men's color

- Wide Open

Time: 4ish hours

☼ ♫ Sittin’ on a groove and I wanna play

Just checking out the moves that you display

You got me wide open, you got me wide open ♫

☼ - Wide Open, Bootsy Collins

This song is highkey Kaya aesthetic.


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The latest example of ridiculously fragile masculinity is skin care bottles that are not allowed to have color if you’re a man

This week, a Richmond, Virginia rapper who goes by Litty Kitty — and whose Twitter tagline is “Beyoncé said pretty hurts, so I’m always in pain” — took to the social media site to wittily shed light on that glaring fact. 

Gifs: Litty Kitty



Hey guys 😁

I go Spelman College which is historically women’s* and also an HBCU and after coming out to my entire school and Alice Walker (yes, THE Alice Walker) as a trans man, our neighboring school’s (Morehouse College) newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, decided to include me in their newspaper/magazine/narratives which was the “Black Man Edition”.
It’s been all over Twitter but I realized I haven’t posted it on Tumblr.
This is such a huge deal to me especially going to an all women’s*, all black institution. To be recognized by the black community as trans and as a man is a win, especially for these institutions.

So please watch as I talk about attending an all women’s* institution as a man, my new name, starting T & the significance of it all✨