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He Tian x Red Head Post High School AU

“Hello Sir, is there anything I can help you find?”

The man in front of Red Head was very stylish, but that was to be expected. They all were. This was the top men’s clothing boutique in the district after all.

The man took a pause. Oversized aviators concealed his expression.

“I want something a bit…different,” he said. His voice sounded familiar. A previous customer, maybe?

“Right this way.”  Red Head took him down rows of suits, stopping on the black ones from the new spring collection. He could tell the customer was impressed.

It was strange. Out of all the places he pictured himself working, a clothing boutique was far down the list. But a collage debt was a collage debt, and he had to pay it off somehow. At least until he was done with medical school.

The customer felt the fabric between his fingers. It was a mix of cotton and imported silk for the backing. The finest silk in Shanghai. It’s price tag reflected that fact.

“I’ll try this one on,” he said. Red Head took it off its hanger and folded it over his arm.

“Anything else, Sir?”

The black-haired gentleman strolled over to the tie section. Red Head couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something familiar about the way he walked. No, he wasn’t a previous customer. Red Head would have recognized him by now.

“This one,” he said, pulling out a green tie. “Do you think it suits me?”

The fiery-haired young man hesitated. He knew he should agree with the customer, but his gut told him not to. The man leaned on the display case, his posture easy, waiting for a response.

He picked up simple black tie. Elegant, but with a hint of something sharp. “I think this one would suit you much better.”

Red Head detected a smile from the gentleman. It was more of a smirk, but he swore he saw the corner of his mouth go up.

“I’ll take it.”

He breathed out in relief. The dangerous situation seemed to dissipate. He reminded himself to watch what he said from now. He wasn’t an impulsive high-schooler anymore.

“If that will be all Sir, please let me escort you to the dressing rooms.”

He led and the man followed, his footsteps loud on the marble floor. They arrived at a wooden cubicle.

Red Head opened the door for him, hanging his clothing inside.

“If you need anything else, Sir, please shout and I will be right there.” His hand hovered over the chalkboard nameplate on the side of the door. “What do you prefer to be called, Mr…?”

The man took off his shades.

“He Tian is fine.”

Red Head took a step back, the hairs on the back of his neck rising. What was he doing here? In Shanghai, at the store he worked at? Did He Tian even recognize him? He felt his knees buckle.

He realized he was being stupid. How long was it since they’d last seen each other? Six years? More? He was no longer a kid, there was no need to be afraid of this person.

Red Head gathered himself. “Very well,” he said, writing the name in neat, blocky letters.

He Tian opened the door, wearing the brand-new suit that probably cost more than Red Head’s monthly salary.


He turned around, letting Red Head observe him from all angles. He’d maintained his figure. Even through the suit, he could see that his muscles were well defined. His chest was partially exposed, the top two of his buttons undone. He looked very attractive, Red Head admitted. There was only one thing missing.

“Sir, your tie?”

He Tian laughed. “I could never tie those things properly. Do it for me?”

Red Head gulped. It was one thing to observe the man from a distance. It was another to get that close. He felt himself sweat at the thought of it.

He Tian stretched the tie with both hands, holding it up to Red Head like a challenge. A familiar word bubbled to his mind. Asshole.

Red Head snatched it out of his hands. He slipped it around the back of his neck and pulled it taut. They were inches away. He tried to keep his eyes down, but they kept falling to He Tian’s exposed chest.

“So is this what you have been doing all this time?”

The question threw Red Head off guard. So he did recognize him, after all.

“I went to collage,” he replied stiffly. His neck was sweating. The room was hot.

“I know,” replied He Tian. He looked off into the distance, remembering the past. “You always called me cold, but you’re the one who left.”

Over under over through. Red Head finished the knot. It was perfect. He pulled it up to the hollow of He Tian’s neck.

“You know I didn’t have a choice. I don’t come from a rich family like you.” He was overstepping his boundaries, and he knew it. This could get him fired.

He looked into He Tian’s eyes. They were black marbles, unreadable. Just like in high school.

“Retie it,” he said, venom on his lips.


“I said, retie it.”

This was petty revenge on his part. The knot was perfect; what a childish thing to do. But Red Head needed his salary. They both knew it. So he loosened it and started over.

Over under over through. Done. This one couldn’t have been better.

Without looking at it, He Tian said, “Retie it.”

That fucker. Who was he to come here and terrorize him? Red Head tried to calm his breath as he untied the knot for a second time, his muscles tense. He tugged on the ends to make them even.

“I always knew you’d end up as somebody’s bitch.”

Red Head shoved him into the cubical. Hard. Who was he to tell him that? He was just some spoiled rich kid he met in high school.

“Pathetic.” He Tian was pinned to the wall, the tie in Red Head’s hands, and he was calling him pathetic? Moreover, he was smiling. How much of an idiot could he be?

“Shut up.”

“Make me,” he taunted, “Or are you still as much of a pussy as you were in high school?”

Oh, he would make him shut up. He wanted to punch this asshole is his stupid, perfect face. He wanted to punch his for his stupid shiny hair, and his stupid perfect body. But most of all, he wanted to punch him for asking him to stay all those years ago. Selfish dick.

“I’m waiting,” said He Tian, exaggerated boredom playing on his face. Red Head gripped the ends of the tie. He was going to strangle that fucker.

Instead, he pulled the dark-haired man’s face down to his, their lips colliding. Time stood still. Red Head dared not breath.

Finally, he felt the other man’s lips moving against his. He Tian was kissing him back. This wasn’t what he meant when he intended for him to shut up, but hey, it was working.

He Tian worked his tongue into the man’s mouth, kissing him hungrily. They were fighting. Not how they fought in high school. This was something new; something that had been brewing for many years and only now spilled to the surface.

Clothes were coming off. Expensive clothes. Red Head would have to fold them later, but for now his attention was focused on the man in front of him; The man moving his tongue down his neck, pushing it into his throat, fingers in his hair.

It was rough; The door slammed shut behind them, the stalls shook. There was no need to worry about folding the clothes anymore. If he hadn’t know then, he was sure as hell now. Who wouldn’t be fired for fucking a customer?

It was over. They sat on the floor, trying to catch their breath. Red Head honestly didn’t know how long he’d wanted to do that for. And judging from He Tian’s response, he wanted it too.

He Tian lit a cigarette. It was a habit he well remembered from high school. Red Head thought to stop him, but decided against it. He wasn’t going to be an employee much longer.

He took another long drag of the cigarette; smoke curling up from his mouth. As if he could read his mind, He Tian said, “Come work for me.”

The offer hung like an olive branch between the two. A fragile twig whipping in the wind.

Silence. It stretched on for what seemed like forever, the gears in Red Head’s mind turning. Was he really considering working for that asshole?

Fuck it.

What did he have to lose at this point? Red Head plucked the stick from He Tian’s hands and took a drag himself.

He had a feeling that life was about to get interesting again.

Swinging London 1966.
Carnaby Street fashion designers in London, before heading off to Florence - Jeff Marks, Liz Gold, Warren Gold (centre) and Jackie Benton, 9th October 1966. Photo by J. R. Watkin

Eyes, Dimples, Arms

Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff (?)..idk

main character goes into a clothing shop and while she looks for something she mistakes kookie for an employee but he does nooot have the heart to tell her that :^)))))))))) pls

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Looking up at the towering building, she can’t help but feel intimidated by the dark interior design of the shop she is about to step in to.
Taking a deep breath, she pushes against the big glass doors and is amazed by the aura that the men’s boutique emits.

She usually doesn’t go shopping in such high-end places, never mind stores for men, as they always seem too intimidating to even walk into with the judging looks from the sales assistants.

Her phone rings suddenly disrupting the calm and chic atmosphere, it makes her cringe in embarrassment. “Eomma (mom)?”

“________-ah, are you done?”

“No.” She’d arrived a while ago but had only gathered the courage to enter now.

“Hurry (bballi).”

She frowns at her mother’s command. “I can’t, I don’t even know what to buy for him.”

“He’s becoming an adult, get him something big.”

“Eomma, it’s a clothing store, how big can the present be?” Walking further into the store, she is surprised that no one has hoarded her or looked at her weirdly yet. “Can’t you do this instead, I’m not sure what he likes.”

“Don’t lie.” She sighs at her own feeble attempt to get out of this task. Her mother calls her out on it easily. “You know him the best, it was you who told me about this boutique.”

Grunting, she goes through the rack of clothes half halfheartedly. “That’s not it (aniya), I only told you about it because he’s been annoying me about this stupid jacket.”

“Then get him that and hurry, don’t have me wait for you.”

“Eomma.” She whines, unlike herself, seriously disliking this situation. “I don’t know his size.”

“Stop giving excuses, ________.” Taking a deep breath, she looks around the store, only a few people were in. “You’re already there. Go ask a sales assistant for help.”

“I don’t need their help.” Murmuring, she then humphs and hangs up after her mother tells her to hurry once more.

Or rather she didn’t like their help.

— — — — —

“Excuse me.” A timid voice says from behind him, he had already heard it once before, but different from now she had sounded annoyed and displeased earlier. Turning to look at her, he can tell that she felt really uncomfortable.

“Yes (nae)?” Jungkook regards her with curiosity. Why would she initiate to talk to him?

“Eh…” She seems to be taken a back by something when her eyes land on him. “I-I wanted to ask for your help.”

“Me?” Jungkook points at himself and looks down at his attire. Does she think he is an employee or just asking for his opinion? Judging by her conversation it would rather be the former.
Maybe he shouldn’t have worn the blazer today.

“Nae.” She begins to fiddle with the phone in her hand. “You’re not busy right now, are you?”

There are two ways he can go at this, either he tells her that he isn’t an employee and make her feel embarrassed in the process or he could just help her.

“No, it’s fine, what can I do for you?”  He says before he can think about it.

“Oh, the thing is,” Jungkook notices that her gaze never stays on him for too long, places like these must make her nervous. “My younger brother (dongsaeng) is becoming an adult soon.”

“And you’re looking for a gift for him.” She looks up at him with her round eyes and to be honest she doesn’t look older than 20 herself. “Isn’t alcohol the best bet?”

“It is, isn’t it?” When she snaps her fingers while sighing in exasperation, Jungkook smiles amused at her instant reaction. “That’s what I told my mom, too.”


“But she said no.” Running her hands through her hair, she frowns. “I’m looking for a jacket, my brother has been talking about it none stop.”

Now, this is where things get tricky. Since Jungkook was definitely not an employee here, he won’t have no idea about any jacket.
But he shops here often, so maybe that will help him out.

“Do you know what model it is?”

“He sent me a picture the day he tried it on.” Jungkook waits after she asks him to wait a second and then as she hands the device to him, their fingers brush ever so slightly.

“Are you cold?” Her fingers were cold to the touch despite the warm temperature inside the boutique.

“Oh, no, no (aniyo).” She waves her hand while shaking her head quickly. “My hands are always like that.”

Why would someone’s hands be cold all the time? And why does he care?

Jungkook studies the design of the jacket and luckily he had just passed by it earlier. “I know where it is.”

Looking away from her phone, Jungkook catches her peering at him, smiling at something on his face. When her gaze lift to his eyes, her own widen momentarily and soon after she is back to looking straight ahead.

Her flustered reaction is endearing. What would have made her smile like that? It’s a pretty smile.

“This way please.” Leading the way, he stops at the opposite wall, next to a full size mirror. “What size does your brother wear, Miss (Ahgassi)?”

“Eh, I think he is the same size as you.” She tilts her head to the side uncertain. “He’s just not as tall.”

“I’ll try it on for you, maybe that will help.” Jungkook shrugs off his jacket and hangs it on one of the rack.

Through the mirror, he just so happens to catch her staring at his arms, the T-Shirt he wore only covered right above his biceps. He would have teased her in any other situation but sales assistants don’t tease their customers.

“Does this look like it would fit your brother?” Holding his arms out, Jungkook turns slowly, partially to show her the jacket but more so because he was enjoying having her eyes on him.

Shy, she holds out her index finger. “I think a size smaller is better, maybe even two.” She looks up at him briefly.  "Yeah, two.“

One corner of his mouth lifts in amusement at the underlying meaning in her words.

She’s cute.

— — — — —

Handing over her credit card, she is relieved to finally be able to leave this place. At least the sales assistant had been very helpful, a little too helpful.

She wanted to hit herself for ogling him like that and judging by his smirk he probably had caught her in her act.

At least he wasn’t standing near her anymore, his presence made her feel unnervingly aware of her surroundings.

Even though he was just a sales person, she wanted to know his name, to thank him on a more personal level, but he didn’t wear a name tag and she was too shy to ask him directly.

"Thank you for your purchase, Ahgassi.” The cashier lady hands her back the card and slips the receipt into the bag with her brother’s jacket. “Until next time.”

“Nae, thank you (kamsahamnida). Goodbye (anyoungheegyeseyo).” Inclining her head politely, she makes her way towards the entrance.

Her eyes subconsciously scan the store for the handsome yet cute sales assisstant with doe eyes and cute bunny-like teeth which would nibble at his lip in concentration.

Yeah, all of this she got from 10 minutes of being around him.

She finds him in the back and although he wasn’t looking directly at her, the slow lift of his lips told her that he knew.

She was being too obvious.

Blushing slightly, she turns and pulls on the door, about to walk out she sees a middle aged woman wanting to enter from the outside.

While holding the door open for her, she nods politely when the woman thanks her with a smile.

“Jungkook-ah, are you done?” That’s not the thing that made her heart drop, the response is what made her stop in her tracks.

“Yeah, Eomma, we can go now.” The ‘employee’ who had helped her, Jungkook his name it seems, was walking towards where she stood, the woman by his side.

“Didn’t you buy anything?”

“Nope, next time.” Their conversation makes her blood run cold and then hot as her cheeks flame up. Oh, god.

He was not a sales assistant, she had mistaken him for one. This time she does hit her head, feeling like such a fool. This is so embarrassing.

“I hope your brother likes the jacket.” She jumps startled and glances at Jungkook, he’s smiling down at her amused but yet his eyes are warm.

“Ah, nae, thank you.” Feeling incredibly small suddenly, she bows and stands there for a long time even after they have left.

Then for no reason at all, her lips pull into a smile on their own accord.

So, that’s his name.


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