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Chapter 23 - Cheer Up

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A/N - Special thank you to @oh-beyond  who helped me out when I was stuck on the punishments.

“Aish what is taking them so long?!”  

After hearing Chanyeol whinge yet again Kyungsoo finally snapped. “Shut up Chanyeol. Unless you want Jongdae to punish you then by all means, keep talking.”

Chanyeol opened him mouth to say something back but as he let Kyungsoo’s words sink in he decided on staying quiet instead. It was as though he’d only just realised that he might end up with Jongdae’s punishment. You were starting to feel as frustrated as Chanyeol was but you refused to show it, especially after you kept seeing the winners glancing over in your direction before resuming their huddle. Every now and again you’d hear Jongdae’s loud laugh before all of them lost it and broke down laughing. You were just hoping it wouldn’t be anything too bad.

Sehun had given up on waiting and had lain down with his head in your lap, whining until you stroked his hair. After he’d fallen asleep the other three chuckled to themselves. “What’s so funny?”

Kyungsoo was the one to respond. “We can’t wait to see what happens to him when he gets a lesson because there is no way he is going to behave long enough to be rewarded.” You shook your head at them but before you could respond Jongdae & Baek announced that punishments were decided and for everyone to pay attention. You roused Sehun from his nap but he refused to sit up until you started bouncing your legs.

Minseok stepped forward. “We have decided on your punishments. Each of us will give one of you a punishment that is to be carried out at a time of our choosing. The punishments cannot infringe upon our schedules or work and cannot be done in public if they will damage any one of us in the public’s eyes. Is that agreeable for all of you?” Sehun sighed heavily and Junmyeon nudged him. All 5 of you agreed with the statement Minseok had presented to you. After hearing everyone’s acceptance he grinned. “Excellent. Well then I guess we should enlighten you. Baekhyun, did you want to read the list?”

Baekhyun stepped forward and just grinned at everyone. You swore you could see him almost vibrating with excitement. He just kept grinning but he made no moves to life the piece of paper in his hands and tell any of you your punishments. “You are too excited. Allow me.” Yixing grabbed the paper from Baek’s hand and cleared his throat.

“Punishments are as follows. Firstly, Kyungsoo must be Jongin’s footrest for 15 minutes.” Jongin couldn’t contain his laughter even with Kyungsoo glaring at him.  Chanyeol was laughing so hard he had sunk to the floor and was clutching his sides. You reminded Kyungsoo that it could be worse, Jongdae hadn’t picked him. That seemed to cheer him up and stopped Chanyeol’s laughter. Yixing waited patiently for them to settle before he continued. “Second. Junmyeon must drive Minseok to a place of his choosing, allow him to order anything they want and watch him eat it. Junmyeon cannot eat unless Minseok does not like his meal or cannot finish it.”

Minseok looked so pleased with himself, his gummy smile showing as Junmyeon complained. “I always pay already! And I have to just sit and watch you eat? That’s so awkward. Why would you pick me?” With each complaint everyone laughed even more.

You quietly whispered into Junmyeon’s ear. “Don’t worry, he won’t pick somewhere too fancy and he’ll feel weird after 5 minutes of you watching him eat and he’ll cave. You got off easy.” Your words had the desired effect – Junmyeon calmed himself, Yixing inclined his head towards you in thanks and Minseok looked at you wondering what you could have possibly said to him.

“Thirdly, Sehun has to carry around a snack pack for me and bring it to me whenever I call for it. The snack pack must contain a small portion of food and a drink. If Sehun fails to provide the snack pack when asked further punishment will apply.” Baek & Jongdae broke down in laughter after Sehun started complaining about being a slave. Chanyeol lost it when Sehun stopped to think and freaked out, wondering how he was supposed to keep up with Yixing’s schedules. “Don’t worry Sehun, I don’t think you’ll disappoint me.” Sehun calmed down at Yixing’s words and allowed him to continue. Chanyeol and you shared nervous glances, knowing that both of you were at the liberty of Jongdae and Baek’s punishments. “Fourth, Chanyeol will be provided with 8 different pick up lines. He is to use these pickup lines when Jongdae asks. He will also ensure that Jongdae gets his preference of seat and meal for the next week. If he fails to do this he will have to read out a string of embarrassing text messages from his phone.”

“Yah! Isn’t that too much?!” Jongdae grinned at Chanyeol’s outburst.

“My other option was for you to let Yoora come and hang out with us for an evening…”

“Fuck that, give me pick up lines.” You’d never seen Chanyeol shut down an idea that fast before. Kyungsoo was laughing so hard at their exchange that he had to take a walk. The punishment was funny, you agreed to that, but you were too consumed with dread from the grin Baek was giving you so you couldn’t fully enjoy Chanyeol’s suffering. Jongdae might give out the worst punishments but Baek was a wild card. You were never sure if he was going to go easy on you or make your life more difficult for his own enjoyment.

Yixing waited patiently for everyone to calm down. He looked up at you and offered you a small smile before he read out your punishment. “And finally, Y/N must be Baekhyun’s personal cheerleader for the next week. Whenever you are visiting the dorm you must wear a cheerleader outfit, with pompoms. When you see Baekhyun you must cheer him on in whatever he is doing, complete with dance routines and chants. If you don’t visit the dorm or if our schedules make it so that you are unable to meet us you must video call twice in the day to perform a cheer to lift Baekhyun’s spirits. If you fail, Baekhyun will get Heechul to make a punishment for you. However, if you succeed you get to set a challenge to the group.” When Yixing finished speaking the room was silent. Then Kyungsoo cracked and you heard him trying to keep his laughter in but it was no use. As soon as he started one by one everyone else was reduced to giggling messes. Well, everyone except Baek, who looked unbelievably proud of himself.  You were too shocked to make any sort of witty remark. You thought he’d pick something more suggestive… and that you could handle. This, you weren’t sure.

You processed everyone’s punishments and slowly came to term with your embarrassing punishment. You hadn’t met Heechul but you’d heard the guys mention him before. You had to assume that he was less kind with punishments since Baek chose him as a backup rather than Jongdae. Yixing came over to you to check on you. He leant down so that he was eye level with you. “Y/N, are you alright?” You nodded.

“Yeah Yixing I’m good. Just…just ah, processing everything. It’s a lot.” He chuckled and pulled you into a hug.

“All of us wanted to pick you but we went in point order and Baekhyun had the highest score so he got first pick.”

“It’s ok. I was pretty sure he was going to pick me. I’m going to have to get a cheerleader outfit now. He does realise that’s not the sort of thing a girl just has laying around right?” Yixing let out a hearty laugh as the two of you embraced.

“Sehun and I were going shopping tomorrow anyway, you can tag along and we can help you find one if you’d like.” This time you chuckled before stepping back so you could see him while he spoke to you. When you looked up you noticed the slight smirk on his face. It didn’t appear often but when it did you knew he was up to something. “We can both help you with your moves as well. I did a cheerleader routine in my last drama & Sehun has had to cheer us on before.” He couldn’t keep a straight face while talking.

You lightly hit him in the shoulder for teasing you but you decided to take him up on at least half of his offer. After all, you did need to go shopping. Baekhyun would enjoy taking you too much and the rest would make too many lewd comments. You knew you could rely on Yixing to make sure you got what you needed, and even if you caught him staring, you knew he wouldn’t make and overly sexual comments at you and if you played your cards right you might be able to convince Sehun to buy you something, you trusted his fashion sense. “I’m up for annoying him as much as I can before I have to become his personal cheerleader so I’m taking you up on your shopping offer. Not so sure about the cheerleading tutoring but we’ll see.” Satisfied with your response Yixing headed off to check on Sehun, who was sulking near the bar. As soon as he left Minseok made his way over to you. If they are all going to come and see if I’m ok I’m going to yell at someone.

“Just as a warning, you do not want Heechul making a punishment for you under any circumstances. He makes Dae look boring. So if I were you, I’d be the best cheerleader that there ever was.” He shook his head. “Baek thinks he’s come up with the best punishment but you could easily go over the top with it and annoy the shit out of him… not that I’m suggesting that” You hadn’t thought of that option yet but Minseok made a good point.

“You are a sneaky thing you know that Minseok? That hadn’t even crossed my mind.” He grinned and went to walk past you. He stopped right beside you and lowered his voice as he spoke.

“Maybe you could wear that outfit once when Baekhyun isn’t around.” You saw the playful look in his eyes. “Something to think about Y/N.” Then he walked off. You needed some air. Something happened to men whenever cheerleading outfits were involved and you just couldn’t handle 7 more of them approaching you tonight.

You headed outside and waited near the van. You were hoping one of the managers would make an appearance soon so that you could find out when you could head home. If Baek thought he’d beaten you with this punishment he was in for a surprise. You decided that you would take on the role properly but if he irked you or got too full of himself you’d take Minseok’s advice and go over the top with it until he was annoyed and wanted the punishment to be over. You didn’t have to wait too long. Soon enough one of the managers appeared along with Yixing, Sehun, Kyungsoo and Jongin. When they spotted you, you asked if they were heading home. Three were and one was being dropped at the SM building on the way so you jumped in, more than ready to get home.

The drive home was quiet, with all of the guys resting as the van headed towards its destination. Halfway home you tapped Yixing on the shoulder and asked what time he and Sehun were going shopping the next day. The three of you organised to meet at your apartment at 2pm and head out from there. You parted ways at your floor and bid everyone a good night’s sleep. Once you were alone you realised just how exhausted you were and how inviting your bed looked. You quickly washed up and jumped under the covers, relaxing into the softness of your pillow and snuggling into your blankets. You were so comfortable.

That comfort did not last long. Your phone started to buzz shortly after.

B – Yah, where did my cheerleader disappear to?

Y/N – To her bed. She is tired.

B – I didn’t even get to gloat about my win.

Y/N – Well I bet that is tearing you up inside.

B – I’m not that shallow. I just wanted to tease you a bit. It’s more fun in person.

Y/N – Well you’ll have many chances over the next week.

B – Promise? ;)

Y/N – I’m too tired for double speak Baek.

B - …Fine. If you don’t rest you’ll have no pep. :P

Y/N – Oh shut up.

B – You get cranky when you’re sleepy.

B- So, do you need me to get you the outfit? Or are you going to shock me and tell me you already have one just lying around?

Y/N – Yixing & Sehun are taking me shopping for it tomorrow. It didn’t occur to me when I was packing to move to Korea that I’d need a cheerleader’s outfit so no, I don’t just have one lying around.

B – Well that’s an oversight on your part.

Y/N – Aish. Are you planning on letting me sleep anytime soon?

B – I can go all night ;)

Y/N – Stop flirting and let me sleep.

B – Fine.

B – Goodnight Y/N, sweet dreams. Or not sweet. Flirty and dirty dreams ;)

Y/N – Goodnight Baek.


Shopping with Yixing & Sehun was more fun that you thought it would be. The first few stores they took you to gave you the impression that you were going to regret agreeing to go with them. These boys knew what looked good on them and they did not mind trying on countless pieces. You sat and waited while they wandered about, trying on various jackets, shirts and pants. The watch store bored you to death but the two of them were engrossed and you didn’t want to nag them so early into the trip. After the first two stores they took you for a coffee break and told you that the next stop was your cheerleader outfit.

You made your way in to the costume store and the owner helped you find the right section. Sehun pulled out 3 choices for you. “Y/N, you can either be a sexy cheerleader, a cheerleader from Bring It On or the cheerleader outfit from Lollipop Chainsaw. They’ll all look good. What do you think Yixing hyung?

“Hmm I think the first option is too revealing. The second is from a movie isn’t it? It has yellow in it and I know Baekhyun likes yellow. The third is revealing as well but it’s cooler. It’s from a video game too yeah? He’d lose his mind over that.” Yixing thought for a few moments before deciding on the third option. Sehun agreed with him and you couldn’t lie, the colours appealed to you more than the other two and Yixing was right, Baek would freak out if you wore the outfit from a game.

Within the hour you’d managed to get what you needed and the guys had successfully bought what they needed. Yixing suggested a few more stops, stating that he wanted Sehun to find something for you to wear when you were overseas, in case you had to appear in front of cameras. Sehun took his role seriously and asked you a bunch of questions about patterns, colours, fabrics and styles that you liked. The kid knew his fashion. While he flitted about the store you and Yixing sat and chatted. You talked to him about the difficulties of working in two countries and how he managed. He was honest with you and some of his responses made you just want to hug him until he slept for a week.

The more you talked with Yixing you realised the two of you were quite similar. He just had a much more insane work ethic than you did. You were in the middle of talking about animals when Yixing called out “Snack!” From somewhere in the store you heard Sehun curse before he headed over to Yixing and offered him a drink or food. Yixing giggled the whole time. It took a good five minutes for him to stop giggling.

Sehun was in the middle of assessing the various looks he’d picked out for you when Yixing called out “Snack!” again. Sehun stared at you exasperated before running off to provide Yixing with more snacks. When he returned Yixing called out again and this time you couldn’t help but laugh. Sehun’s face was priceless. You could tell he wanted to yell and complain but he carried out his punishment and headed back to Yixing.

After another half hour Sehun was finally able to settle on an outfit for you. He handed it to Yixing who went off to pay for it. Before he came back you heard “Snack!” once more and you though Sehun as going to break.

“Hyung!” he whined.

“I’m kidding. I couldn’t eat any more if I tried. 7 snacks have filled me right up.” Sehun visibly relaxed, breathing out a sigh of relief. “Come on, let’s head back. I need to get ready for filming.”

Sehun slept for the whole trip home, worn out from all of the running around he’d had to do. As you pulled into the building Yixing turned around in his seat to speak to you.

“That reminds me Y/N, I need to have a lesson with you soon. I have to fly back to China for filming for a couple of weeks then I’ll be back here just before we head off overseas and I don’t know if we’ll have time then.”

“Of course, when did you want to do it?”

“Well I have filming tonight and a couple of schedules tomorrow so how about 2 days from now, in the evening?”

“That’ll work. It gives me enough time to plan your lesson. I’ll see you in 2 days Yixing. Don’t forget my rules.”

“Of course not teacher.”

Horror Movie AU

(Didn’t do all the characters, if you’d like to see my thoughts on someone I didn’t do, feel free to send in an ask! I’m going to list a very general description of each horror archetype and then under the cut will be the rest of the post!)

The Horror Archetypes

The Jock: Cocky, pompous tough guy. Believes he can accomplish and dominate anything in his path. Takes the lead, but will often be the first put in danger. “All women want him, all men envy him.”

The Cheerleader: Secretly envied, beautiful, and popular. Often air-headed. Not prude, lives fast, and tends to do things for attention. Normally on the arm of the Jock character type, or quickly sides with them for protection. 

The Nerd: Smart, voice of reason, very aware of surroundings and when things don’t feel right. No one ever believes them. May make rash decisions when danger comes (sometimes selfish), leads to vulnerability of being killed. Comic relief. 

The Nice Guy: Honest, good-natured, relatable person. Often has a good relationship with the Final Girl, a crush most likely. Attractive, very caring, looks out for the Final Girls best interest. Most likely to get killed. 

Final Girl: Almost always a virgin. Shy, reserved, innocent. Clearheaded most of the time, makes all the right decisions when things go wrong and knows how to defend herself. The Ultimate Survivor. Strongest of them all. 

The Crazy Old Man: Spouts cryptic nonsense that doesn’t get taken seriously. There to spur on the story, to worry the teenagers. Never believed because they never speak straight-forwardly. 

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Have you heard the mashable interview with Chris? Could he have stuttered any more when he was talking about AVPM and how he "heard of the thing" but "Had never seen it". First off, we know he's lying about that, since he AND Darren have both mentioned that Chris had seen AVPM, and the amount of stuttering he does is a tell also. Why lie? He brought up HP in the interview. He was never quiet about his love of HP. Oh, right, he is forced to be quiet about his love for Darren. Gotcha. Very clearly

Anon, I agree he is forced to remain silent and he is very much in love. 

But I think his denial of all things Darren is very intentional. Its been their strategy and it continues. Its why since Glee ended, with the exception of once, they do not interact on social media, they are never seen at the same place at the same time, they do not support each other’s projects publicly, and have not been seen at an event for the other in years.  Despite the fact that both men are the biggest cheerleaders of so many of their other Glee co-stars.

This lie was much more blatant than many others and easily refuted within seconds.  And Chris knows that, he is very well aware of the games being played. And he is very well aware of fandom. It is naive to think they do not troll and look at what is being said and what is being noticed. It is why Chris in particular continues to drop constant hints via social media.  

And I do think when the reference was made that appears to have taken Chris by surprise, Chris reverted into the strategy of “I don’t know him, I don’t like him, I never see him, and I know nothing about any of his projects.”

And by doing so.  Chris reminded us to keep looking. Keep talking. Keep making a big deal out of these things. Because the truth is out there.  And the two people at the center of this nonsense, who are the victims no matter what they do or say or how much they play, are screaming for people to notice.

okay im in serious need of cheerleader!jimin and athlete!jungkook like bball or smth like that then jimin’s all bubbly and stuff and jk’s all cool but they get so cheesy around each other but also it would be great if they could tackle stuff like:

•how hard it is to be an athlete esp. in such an under-appreciated sport like cheerleading
•balancing sports with relationships
•discrimination against men in cheerleading
•how cheerleaders dont just jump around at games
•how bball players are overworked esp. around game season
•so!! much!! more!!

i just really need this au to happen ㅠㅠ

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Okay but like katsuki or deku with a s/o who's from America and they just tell them how it's like over there like when they wore the cheerleader outfits Bc it was supposedly a western thing

((actually just had a pep rally that was western themed and that was… an experience and that reminded me of this ask lol))

“So, are American sporting events really like that?”
Well, that was a random question. You and Midoriya were just chilling in your room when he asked.
“Hm? Are they really like what?”
“You know. Loud. Crazy. A ton of screaming men with face paint. Cheerleaders. Is that for real, or just in the movies?”
It took every fiber of strength in your body not to start laughing. What a cute question! “Yes, yes, only in pro games, and yes. The crazy face paint dudes don’t show up at high school games, thank god.”
“Wait, people actually do that though?”
“Yeah, but I’ve only seen guys like that at football games and hockey games. I dunno if they go nuts anywhere else.”
“Huh.” He seemed to be deep in thought until he perked up again. “Okay, does everyone in America have a dog?”
You had to laugh at that one. “Where’d you hear that?”
He shrugged. “It seems like everyone does.”
“Heh, I wish everyone did. Then there would be enough dogs for me to pat every day to last a lifetime.”
“Was it super common though?”
“Oh yeah. Every other house down the street had at least one dog, at least in my area. Why’re you asking?”
“Hm? I was just wondering.”

You were hanging out with Bakugou (finally, just the two of you, you had both been so busy) and had selected some movie off the on demand service. Honestly, it was… Pretty boring. But you got to spend time with your boyfriend, so you weren’t really complaining.
“Is New York really that crowded?” What?
“Probably. I’ve never been there.”
“Hm.” Was that disappointment?
“I’ve been to a few big cities though, and they’re all pretty crowded. What’s got you curious?”
“Never been to America. Wondering what it’s like. Anything wrong with that?”
“No! No, not at all. Got any more questions?” He sounded like he had meant to ask for a long time.
“Have you been to Texas?”
“Yeah.” Where was this going?
“Does everyone wear cowboy boots there?”
“Bakugou oh my god.” What a good question!
“Never mind! Shut up!” He turned away from you in a huff.

“But yes, pretty much everyone wears cowboy boots.”
“I knew it.”

well i don’t know what you’re personally into in terms of genres so i’ll just list stuff i liked??

Amaama to inazuma - the cutest show about single father(who’s a teacher at school) and his little daughter(voiced by a real kid not a squeaky girl, super cute) and it’s gonna be about food so heck yeah i’m watching it

Cheer Danshi - A SHOW ABOUT ALL-MEN CHEERLEADING TEAM what else do you need to know

Fukigen na Mononokean - yay uh supernatural youkai stuff?? a boy meets an exorcist or smth, it was cute

DAYS - what can i say, i’m a sucker for soccer : ^ )))))))))))

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan - your crazy comedy of this season, this one is about a psychic

there’s definitely more good stuff to come but these are what i watched today

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Okay imagine this: the boys from class 1-A in an all men's cheerleading squad. Maybe using their quirks to spice up the show a bit!

i’m sorry my first thought was Bakugou in the girl’s cheerleading outfit and exploding his pom poms

(honestly tho that outfit would look great on him)

okay now that that’s out of the way–ABSOLUTELY

Kirishima, Kaminari, Iida, Sero, and Aoyama are the most enthusiastic

Kirishima uses his hardening to make his body steady so they can use him as a springboard, Kaminari lights things up, Iida uses his legs to do awesome flips, Sero uses his tape to grab missing pom poms, and Aoyama uses his laser to make their routines look absolutely fabulous

the team likes to put colorful explosions in Bakugou’s hands/pompoms to make mini fireworks

(Bakugou is great at doing the really complicated routines, tho he always has this big angry scowl on his face no matter what routine he’s doing)

Teenage cheerleader!Dean, who’s always good with the ladies, but he’s had fun at quite a few away games with rival football players too. Kicks ass at cheer competitions and is part of a strong team, likes to look as much as be looked at.

None more than his teammate Anna’s older brother. Dean knows next to nothing about the guy. Just that he’s in some fancy art college, designed his own tattoos, and has the driest humor. And normally, a guy like that doesn’t intimidate Dean. Normally, it takes very little to even get someone’s eyes on him, but Castiel Novak is different.

Something about him is very human. Cas doesn’t seem to be about suave introductions and coy number exchanges or making out behind bleachers.

He seems to have the ability to always be where Dean is when Dean is having his most uncool moments.

Whether it’s catching Dean soaked in the rain waiting for a ride, or bumping into him while he’s painted up in makeup after babysitting the Chambers daughter down the street.

Cas may tease Dean about eyeshadow and lipgloss the next few times they meet, but he’d give Dean a bottle of polish from his bag that sure enough Dean finds himself wearing for the rest of the week at school.

The occasional remark about Dean in cheer shorts over cheer skirts more friendly than mocking. Cas going out with Dean and a few of the girls after practice and sitting across from him and not Anna.

He doesn’t blink twice when he finds out Dean used to be co-captain of the wrestling team, or how Dean knows more about hunting, hand to hand, and weaponry then most grown men do. Cheerleading is just /fun/, and Cas smiles when Dean says that.

Dean isn’t used to this kind of game, normally by now there will have been some mutual gratification in the form of bare skin and hot mouths exchanged.

It feels a lot more like Cas isn’t even playing. That or there’s a whole other game Dean hasn’t even learned yet.


Cheer Danshi!!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Go, fight, win!

Go, fight, win!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Go, fight, win!


Fiight, win!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Go, fight, win!

Go, fight, win!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Let´s go, Meishiin!

Go, fight, win!


Fiight, win!

We are the Cheer Boys!

The Men´s Cheerleading Club is recluting talented members!