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If someone mocks you or makes you feel badly for having trouble with getting an erection or being unable to achieve an erection when you want one, you need to run.

People have problems with erections for such a wild variety of reasons and you should never be made to feel badly because your body isn’t cooperating. It has zero impact on your masculinity and anyone who shames you for an extremely normal thing doesn’t deserve you in their life.

bookscoffeeandblankets  asked:

Hello there, I'm a biologist currently specializing in zoology. My part time job is beeing atour guide in the local zoo where we have a evolution exhibit. Now all the other guides explain about Darwin's achivements in this field and I often see girls shoulders drop. Are there any (I trief to research but sadly coudn't find any on the go) female evolutionary scientist you could point me to? Historical or current? Thanks so much. I admire your blog =)

Great question! If I’ve blogged about it here they would probably be under the tag “biological sciences” or “evolution.” There’s a tag cloud on my blog page. 

Otherwise, anyone else know of any?

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Can I just say that you pointing out that people love to critique Felicity for being 10+ older than her character, but don't do the same to Diego? Like, hm, I wonder why people love to pull that card against her. It's been bugging me ever since the movie came out, so thank you for stating that it's an obsolete and ridiculous criticism!

You’re welcome. 

It’s particularly absurd because Diego Luna and Felicity Jones actually have the same age difference as Jyn and Cassian (four years), which makes them both too old by exactly the same amount. In both cases, it’s really obvious that they’re older. This is like a double standards trap just waiting to happen, and yet they keep stepping right into it.

( Okay but please Imagine Dilan within the first year of moving to Radiant Garden trying to get used to customs that are different than the Eurasian ones he grew up with– this includes kissing people (even other men) you’re close with on both cheeks in greeting–

Just imagine poor Braig and Aeleus having to get used to that, especially when Dilan has had a few drinks.

Fucking bless.

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bisexual girls
bisexual boys
bisexual nonbinary people
single bisexuals
bisexuals in relationships
bisexuals with a preference
bisexuals who haven’t dated more than one gender if any at all
neurodivergent bisexuals
physically disabled bisexuals
bisexual poc
closeted bisexuals
questioning bisexuals

all of us, every single one

Um lol yeah excuse me, but if you’re straight, white, cis, and a man or any of the above??? You are literally equally as deserving of love, respect, kindness, and understanding as any LGBT+ person, racial/ethnic minority, or woman, I’m sorry sweaty I don’t make the rules :)