men's driving shoes

I’m not saying you’d be a better person if you went and bought these Prada pants w/ this Tom Ford shirt & blazer…

But you definitely wouldn’t be worse. 
Via GQ

Sometimes my favorite looks are also the most simple. Remember to focus on two important things. Fit and colors. If you are going to reside in an urban area it’s even more important to wear clothes that are properly tailored and fitted. Not to be mistaken with “tight fitting” clothing.

Oxford: Ralph Lauren

Tie: J.Crew

Sweater: Club Monaco merino

Shoes: Cole Haan Air Gant driving shoes. (there are many colors just Google Air Gant.

The watch is the “Timex Weekender and the strap is from J.crew. They have tons of different straps. They also carry a few gorgeous watches that you should check out.

Happy Shopping