men's income

‘Gay’ means gay white men with large discretionary incomes, period. Perceiving gay people in this way allows one to ignore that some of us are women and people of color and working class and poor and disabled and old. Thinking narrowly of gay people as white, middle class, and male, which is just what the establishment media want people to think, undermines consciousness of how identities and issues overlap. It is essential, however, in making connections between homophobia and other oppressions, not to fall prey to the distorted reasoning that the justification for taking homophobia seriously is that it affects some groups who are 'verifiably’ oppressed, for example, people of color, women, or disabled people. Homophobia is in and of itself a verifiable oppression and in a heterosexist system, all non-heterosexuals are viewed as 'deviants’ and are oppressed.
—  Barbara Smith, Homophobia: Why Bring It Up?

Equal Pay Day 2017 actually falls on different days for white women and people of color

  • To bring attention to the gender wage gap, Tuesday is 2017’s globally recognized Equal Pay Day, which marks how long into a year the average woman would have to work to earn what a male peer made the previous calendar year. For example, to rival a man’s median income earned from Jan. 1, 2016 through Dec. 31, 2016, a woman would have to work from Jan. 1, 2016 through April 4, 2017.
  • The exact date of Equal Pay Day, a public awareness initiative started by the National Committee on Pay Equity in 1996, is based on the national median income for men and women overall. But there’s a truth that this day obscures: 

  • The numbers look very different when you break them down by racial groups.In fact, the “real” 2017 Equal Pay Day for white women in the United States has passed — while the corresponding days for black and Latina women are much further into the year. Read more. (4/4/2017 4:20 PM)


I consider myself pretty good at noticing or paying attention to the big things women have to go through that men don’t: income inequality, pink taxes, motherhood vs. career, fear of sexual assault (on such scale), government representation, etc. The little day-to-day things can slip right on by you if you’re not living it though. 

Y'all, keep on pointing them out just like this. The more it gets pointed out, the more we talk about it, the more it becomes part of the overall consciousness, and the more we can work to re-balance the scales and reassess the expectations.

Investing in Women and Girls is Investing in Our Future

In partnership with San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health, Tumblr is hosting Scholars of Change, an op-ed series dedicated to featuring the voices of academic experts on the issues most impacting our communities. Today, we have Dr. Elizabeth Reed here to talk about the importance of investing in women and girls for the future.

Women and girls experience substantial economic, social, and health burdens due to being born a girl. Worldwide, women and girls receive fewer opportunities than males for education, employment, and political leadership.

In some places, women do not have access to banking or financial services, and are not allowed to own property. Globally, women are more likely to live in poverty and earn less than men for the same work. For example, in Bangladesh, women earn 12 cents for every dollar earned by men; women earn 62 cents per dollar of men’s income in Germany and 79 cents per dollar of men’s income in the US. 

Women and girls are also often deprived of their freedom of choice. Many women and girls have limited control over decisions related to marriage, sex, family planning, and their own health care. Additionally, 35% of females worldwide experience physical or sexual partner violence or non-partner rape. In multiple countries, up to 75% of females experience such violence. 

Other forms of violence include child marriage, honor killings, and sex trafficking. As a result of these deprivations of opportunity and freedom of choice, women and girls suffer from a number of poor health outcomes including malnutrition, mental health concerns, infectious diseases (e.g. HIV, other sexually transmitted infections), chronic health issues (e.g. cancers, asthma), unplanned pregnancy, and conditions such as fistula (caused by pregnancy complications). 

In addition, globally, 830 women and girls die every day from maternal mortality, yet almost all of these deaths are preventable with resources invested to ensure all women and girls have access to adequate medical care prior to and during delivery.

Altogether, it is a mistake to ignore these economic, social, and health burdens on women and girls. In places where there is more equity between males and females, we see the benefits on everyone in the community. Supporting human potential, progress, and health will require a future where the world invests fully in women and girls.

Want to take action?  Here are some organizations that support women and girls:

Global Giving

International Center for Research on Women

Women’s Empowerment International

World Pulse

- Elizabeth Reed 

Read more about Dr. Reed here.

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Tumblr.


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A short Rant about Why the Day Without A Woman was stupid

The “Day Without A Woman”, a strike based on the idea that women are oppressed or not treated equally in our society, is absurd in many ways and I believe that there is equality between women and men in the United States and other well developed societies.  For the Day Without A Woman, many women went on strike, abandoned their jobs and responsibilities, went to protests, and refused to shop in order to demonstrate the important roles that women have in society as well as to fight inequalities such as the supposed wage gap in which women are payed less than men; however, there is no wage gap.  From the median income of women ($40,742), which is about 80% of the median income of men ($51,212), it is deduced that women only make 80 cents for every dollar men make; however, this fails to account for many other factors such as education, occupation, work hours, and personal choice.  For example, many of the college majors with the highest salaries after graduation such as computer science and chemical engineering are over 80% male, while many of the majors that have lower salaries after graduation such as psychology and liberal arts are over 70% female.  Nothing is stopping women from pursuing an education and career in higher paying fields such as chemical engineering other than their own choice not to.  It has also been illegal for employers to pay women less than men because of their gender since the Equal Pay Act of 1963; therefore, if an employer does pay a woman employee less based on her gender, she should take legal action and file a lawsuit against her employer under the EPA, rather than blame “the Patriarchy” (as feminists so often do for all of their problems) and hold strikes such as the “Day Without A Woman”.  Furthermore, I fail to see how abandoning one’s work and responsibilities shows the value of women in the workplace.  Instead of refusing to go to work in order to make a political point, feminists and people in general should focus on helping women who truly are oppressed, such as the women in Islamic countries who can and often are killed for not wearing the hijab, who have their genitals mutilated, who are required to be submissive and obey their fathers, brothers, husbands, and other males, who are often forced into marriage, raped, and beaten by their husbands, and who are not given the same rights as men in their society.  But according to most liberals, criticizing Islam’s treatment of women is Islamophobic, so feminists in the United States continue to fight for the equality that they already have while ignoring the true oppression of women in other countries.

Seeking Arrangement

Ok so we all know this site is trash but I wanted to maybe let some new girls or people who just didn’t know, in on some info.

****don’t bother messaging an “SD” with a standard account


He needs to have a *premium* account to view your message. I know you may be slaving away all day copying and pasting messages to guys on SA or writing well thought out messages, but you’ll probably cut your time in half when you realize all these men can do is gawk at your profile. Don’t even bother sharing private photos. He won’t be able to get in touch. (Unless you have faith that your Prince Charming will purchase a premium account and come back to you, then by all means, shoot your shot.)

******Do SDs profiles seem a little less racist???

When I started on the site, so many profiles said “no black girls please” or “white girls only”

SA now has a premium feature that will filter out “unwanted” characteristics from profiles that message you. For instance, all premium account members can alter their settings to only include messages from certain races, ages, heights, “lifestyle budget”, location, etc. Basically any info that you would provide in your profile. Now there’s no need for them to even describe their preferences. If he doesn’t want a message from someone like you, it won’t even pop up in his inbox.

Given, I’m sure not every profile utilizes this because we all know old ass men love ~attention~ from women.

It is useful for SBs too though, you can filter out men with lower income, dudes who are in their teens and 20s, etc.

A lot of SB tip posts are repetitive and I hate making this kind of stuff but figured the info should be out there, before your hands fall off from messaging so many dudes with so little results.

@his-scng Sangwoo usually didn’t frequent strip clubs to find victims for a number of reasons. One, there weren’t many near her, most were in the city. Two, the men there would be mostly focused on the strippers, not other girls there. Three, she usually preferred her victims to look somewhat decent, but all the strip clubs she had been to mostly held disgusting, seedy men whose main income was lucky gambling. No thank you.
But a new strip club had opened up in her area, only a 15 minute drive away. It was also one of those rare bisexual bars, with both male and female strippers at the club. That worked well for Sangwoo.
Around 10 at night, she parked her car in the parking lot and walked into the club. It was new and modern looking, with a shiny bar and flashing strobe lights. It honestly didn’t seem too bad of a joint.
Sangwoo’s eyes flickered over the crowd, scanning for potential victims. She vaguely heard an announcer say something about a new performer, but she didn’t pay much attention. That is, until the new performer walked out on stage.
Sangwoo’s eyes were magentically drawn back to the stage when the new girl stepped out. She looked weirdly different from the other strippers- petite and no curves. But by the roar and whistles of the crowd, she seemed to be very popular.
Sangwoo tilted her head and pushed closer to the stage. For some reason, she was interested in this peculiar woman. Not only did she look weird, she had a different aura than the rest of the slutty strippers.

Sugar Daddy Site Reviews

Okay, so you want a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby! You Google it and BAM! There are a million websites that link you to Sugar Daddy websites where you can create a profile and just jump into an arm of a Sugar Daddy or have a beautiful Sugar Baby fall into your lap. EASY as 1,2,3.

But, just like shoe shopping, we see a few pairs in the same color and we wonder what shoe fits us best? What can this shoe do for us? Does it go with our outfit? 

I’ve tired many Sugar Daddy websites, below I have listed them with my comments. No particular order.

1.) Seeking Arrangement:

-This is by far the greatest site. I’ve met the MOST men on here…but not even the number but the GREATEST men on here. It’s free for Sugar Babies too! They allow a lot of room to type out in your profile. I’ve met 2 of my long term SDs on that site, and a few others that have lasted a few months and still to this day, if I talk to them, they would help me out if I needed. The layout of the site is very easy on the eyes, and it loads up fantastic on a mobile device. Pictures upload very well.

2.) WhatsYourPrice

-Basically, it’s a biding for date website. You see a pretty lady? You tell her how much you will pay to take her out on a date. NOTE: just a fucking date, not a roll in the hay. I like this site. But, few things to watch out for….There is a section where you can select a type of relationship you are looking for. I think many men just go ahead and start clicking away, and one of those options is SD/SB. There are men who make great income…but not enough to be a Sugar Daddy. Men who make 60K a year are on there. It’s not that i would call them ‘salt’ daddies, but that is because they truly don’t know how sugar works. But, back to the fun stuff. I’ve gotten anywhere from 75 dollars for a coffee date to 250 dollars on a date. I seriously was super low on cash at a time in my life, went on 7 dates in a week, and made my rent money. Did I sleep with these men? No, it’s a first date. This site isn’t as marked as others, and I get a lot of people from out of state. 

3.) Sugar

-Stupid, really it is. They have some point system that if you get enough points you can use them for gift cards. A lot of inactive profiles. Do not waste your time.

4.) Sugar Daddie 4 Me

-Hands down the worst website. The interface SUCKS. The men on there SUCK. A bunch of salt on there. I took down my profile, made it inactive and everything and the amount of emails they send do me are crazy. Saying such n such viewed me. First off, how did they view me? I never had a prior message from said person and my profile is hidden off search. WTF?

5.) Established Men

-Met 2 salt daddies. Enough said. LOL

6.) Ashley Madison

-If you’re okay with nothing but married men…then, sure. I had a lot of fights with dumbasses on here about the sugar world. I’ve had a shit ton of randoms that think making 90K a year makes them a Sugar Daddy. The screening process will be tough, but you can get through it.

—I’ve seen postings on CL about Sugar Daddies and such. I think it’s code for “please have sex with me for a cheap thrill”. Tinder is a laughingstock to begin with, so, I can only assume the “sugar” on there is laughable.

Any questions, comments,concerns?

duskisms  asked:

examine+ your cat. sevvie's nose keeps twitching while she takes a nap and it's adorable.

Send “Examine!” and an item or person and I’ll write an RPG description of it/them. || Accepting

Sergeant Sevvie of the 721st Task Force 

The beloved mascot of the 721st, and the furry, four-pawed sister to your men. She’s always looked so much less mischievous when she’s sleeping. Of course, the problem here is that she’s fallen asleep inside of somebody’s helmet. You don’t want to get too close, for fear of waking her up, but, judging by the paint job, it’s Slip’s. You wonder to yourself if he left it here just so Sevvie would fall asleep in it, so he might get out of morning inspection, but you both know Micah well enough to know that that won’t work. 

Poor Slip.

Sergeant Sevvie of the 721stTask Force


>> Inspect
Pick Up

She looks so comfy, curled up there, snoozing away; if you listen closely, you’re pretty sure you can hear her snoring. You feel a warmth in your chest at the sight of her. She hardly even looks like the little scrap of fur you brought in from the cold, all those years ago. 

You decide to let her sleep.

Sergeant Sevvie of the 721stTask Force


Pick Up
>> Leave

You close the door behind you.

Somewhere Only We Know


 Steve Rogers x Reader
 Hey I was wondering if I  could get an imagine, if it’s no trouble, and you can have as much creative  freedom, but y/n has powers, reading minds, and has a sarcastic and smart  attitude and be recruited into shield/ avengers, and can it be a Steve x y/n.  Thanks!
I’m sorry I know you have a lot of request but whenever you can, can you do a one shot for the avengers where Nick Fury just hired you to join the avengers. The team teases you a lot because you’re short like 4'11. But you have amazing fighting skills like Natasha and your really flexible. You prove them wrong. Thank you lots. Love your stories!!!!!! 
I love your account I was wondering if you can do a Steve x reader, where the Avengers find out the reader is a vigilante??? Thanks:) 
Hello! I was hoping I could request a Steve x reader fic? Kind of angsty fic based off Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” but with a happy ending, please? Thank you so much for considering this prompt ^ ^ 
Warnings: Violence, swearing
Notes: Hey guys, there will be a Part 2 to this so don’t worry. Sorry for my lack of imagines coming out lately but I’ve been really busy with school and other stuff. Anyway enjoy!

Jumping from roof to roof you peered over the edge of an old apartment building and surveyed the blackened streets below. Rocking back and forth on your heels you prepared to leap once again when you heard a small rustle coming from the shadows behind you. Pulling back your hood from your face, you brushed a stray strand of hair that had escaped your ponytail behind your ear. “Long time no see kid.” A gruff voice rang out from the shadows. Whipping around, your body immediately went into battle stance, legs apart, and hands out in front of you protectively. “Whoa, come on Doll, not even recognizing your best friend now?” The voice rang out again as a tall figure stepped out from their hiding place, light glinting off of the metal that replaced their arm. “Really Barnes?” You huffed lowering your hands and relaxing your posture, “Did you want to be thrown from a 20 story apartment block?” You growled out slightly, wiping your sweaty palms on your torn jeans. “Hey hey, I didn’t come for trouble.” He reassured you, stepping forward once again. “What did you come for then?” You spat out, glaring at the super soldier, “Because I seriously doubt it was for a friendly chat.” You glowered, bristling slightly from his close proximity. “Your right, I’m not here for friendly chat. I’m here to take you in.” He murmured, advancing on you slightly, “People are getting suspicious Y/N. A hooded vigilante who seems to just pop up wherever needed, it scares people, and you haven’t exactly gone unnoticed by SHIELD either. It’s just not safe for you anymore.” Bucky said, trying to placate you. “Oh sure it’s for my safety, it has nothing to do with the fact that I show SHIELD up, and the fact that they don’t give a shit about what’s right on their doorstep, that I show everyone in this city that they are so vulnerable and the people who are meant to protect them are busy gallivanting half way around the world.” You growled out, eyes flashing gold as your anger grew. “Kid it has nothing to do with showing SHIELD up…” Bucky spoke slowly, hands raised in a calming motion. Scoffing you edged closer back towards the end of the rooftop. “They’ll just stick me in a cage.” You whispered, hair whipping in the wind. “No one is going to stick you in a cage Y/N, not if you come with me now.” Bucky tried to persuade you, holding his human hand out in offering; “You can even check I’m telling you the truth if you want.” He murmured, jerking his thumb towards his head. Closing your eyes you let the golden light consume you, mentally reaching out you locked your consciousness onto Bucky’s and rifled through his recent memories, checking for any sign of deceit. Coming up empty you retreated from his mind and dragged yourself back to the real world, eyes snapping open you placed your small hand in his and nodded in consent, you would go with him, for the time being anyway.

 After the two of you had manoeuvred your way down the old building, bringing into question how Bucky had actually got up there in the first place, you were led to a inconspicuous looking car, black in colour, with one of the back taillights smashed out. “Really Buck? Stark couldn’t afford anything flashier?” You mocked as you slid into the passenger seat. “Wasn’t really going for flashy, more inconspicuous.’ He chuckled slightly shaking his head as he turned the key in the ignition, making the car hum to life. “Don’t know whether you noticed big guy, but you’re not exactly unnoticeable, you know with the whole metal arm thing.” You grinned facing out the window as the street started to blur past. Sighing Bucky just sent you a look as if to tell you to shut up and then returned his focus to the road. “Where were you going anyway?” Bucky murmured, breaking the silence, “I thought you were operating in Hell’s Kitchen at the moment.” He said cocking an eyebrow in your direction. “I was, but someone else is watching that area now, they don’t need my help anymore.” You smiled slightly, thinking back to your run in with the new masked defender. “You didn’t answer my first question Y/N.” Bucky prodded you, causing you to huff in exasperation. “You know exactly where I was headed Buck.” You mumbled, fighting back the tears that sprung to your eyes. Nodding in response Bucky just let a comfortable silence fill the car before pulling up to the building known as Stark tower. “Do you think he’s compensating for something?” You joked as you swung the car door open. “Come on kid, time to meet the team.” Bucky just smiled, placing a hand on the small of your back and nudging you towards the entrance.

 The lift ride up already had you nervous, everything was so High-Tec and you felt completely out of your element. “Don’t worry, you get used to it, eventually.” Bucky whispered in your ear, sensing your discomfort at your surroundings. “I seriously doubt that.” You grumbled back, tugging at the hem of your oversized sweatshirt. As the lift shuddered to a stop the doors slid open and you were faced with the team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. “Everyone this is Y/F/N, she’ll be the newest member of your team.” An intimidating voice rang out from your left side as you stepped out of the lift. “How do you know my name?” You bristled slightly, turning towards where the voice had come from, met with the stern face of an older man. “Oh I know everything about you.” The man grinned, drawing your attention to his one eye-patched eye. “I’m Nick Fury and I’m the Ex-Director of SHIELD.” He nodded, reaching his hand out towards yours. “No need with the formalities Fury, your scaring the child.” A cocky voice chuckled from the other side of the large room. “I am not a child.” You growled slightly, spinning around on your heels. “Your height begs to differ. What are you 4’11”?” The man you know knew was Tony Stark jested again. Going to advance on the superhero a strong hand gripped your shoulder, holding you back. Looking up you saw the kind face of a blonde man, his bright blue eyes standing out amongst his pale complexion. A feeling of calm washed over you and your posture relaxed once again. “Tony, just don’t.” The man huffed looking down at you, a light pink blush beginning to colour your cheeks. “Steve Rogers.” He said smiling and reaching his hand out to yours. Taking his hand you just smiled and nodded. “Wow no sarcastic comment it’s a first.” Bucky teased from the doorway. “Shut it Barnes.” You growled, pulling yourself away from Steve and moving to greet the rest of your new team.

 It had been a few weeks since you’d begun living in the tower, and in that time you’d re-established your friendship with Bucky, grown closer to the two assassins, Natasha and Clint, and formed a rather large crush on Captain America himself, which wasn’t exactly ideal. “Hey shorty, what are you doing right now?” The obnoxious voice of Tony boomed from your doorway. “I was having a bit of me time, but I sense that’s over.” You huffed pushing yourself up from your position on the sofa. “Mission in 10, maybe wear a high-vis jacket so we can actually keep an eye on you this time, you’ll just get lost in the crowd otherwise.” He chuckled walking away from your door just as a pillow hit his previous position. Pulling on your fight suit you prepared to prove yourself to the whole team, since you had gotten there the jokes about your height were constant but you’d prove to them all that you could kick any of their asses if you so wished. Walking down to the quinjet Steve’s voice calling your name halted you in your tracks. “Hey Y/N, be careful today okay?” He asked, hand resting protectively on your shoulder. “Why Steve? Is it because of my height? Do you for some reason assume I can’t fight just as well as any of the rest of you?” You snapped, already in a bad mood from Tony’s earlier comment. “No Y/N of course…” Steve replied, slightly shocked from your outburst. “Well if that is what you think then maybe you shouldn’t have recruited me in the first place.” You continued, cutting him off mid sentence. “Y/N…I…”Steve stuttered as you strode away, leaving him behind.

 The mission was going amazingly, you had taken down more agents than anyone else and you were quite sure Tony was currently eating his words. “Y/N, lock in the co-ordinates for me.” Natasha’s voice crackled over the comms. “Want me to do a little dance for you too Romanoff.” You chuckled, before doing as she said. “Y/N there are ten men incoming, hold down the control room.” Steve’s voice crackled. “On it Rogers, though I’d much prefer to hold down something else.” You grinned, knowing his face would flush red at your comment. Just as you finished sending Nat your co-ordinates, the 10 men Steve had warned you about came crashing through the doors, guns blazing. “Cool it boys, there’s enough of me to go around.” You smirked as you made two men run into one another before falling to the ground. “Y/N, I already fill the sass quota on this team, quit stepping on my toes.” Tony’s voice rang out in your ear. “Sorry twinkle toes, wouldn’t want to steal your thunder.” You laughed, taking down 3 more of the men. “Half down already, is that a record?” You boasted, earning groans from the rest of the team. “Calm it kid, wouldn’t want that head getting any bigger, might just roll of those tiny shoulders of yours.” Bucky’s voice sounded in your ear. Out of rage you caused 4 more of the men to shoot one another down, only one more to go. “Shut your mouth Barnes, or I’ll shut it for you.” You growled at the super soldier. “He’s got a point princess, your petite frame may just crumble from the pressure.” Stark jibed, distracting you from your mission. As you went to retort a stinging pain spread throughout the back of your head and blackness engulfed your vision, causing you to crash to the ground. The final agent apparently had managed to sneak up on you whilst distracted and you had taken a considerable hard hit to the back of your head.

 Your eyes fluttered open, quickly taking in your surroundings. Apparently someone had managed to get you back to the quinjet and you were now laying on the ‘emergency gurney’ they had attached in the back. Turning your head you could see Steve perching on the edge of one of the benches fists clenched in front of him. “What happened?” You croaked, pushing yourself up to a sitting position. “Oh, Y/N, your okay.” Steve sighed before rushing to your side, “You took a pretty hard hit to the back of the head but your fine.” He smiled slightly. “I didn’t mean me, what happened with the mission?” You asked eyebrows arched. “Y/N, don’t do this…” Steve huffed. “Rogers, spit it out, what happened.” You growled slightly. “Well… after you passed out the remaining agent stole back the intel and wiped the co-ordinates from our database.” Steve sighed, eyes avoiding yours. “This is all my fault.” You whispered, swinging your legs off of the ‘bed’. “Y/N it’s not your…” Steve tried to convince you, but before he even had half the sentence out you were running, running away from your failure, running away from everything. Running to somewhere only you knew about…

Are men kind to women?

The predicament of women a propos the dominant reality is complex and paradoxical, as is revealed in women’s mundane experience of the seesaw of demand and neglect, of being romanced and assaulted, of being courted and being ignored (Frye 1983). Even if women’s survival is threatened by male violence, which is inescapable, and even if women are isolated by men, a fourth element— women’s perception of kindness from men— would be necessary for women as a group to develop Societal Stockholm Syndrome. In this section we ask if women perceive men as showing kindness.

Men are kind to women in a number of ways, creating hopes that they really do care about women and will stop their violence against us. Chivalry, male protection of women from other men’s violence, courting behavior, love (including affection during sex), and heterosexual privileges (access to men’s income, power, and prestige) that accrue to women for coupling with men provide examples of such kindness. These facts— that men show women these kindnesses, and that women perceive these acts as kind— are themselves sufficient for affirming the presence of the fourth precursor (some show of kindness, however small) in men’s relations with women. However, further analysis reveals that none of these kindnesses comes free. We will examine each of these acts of kindness.


Chivalry is one of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of male kindness toward women: men opening doors for women, lighting women’s cigarettes, and so forth. But, as Richardson (1983) has pointed out, “Manners … provide the modus vivendi by which our cultural values are maintained and our self-images as ‘males’ or ‘females’ are confirmed.” In other words, these chivalrous acts, performed almost unconsciously a thousand times a day, reinforce sex-role stereotypes. And, as Richardson notes, sex roles are an instrument of oppression:

It is not a cultural accident that the personality traits associated with a male’s performance in rituals between the sexes are precisely those traits which this culture values the most and considers socially desirable and mentally healthy activity: efficacy, authority, prowess, independence. Nor is it a cultural accident that the personality traits associated with the female’s performance are exactly those that our culture writes off as immature and childlike: passivity, dependence, weakness, frailty, ineptitude.

The effect of chivalry, then, is to reinforce sex roles, a system geared to the creation of dominant males and submissive females.

Protection from male violence

It is to men that women turn for protection from male violence. A man who protects women is seen as kind, no matter what else he may do. Because the possibility of violence is ever present, women seek out the company of kind men for virtually continual companionship. This need for protection (and for other kindnesses which only men can provide under patriarchy) stimulates many, if not most, women to marry. In our gratitude for men’s protection, women forget that it is men’s violence against us that creates the need for such protection. We overlook the fact that our coupling with “kind” men strengthens our dependence on men, sets the stage for men’s one-on-one oppression of us, and furthers our isolation from other women.

Donna Stringer (1986) argues that women gain physical protection from violent men by giving a man, usually a male partner, power over women’s lives. Table 3.3 describes “rights,” or “rewards,” women receive when we give up our power to men. The table also shows the responsibilities of men to whom women have given up power. Notice that in exchange for physical safety, a woman is required to submit sexually to her (male) protector and to birth and parent his children. The point being made here is that women pay, and pay dearly, for the “kindnesses” we receive from men. However, Stringer notes that because men have the right to label women’s behavior, even a woman who perceives herself as having given a man power over her life can be labeled out of line and thus be subjected to male violence.

Courting Behavior

Most women are aware that the time they will get the most attention, gentleness, and warmth from a man is during what is called the courting stage. With marriage, their work for him begins in earnest: washing his clothes, cooking his meals, cleaning his house (see Hartmann 1987). Once he is married, a man’s amorous attention toward a woman quickly drops by the wayside, for he assumes she now belongs to him. For a few months or a couple of years of real kindness during courting, a woman offers a man a lifetime of domestic labor.

Heterosexual Privilege

The material and social advantages (kindnesses) women obtain through coupling with men are referred to as “heterosexual privilege.” According to Bunch (1983), heterosexual privilege gives women “a stake in male supremacy” and thus “a stake in their own oppression.” She warns that “heterosexual women must realize— no matter what [our] personal connection to men— that the benefits [we] receive from men will always be in diluted form and will ultimately result in [our] own self-destruction.”

[For example] because of the difference between women and men in average income, women know we will have a higher standard of living if we align ourselves with a man. Certainly, a high or just decent standard of living may be experienced as a kindness which particular men provide specific women, particularly since most women are “just one man away from poverty.” However, it is men who keep women’s pay lower than men’s, creating women’s need for this male kindness.

Men’s Love

Perhaps the kindness most valued by women is a man’s love (affection). Frye (1983) offers an interesting perspective on men’s love:

To say that straight men are heterosexual is only to say that they engage in sex (fucking) exclusively with (or upon or to) the other sex, i.e., women. All or almost all of that which pertains to love, most straight men reserve exclusively for other men. The people whom they admire, respect, adore, revere, honor, whom they imitate, idolize, and form profound attachments to, whom they are willing to teach and from whom they are willing to learn, and whose respect, admiration, recognition, honor, reverence and love they desire … those are, overwhelmingly, other men. In their relations with women, what passes for respect is kindness, generosity or paternalism; what passes for honor is removal to the pedestal. From women they want devotion, service and sex.

Heterosexual male culture is homoerotic; it is man-loving. (Emphasis added)

Hacker (1981) also has noted the limitations of men’s love of women, the compartmentalization which men show in marrying women but not wanting to have much to do with women. Men who marry nonetheless limit their associations with women in other situations. One example is the male physician who doesn’t want female physicians as members of the hospital staff. Another is the poker player who doesn’t want women to participate in his game. Similarly, hunters don’t want women to join in their sport with them. Another example is the man who would not want to consult with a woman lawyer.

Hacker notes, “Men will accept women at the supposed level of greatest intimacy while rejecting them at lower levels.” But this is understandable if intimacy (“love-making”) is the time that the bodily characteristics determining membership in dominant versus subordinate groups (male versus female) are most apparent and the time that the dominance of the penis over the vagina is reenacted.

Loving to Survive by Dee L.R. Graham

Here’s how much more men make than women in every state

The average wage gap across America is $10,876. As the legend shows, the darker the color the greater the wage gap between men and women. Washington, D.C., which isn’t technically a state, has the lowest disparity, at $5,850, while the average wage gap between men and women in Louisiana is an astounding $16,453.

And it’s worse for women of color

Bucky Barnes: Shut Up And Say I Love You

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Title: Shut Up And Say I Love You

Prompt: Hey! I’d like to request a 40s Bucky x reader, where Bucky has just left for the war, and the reader is actually working under Agent Carter to create SHIELD. He doesn’t know about it, and her work only happens when he’s not around. Then, she’s deployed to Italy, where she’s also in charge of Bucky’s training group (if that makes sense). They meet there, shocked by seeing each other, and they try to keep it a secret, like her making him say something just so she can pull him aside and kiss. <3

Characters: Bucky Barnes

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1517

Notes: I hope you are all having a lovely day!

“Hey doll?”  Bucky turned from his place standing over the stove, halting his stirring of the pasta in front of him, “why don’t you ever talk about your work?”

You looked up from your spot in the book you were reading, sitting up in your seat on the couch.  “What do you mean?  I’ve told you about the people at work loads of times.”

“But you never talk about what you do.”

“Lots of paperwork lately, but I used to do tons of field work.”

“Like what?”  He turned back to the pot of pasta, stirring it carefully over the hot stove.  It was his turn to make dinner in your small apartment; you had cooked the two nights before.

You sighed.  In all honesty, you didn’t like it when the two of you discussed work.  You hated the fact that you had to lie to him about what you did for a job, especially since he was as curious as he was.  Fortunately, he usually knew when to stop bugging you about it, which was one of the many things you loved about him; he was extremely understanding.

“Can we please talk about something else.  I just,”  You placed your book down on the coffee table exasperatedly, pinching the bridge of your nose.  “I’m sorry, I just had a long day and I’d rather not talk about it.”

His face softened as he saw how tired you really were, and he nodded quickly.  “Of course doll.  I’m sorry to push you.”

You rolled off of the couch and walked over to him, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso.  “Thank you Buck,”  You nuzzled your head into his warm back, the smell of italian food wafting in the air.  “You know I love you, right?”

He turned his head and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on your nose.  His warm, breathy words felt like a symphony in your ears as he replied, “I love you too.”


When he left for the war, it wasn’t a pretty sight- you weren’t a pretty sight.  You tried to hold your tears back as he waved at you from the train, causing your eyes to turn bright red.  You kept on sniffling, even after the train left the station, holding in loud sobs; you were so worried for your innocent Bucky.  The Bucky that woke up at the crack of dawn to make you pancakes in bed; the Bucky that took you out to the carnival every month to win you a new toy; the Bucky that kept you warm on even the coldest of nights.  This man was too pure for this world, and you were afraid of what the army might do to him.

Lord knows how much you had changed after going through basic training alone, and you shivered at the thought of the old days.  The only nice memories you had were when you spent time with your instructor, Peggy Carter.  She was a lovely woman that you had grown to care a great deal about since you joined the army, and the two of you became closer as you became made your way into the ranks of the SSR.  You eventually became a part of the Project Rebirth team, working alongside Peggy and a man named Howard Stark.  

You had been working with the team for a few months before you met Bucky, and he had moved in with you a little over a year later.  You were glad that you weren’t deployed within those days, because not only would you have to explain to Bucky that his best girl was putting herself in danger, but you would have to leave him too.

However, after Bucky was deployed, you decided that you would spend more time at work.  Since your job mostly consisted of guarding the scientists and strategizing, you were kept busy for the most part.  But, as you continued to work all of your hours, you realized that it still wasn’t enough; you wanted to contribute more.  The apartment that you and Bucky once shared was too empty without him and you wanted to spend as little time there as possible.

When you originally approached Colonel Phillips about helping Peggy train new troops, he laughed at the thought of another girl working on the site.  You were quick to put him in his place to say the very least.  

Within two weeks of Bucky leaving you were moving to the barracks of the New Jersey base, readying yourself to prep the incoming men for war.  You and Peggy shared a tent, which helped with your growing sense of loneliness.  Having a friend to talk to in the night definitely helped with that problem, and you spent quite a bit of your time talking Peggy’s ear off about Bucky.

It was a few more weeks later when Peggy came to you, informing you about the incoming trainees that the two of you would be prepping.  There was a glint of mischief in her eyes as she informed you, but you figured that she was just looking forward to putting more cocky men in their places.  Oh, how wrong you were.

“Y/n, it’s time to meet our new guests.”  Peggy smirked at you as she finished twisting her hair up into an elegant bun.

“Oh, I can’t wait,”  You joked; sometimes the men that first arrived in training were horribly misogynistic, believing that a woman’s place was in the kitchen.  You hated them with a passion.  The only good part about breaking in the new recruits was that you were the ones to show them that women were not just dainty little creatures.  The satisfaction from showing men that you were as tough as you were was worth it, in the end.

“Shall we?”  You pulled back the tent’s flap for Peggy and she walked under it with grace.

You went to walk at her side, tilting your head with curiosity as she spoke, “You know, there are some men coming from Brooklyn today.  I wonder if you will know any of them.”

“Who knows.”  You gave her a wistful smile, your mind drifting back to your favorite Brooklyn boy.  The pair of you continued to chat as you walked to the entrance of the camp before watching trucks roll through the front gates.  Men soon started to file out one by one; you didn’t know any of them.

“I guess no one I know from home enlisted,”  You turned to Peggy, not sure whether to feel happy or sad that there was not even one familiar face.

“Hey loverboy, come on!”  One of the last men filed out of the truck, looking behind him back into the truck.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”  You could recognize that voice anywhere.  Before you even had time to think about what this meant, a tall brunette walked out of the truck and into the lineup.  Before you even had time to think about what this meant, your tall brunette walked out of the truck and into the lineup.

“Bucky?”  You stood frozen in your place, unblinking, too afraid that this was just a daydream.

However, your fears were quickly put to rest as he turned towards the sound of your voice, surprise etched on his face.  “Doll?”

And then you were running.  Your feet thudded against the ground quickly until you were about a foot in front of him.  “Bucky!”  You jumped up and into his arms, and he nearly had to scramble to catch you.  “You’re here!”

His strong arms held you tighter than you would have thought possible; he was just as afraid as you were that this wasn’t real.  His doubts were soon dismissed as you burrowed your head into his neck, just glad to be close to him.  

“Y/n, is it really you?”  You nodded, your hair scratching against your face as you did so.  He dropped you back onto your feet, holding you out by your shoulders to look you over.  “How are you here?”

You smiled sheepishly, kicking the dirt in front of your feet.  You did not want to have this conversation in front of all these curious people, feeling their stares boring into your back.   “Well, about that,”  You mumbled looking down, “I may or may not have been working for the army the entire time.”

You really wished that he didn’t hear you, but as his eyes widened you knew he had.  His back stiffened at the thought of you in the battlefield and he mentally prepared himself for the conversation to come.  “Y/n, why didn’t you tell me?  You know how I feel about-”

This was bullshit.  He wasn’t going to talk you out of anything; nothing that could come out of his lips would change your mind.  ‘Speaking of lips’, you thought to yourself.  You quickly smashed your lips onto his, threading your fingers into his hair.  

“Just shut up and say I love you, alright?”  You said after breaking apart from him, looking into his steel blue eyes.

“I love you.”

by @lovelunarchron
cover art by @mf-islands

Summary: Short stories in which Kai, Wolf, Thorne, and Jacin work for the undercover organization Men in Black, regulating incoming Lunars, who—unbeknownst to Earthens—come to Earth and sometimes use their glamour illegally. 

Part 1: Kai vows to track down the unidentified Lunar cyborg who managed to evade capture.

Part 2: Thorne’s romantic entanglements begin to interfere with a highly classified mission.

Part 2, Agent T’s story, has now been updated with Chapter 9.

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(2nd Round) A victorious yip, they quickly snatch the wallet and ripped out the first solid plastic card they could feel. They wasted no time in blindly trying to pick the little tab that all zip ties have. Hissing curses every time they missed or accidentally stabbed themselves or the male, they soon succeeded in making enough room for the male to escape from. They hesitated however, they needed the incoming men to underestimate them... and well, the captive was the bait. "Uh..." Crap-!

Goro looked up fearfully, though he kept his mouth shut - probably wisely. He tensed and shuddered but otherwise didn’t move, keeping his eyes fixed on what he thought was the door. It was just now starting to register how dark it was here, and with that was coming a fresh new wave of panic.

[I]n celebration of [the] model minority [myth], pundits and politicians have exaggerated Asian-American ‘success.’ Their comparisons of incomes between Asians and Whites fail to recognize the regional location of the Asian-American population. Concentrated in California, Hawaii, and New York, Asian Americans reside largely in states with higher incomes but also higher costs of living than the national average: 59 percent of all Asian Americans lived in these three states in 1980, compared to only 19 percent of the general population. The use of 'family incomes’ by Reagan and others has been very misleading, for Asian American families have more persons working per families than white families. In 1980, white nuclear families in California had only 1.6 workers per family, compared to 2.1 for Japanese, 2.0 for immigrant Chinese, 2.2 for immigrant Filipino, and 1.8 for immigrant Korean… Thus the family incomes of Asian Americas indicate the presence of more workers in each family, rather than higher incomes.
Actually, in terms of personal incomes, Asian Americans [had] not reached equality [to those of whites]. In 1980 the mean personal income for white men in California was $23,400… Korean men earned only $19,200, or 82 percent of the income of white men, Chinese men only $15,900 or 68 percent, and Filipino men only $14,500 or 62 percent. In New York, the mean personal income for white men was 21,600, compared to only $18,900 or 88 percent for Korean men, $16,500 or 76 percent for Filipino men, and only $11,200 or 52 percent for Chinese men. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Chinese immigrant men earned only 72 percent of what their white counterparts earned, Filipino men 68 percent, Korean 69 percent and Vietnamese men 52 percent. The incomes of Asian American men were close to and sometimes even below those of Black men (68 percent) and Mexican American men (71 percent).

Ronald Takaki: A History of Asian Americans: Strangers from a Different Shore (Ch. 12 - “The Myth of the ‘Model Minority’”)

I wanted to share this because I often see statistics floating around that Asian Americans earn more than other racial groups, including whites, and I think these facts are important to keep in mind. The statistics in this quote are dated (1980s), so they likely have changed, but it’s important to notice how statistics can be misleading and how they were skewed in the 80′s to create this stereotype and erase struggles Asian Americans face, especially since Asian Americans are often lumped together, erasing differences.

The Bernie/left hate by some of these republicans, oops I mean Hillary Stans is ridiculous. Sally is literally not a credible source to “cite” as proof of anything. She spent two days trying to defend comments that only white men care about income inequality and economic justice. A former HRC and Gingrich staffer her politics are morally ambiguous at best and opportunistic at worst. This spin by establishment “Dems” to try and retain control is sad. The Wyden Amendment literally did nothing. This wasn’t a calculated attack on Booker. The paranoia is raging high. But please do stay woke and keep defending torch bearers of neo-liberal losing.