men's & women's

me, a peripheral and sometimes-fan of the ice skating fandom: how is my boy shoma uno doing. did yuzuru do anything funny this year aside from winning the Grand Prix Finals (again). did he do a quintuple lutz already and how are his legs. how is nathan “i-will-break-every-damn-bone-in-my-body-doing-these-quads-cuz-YOLO”? oh my god i hope none of their faces and hopes and dreams have been smeared on the ice.

concept: letting bisexuals who aren’t men talk about being attracted to men and having crushes on men without having to add some self-deprecating “oh, how unfortunate!” caveat to it because tumblr has made them internalize the idea that liking men “taints” them somehow and makes them feel like they should be apologetic if they ever mention it.