondale-stars

Chapter 1: April 10, 1912 

The honking automobile came to a halt in front of the large dock in Southampton. Axel Mortmain reached for Theresa’s hand.

“At last,” he whispered against her gloved fingers as they brushed his lips. “The Titanic awaits us.” He smiled brightly at her mother, sitting across from them, as the door to the small car opened. Theresa took the driver’s hand and stepped down onto the British pavement for the last time.

Theresa Gray, the seventeen year old girl, stood taller than her fiance’. She gazed ahead from under her hat which had quite a large plume adorning the side of it.

She gave a delicate shrug. “I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” she commented, looking at the vessel in front of her. The largest ship she’d ever seen, steel gleaming in the sunlight, sat on the water. She turned back to Axel and her mother. “It doesn’t look any bigger than the Mauretania.”

Theresa tried to conjure inside of her a sense of awe as she had gazed upon the intimidating vessel. She had come up simply empty. She found herself empty in most things.

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