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  • McCree: It's been years since I've seen him. And we were part of a pretty bad chapter together. There's no way I'm still hung up on him. Only a right fool would be hung up over a fella for years like that.
  • Genji: Jesse! It's been so long! How are you doing?
  • McCree, still in love: I'm feeling like one hell of a fool right now. How about you?

look man say what you want about this scene but holy shit how strong is eren

Title: “The Spooky Truth with Dr. Jones,” (½)

Summary: Emma Swan is a podcaster looking for a semi-interesting story. Dr. Killian Jones is a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Emma Swan absolutely does not want to write this story—but it seems to be writing itself. A CS Black Tapes AU.

Notes: This delightful little AU was 100% inspired by The Black Tapes, a seriously awesome fictional horror podcast that you can listen to for free. Which you should. Right now. I’d like to thank and/or notify a # of awesome people who helped with this: @seastarved @zengoalie @ofshipsandswans @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home @businesscasualprincess @swanandapirate (who also wrote a podcast AU, so if you like this, you should probably check it out). Also on Ao3.

+ Honestly, the worst thing about this job is the constant threat of, “You have a face too pretty for radio,” every time she has to conduct an interview with some bland fuck-boy that the country has suddenly decided is worth her time. If not for the occasionally tedious subject matter and overeager interviewees, it would be damn near perfect.

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I am not suggesting this as a No-Prize but kind of something which might be a nice explanation for something which has often been criticized in Spider-Man’s history.

See in the first two Venom stories Venom himself was a pretty sadistic kind of guy. 

Whilst this didn’t entirely disappear after these two initial stories from his third appearance (the first time Erik Larsen handled the character) onwards we began a transitioning to the infamous ‘Lethal Protector’ version of Venom.

Venom began to have legitimate displays of heroism, notably rescuing a baby from danger and later in Amazing Spider-Man #375 he even saved Peter’s parents and his own ex-wife. 

This was accompanied by Venom claiming he had a great sense of honour such as him swearing he’d never harm Aunt May despite both threatening and seemingly attempting to do that in the earlier Venom stories such as the one above.

That last panel is also important because it represents another shift in the narrative wherein Peter was at times used as a mouthpiece to play up the idea that Venom wasn’t all that bad. In the third Venom story Spider-Man even outright says Brock has a strong if twisted sense of honour and later claims that he cannot allow Brock to die because deep down he is just a screwed up guy.

Granted you could argue Spider-Man might not have been displaying outright sympathy for Brock here so much as his usual tendency to try and avoid people dying. He has after all attempted to save even Doc Ock’s life on a few occasions. that being said I think it is highly likely that the authorial intention was to paint Brock in a more sympathetic light. This perhaps reached its zenith in the original Carnage storyline where Venom teams up with Spidey in order to save innocent people from Carnage, who’s character made Brock’s look much nicer by comparison.

Further evidence of this shift was provided in back up stories depicting flashback tales in which Venom is played as an outright heroic, or at least heroic but willing to commit violence to reach his goals. One such story happens in between ASM #315 and #316 where the Brock was travelling to New York and at a truck stop encountered a group of thugs.

We also saw Spider-Man act far more fearful of Venom than he had been in Venoms first two stories. He seemed more prone to trying to run away from venom rather than confront him.

In ASM #362  he even outright states he left Venom on a deserted island specifically because he was afraid of him.

Spider-Man’s fear, his greater tolerance for Venom and Venom’s more heroic side have been the subject of much criticism since their inception.

Whilst I could probably come up with in-universe explanations for how and why those changes make sense, I want to throw out what you could call a theory but what I call an idea I’d implement if I had creative control of the franchise.

Essentially in the second Venom story Peter beat Eddie Brock by tricking the symbiote into attempting to abandon the latter to bond with Peter. The shock and strain of this attempted separation caused Brock to be knocked out.

As you can see from the above the strain of the symbiote attempting to separate from Brock and bond with Peter causes pain to both men. Specifically Peter is clutching his head and when the symbiote slithers off of him we can see it has covered part of his head, mostly his mouth.

My proposal?

The symbiote through being in contact with Peter and Brock simultaneously created a mental link between the two of them.

Through this mental link Peter got blasted with some of the symbiote and Brock’s thoughts and feelings, mostly about how they hate him and want to kill him. On the flipside Brock got blasted with some of Peter’s thoughts and feelings.

Since Brock was the true host of the symbiote at the time and was more strongly attached to it the process hit him harder. We sort of see evidence of this in the fact that it is Brock who is rendered unconscious by the bonding whilst Peter recovers more quickly.


Because of this process Brock and the symbiote held some of Peter’s heroic and altruistic traits within their subconscious. The symbiote in particular would’ve gotten a double dose of this because of course it had already bonded with Peter and it was from him that it first learned rudimentary human emotions. Peter’s altruism and heroism and instinct to help others in the twisted mind of Brock/the symbiote/Venom manifested itself in Venom’s gradually increasing heroic streak from that point onwards. It was the fact that Brock’s mind had, however briefly or indirectly, touched Spider-Man’s that caused him to rescue that baby, to eventually strive to protect innocents regularly. However because Venom’s mind was so twisted and his desire to kill Spider-Man so strong he still prioritized that and still went about trying to help others through violent methods. On some level Peter was kind of in his head urging him to do good so he did, but his mind was still his own.

For Peter’s part touching the mind of Brock and the symbiote wouldn’t have affected him on a fundamental level but would cause him to act differently whenever they encountered one another.

His greater sympathy for Brock would be because on some level he felt the same feelings Brock and the symbiote felt about themselves and how they saw themselves. Without realizing it he’d begun sympathizing more with Brock because he’d subconsciously remembered what it was like being Eddie Brock, even though Brock had a warped perception of reality.

On the flipside though by senseing their visceral hatred and violent inclinations towards him Peter’s already not unsubstantiated fear of Venom would increase. Whilst he previously knew Venom despised him and wanted him dead now he subconsciously was recalling exactly what they wanted to do him and the strong urges they had to harm him. Which then manifested in a fight or flight series of behaviours wherein he was more fearful of Venom than he had been before.

There is even kind of a little precedence for this in the mostly crappy Paul Jenkins Venom story ‘The Hunger’ from Spectacular Spider-Man volume 2 #1-5.

Holding it together

Pairing: Naruhina

Rating: T (violence and Angst to Comfort)

Summary: Boruto is mad at his father who is always away and he decides to run away from home. Soon he finds himself surrounded by enemies and no one around to help. Can his parents save him in time?

A/N: kjuubi, erimonogatari, and I were discussing Naruhina headcannons and I had all these fluffy ones, but noooo Jade had to come up with horrible Angst that destroyed our hearts and that’s where this gem came from. Blame her for all of this! She plans to draw a comic based off this soon so look out for that ;D

Hinata felt a tugging on her dress and looked down to find her young son frowning at her. She placed the dish she was cleaning down and turned to give him her full attention wiping off her hands on a towel. She normally would have kneeled down to look him in the eye but her distended stomach made that nearly impossible so she settled for sitting down at the kitchen table bringing him with her and sitting him on the table.

“What is it sweetie?”

“Where’s daddy?” It took an effort, but she was able to keep a smile on her face. Their son was a daddy’s boy through and through, and it was getting harder to explain to him that he was busy. Being Hokage wasn’t an easy job for Naruto, and he couldn’t be home as often as they would have liked, and it was starting to affect Boruto negatively.

“We talked about this honey, he has to take care of all the people of Konoha so he can’t be home as much as he used to,” The explanation did nothing to appease her son and he started puckering his lip. This was going to be a hard day she could already tell. Her precious son was going to be moody all day.

“I wanted him to teach me some techniques today!” He swung his little fist down and if he were standing up he surely would have stomped his foot. She knew her child like the back of her hand.

“What did you want him to show you? Maybe mommy can help you.” She smiled softly at him but he shook his head rapidly. She suppressed a sigh; he was as stubborn as somebody else she knew. Once his mind was set there, was no changing it.

“It has to be Dad! It’s his specialty,” Faster than she could react he jumped off the table and ran out the door. She watched as he ran across their backyard and into the woods out of her sight. Her old instincts kicked up, and she instantly felt dread wash through her. She took a deep breath and let it out, they were no longer in a war, that had long passed and these were times of peace, but still she worried about her son’s safety. She couldn’t shake the feeling of unease.

She bit her lip. To chase after him, or to leave him alone to work through his emotions, which would benefit him more? She stood up and walked towards the glass looking out at the sky. She saw only a serene blue sky spotted with puffy white clouds, but still she couldn’t shake the feeling of alarm for her child. She clutched the curtains and released them coming to a decision. She put on her shoes and walked out the door following after him.

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if these walls could talk

“Well they’d be like, shit is crazy right?”

stories about how the Byers survived, even before there was Eleven, even before there was Hopper, and how they manage to keep surviving altogether in the same house with talking lights and walls…

peeks out of my little anxiety hole. so I guess i have some explaining to do. This past semester I got really really sick. I was in the hospital for about 6 weeks and only now am I ready to try this again. I’m trying to wade through a shallow pool, then I’ll tackle the deep end.

While I was in the hospital though, i met some pretty amazing people from all different types of backgrounds, and their stories have inspired me to start writing my own again. This series will be inspired by different things people said to me in the last month.

I’ll eventually get back to the mileven stuff, and there will be some of it in here, but a lot of it will exploring the Byers and Joyce’s history. Also, I really wanted to jump on the Will/El bro-sis relationship bandwagon.

“He was just lucky it wasn’t his face.”

“Uh-huh, whatever you say Joyce.” Hopper said, pinching his nose and letting out a long drawn out sigh before handing Joyce a cold pack of melting ice cubes and damp paper towels. “I just hope it was worth it.” He muttered and landed with an umph next to her on the couch.

“I don’t get it. Dad was here and you just hit the wall?” Jonathan asked. Sitting next to him, Will slumped deeper in his seat, as if he was making his best attempt to disappear from the room. His face, so like Jonathan’s, wore the opposite expression, his eyebrows creased in shame and Jonathan’s brow furrowed and fists clenched in anger.

“This isn’t your fault, Will.” Eleven wanted to tell him, so very desperately. He hadn’t even been home when Lonnie showed up and Lonnie was long gone by the time Hopper, Jonathan and Will came running through the door, arms full of party supplies.

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  • Matt, multiple times: Kaylie doesn't like men. Kaylie doesn't like being touched by men. Kaylie looks uncomfortable when in close proximity to multiple men as in she's clutching her knife and ready to fight.
  • Everyone Else: *still keep implying she has a romantic interest in men*
Hero: 6

Author’s Note: i meant for this chapter to be so much longer, but it grew so much bigger than i planned so i’ve decided to break it up. why am i like this? anyway, still in love with yixing~~ i hope everyone enjoys this chapter! thank you to everyone who has read/messaged <333

Song for this chapter: Death Bell - ††† (Crosses)

Genre: Vampire!Chanyeol; thriller; horror; suspense; drama; eventual smut

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Rating (this chapter): R

Warnings (this chapter): swearing; references to PTSD

Word Count: 3,762

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

If you were free, where would you go?

If money, time, and distance were inconsequential, what would you see?

If you weren’t about to die, who might you become?

You ask yourself these questions, now in the morning silence as you strain to hear the lapping of waves on shore. They turn in your mind, sending your imagination half across the world and back again, as you think and think of all the ways you are wholly incomplete. Part of you, as you suck on and square away your answers, thinks you should be ashamed. This could be the day you die. These walls may be the last you see, but home is not, and never will be, on your mind.

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Jerome Valeska - Captivated Crazy Pt 2

Part One - here

Part Three - here

Part Four - here

Part Five - here

(y/n) = Your name

It had been a few weeks since Y/N had been released from solitary confinement and she had already clawed her way to the top of the food chain through association. Barbara, as it turned out, was quite cosy with the millionaire serial killer, Richard Sionis. She had to admit, the blonde was smart, Barbara had effectively manipulated Sionis’ affections, and she had basically turned this hellhole into something almost liveable. Not that Y/N herself wasn’t reaping the benefits of her new friendship group, the food was far better and the company actually made waking up every morning worthwhile. Sure, the asylum was boring, but the occasional fights and hilarious jokes supplied by Jerome made her feel sane.

It was true that Y/N had grown very close to her insane redheaded friend over the weeks, his comical personality and violent behaviour drew her to him, being so complimentary to her own outlook on life. There was only one member of the group who she loathed with a passion. Robert Greenwood. It was probably due to the way he salivated whenever she was in his presence. But, if she clenched her jaw and ignored him completely, she could tolerate his existence and actually have a good time.

And that is how she was enjoying herself at the present, sitting, cross legged on the cafeteria table, playing slapsies with an over exited Dobkins, whilst the infuriating ginger took every opportunity to graze his arms against her leg, poorly acting as if he were simply readjusting his hands on the plastic table top. Over the weeks, Y/N had noticed that her friend seemed to go out of his way to grab her attention. Not that she minded much, she always had the most fun when he was around.

From somewhere behind her, she heard Barbara sigh loudly, lounged across Sionis’ lap, having her toenails meticulously painted by Helzinger.

“I’m bored,” she deadpanned, “Someone tell me a funny story.”

Sionis, ever the centre of attention, spoke up, “I have a good one, so when I was is college, I played for the varsity polo team…I had a string of ponies”

Y/N chuckled; she could almost hear Jerome’s eyes rolling dramatically beside her, and was about to make a wildly inappropriate comment about where Sionis could shove his ponies, before she was interrupted,

“Greetings, I am Zardon, the Soul Reaper!” a heavy, greasy man announced as he stumbled into the room, causing everyone to pause briefly, before resuming their conversations,

“And the maître d’ says, ‘you can’t bring them in here’”, Y/N lent down to Jerome, whispering,

“Its people like Lord Zardon over there that should be in these stripes, we’re obviously not crazy compared to him.” The ginger nodded enthusiastically, resting one his chin on one hand, looking up at you,

“I couldn’t agree with you more, doll fa-.”

“Hear me slaves my patience is wearing thin, surrender your soul to my mercy or, I swear by the Master, I shall feast on your pain, I shall gorge on your torment, I shall crush you like a bug.” And then, the fat, bald man collapse onto the table he was standing on, hacking coughs erupting from his chest.  

Y/N’s eyes grew wide, “Do you think he’s going to choke to death?” she asked, perking up considerably at the sight of the dying man, enjoying the view of his pasty skin gradually turning purple as he sputtered desperately on the  table top. Jerome began laughing maniacally at her comment as Dobkins bounced in his seat and clapped his hands together excitedly,

“I sure hope so, doll.”

Suddenly, the man halted his struggles, his body relaxing as a thick blue gas seeped out of the corpses mouth. Acting on instinct, Y/N dropped to the floor as chaos erupted around her. She may have been crazy, but Y/N was smart, smart enough to realise that the gas wasn’t falling past knee level. Through the throng of stampeding feet, Y/N crawled on her stomach to the furthest corner of the room, pushing herself away from the fumes as fast as possible. A heavy body collapsed over her leg but, with a swift kick to the head, the unconscious heap rolled off of her, giving Y/N enough room to force her head between the barred and locked doors of the cafeteria.

As the gas dissipated, Y/N spotted dark figures approaching the room, armed with guns and shooting any guard that approached them. A strained smile stretched across Y/N’s face as she watched the strangers enter the opposite end of the room. They seemed to be searching for specific people through the web of comatose bodies. A dark skinned woman, who Y/N presumed was in charge, pointed wordlessly at Dobkins and nodded, which prompted one of the men with her to heave him carelessly over his shoulder and leave the room.

It became quite apparent to Y/N that she was on the list of abductees when she felt three pairs of rough hands seize her. Shaking her head quickly to clear herself of the fumes she inhaled, Y/N’s right hand shot out. With a little gurgle, one of the men staggered backward, clutching at his bruised throat. A sudden gush of pain jolted throughout Y/N’s body. As her threat to life became more obvious, more and more assailants joined in securing her, her stomach ached, and legs began to weaken. Bruised and winded, with a leg in agony, Y/N’s head swung forwards with the force of the butt of a gun. With her tongue soaked with the taste of blood, Y/N felt herself shoved into something, before she descended into darkness.

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So proud of the Never boys.

When you see their lineup, you already have a lot of expectations for them and then they also go and get the most popular song between fans, so you can imagine how much pressure they must be under to live up to those expectations. I’ve heard so much about Never myself that I half expected to be disappointed!

But no. They pull a perfect performance out, one that is beautiful and graceful and their dance elevates the song into something like a longing sigh of melancholy. The moves began like a clockwork flower, and each member played his role as part of this machinery, building up to the crescendo of Woojin’s powerful raps and Minhyun/Jaehwan’s high notes. No matter where you place your eyes, each member is performing to perfection - that shot with Daehwi kneeling in the front and everybody on their knees and sweeping their heads backwards is just fucking stunning.

Not only this, but they also worked so well together behind the scenes that it was impossible to evil edit them. All Mnet could do was cobble together scenes of Woojin interviewing members in his energizer bunny way (yes Woojin finally lets his personality shine YES) and them visiting Cube and fanboying over Hyuna. Just… perfect team, perfect song, perfect performance.

The trainees said it was perfect and they should just debut like this.

The judges/composers said it made their hairs stand up. BoA said it was basically a debut stage.

They had an encore from the audience (which was not broadcasted) and I want to say A-FUCKING-MEN. ENCORE. I clutched my heart and absorbed every moment. Now off to download the 1080p to cleanse my soul.


Can you even dare to look or bear to think of me,

This loathsome gargoyle,

Who burns in Hell, but secretly yearns for Heaven…

Instinct Part Nine

Summary: A lost child appears into your life only to bring you closer Jimin–a man that you’d thought you’d hated once upon a time. Now all you want is to be there for the child, and maybe his father–but only if his mother gets the hell out of the way.

Warnings: Sadness, angst, past shit, drunkness, TRIGGERING SUBJECTS DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED EASILY. kay.

Parts: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight

“Jimin?” Hye murmured, her voice muffled by the glass of the window. “What’s so special about her?”

Jimin sent a quick glance towards Hye, her focus still rooted to an indescribable place somewhere far outside the car. He drove for a while, finding it easier to focus on the road and let his thoughts wander with a proper answer to her question.

“She’s one of those people that are just so inherently beautiful both inside and out. I know that you see what I mean; she shines around people–even when she’s being snarky and rude it’s so obvious to everyone that she honestly cares. Except for kids, she’s never been able to handle children well.” He chuckled to himself, remembering the time he took you to meet his baby cousin. The horrified look on your face when he asked if you wanted to hold him had Jimin snorting even now. “But Shin is different. For some reason that child is her weakness. I think it’s because she unconsciously sees those parts of Shin that come from you, and she wants to reach out to you. That’s what I think. She’s someone who could probably take on the world and no one would ever know that she’s shattering on the inside. Like you, Hye. I think Y/N really likes you and would probably admit it if you ever gave her the chance.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Yeah, but so is she honestly. She’s one of those people that makes idiocy look like something to idolize, she’s amazing and she doesn’t even know it because she tends to rush forward without thinking of herself. While it’s dangerous and I yell at her for it, I love her for it as well.”

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Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 4)

Oh god it’s daily updates what is going on. My secret is listening to a fuck ton of Mika while writing. Shit is going down folks and yes, there will be another part. Obviously. Enjoy! xox

Part 1
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Alternate Ending

“Yeah who is this anyway?” Steve asks Bucky, sounding slightly confused but mostly put out.

“Please tell me you two aren’t married or something and I’ve just caused shit.” You say, trying to work out what the hell was going on.

“NO!” They cry in unison, a little too quickly.

“Alright ok you’re not married.” You say, holding your hands up in defence. “I know I don’t deserve any kind of explanation considering I’ve met both of you today but in that time I screwed you in a barn and you scared the shit out of me so I think at least a little explanation is in order.”

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Hani: *dates Junsu*
Y'all: …………….okay I mean……. I get that being “bisexual” is a choice but….. :/ I was hoping for a lesbian….. Oh well guess she’s not really gay after all since she’s dating a man! Now we must protect the REAL GAYS from the evil clutches of men!!! Bc dating a man automatically makes you straight!!!! Bc bisexuality doesn’t exist!!!!