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Swagger Jacking: Grandpa Edition

Because Dad Style > Dad Bod

I’m not sure how or why it happened, but lately I’ve been riding the retro Dad steez train realll hard. For the record, my dad did have really awesome style. Kind of a hybird between a sweater, polo, and cardigan, this shirt is basically perfection in clothing form. But don’t just take my word for it, the street style photogs at this past New York men’s fashion week seemed to think so too (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). *Toots horn* I styled this shirt with some navy trousers, white wingtips, and vintage inspired frames because when your shirt is as awesome as this, you don’t need much else to stand out from the crowd.


David Hart (Similar) Shirt // H&M (Similar) Trousers // Allen Edmonds Shoes // Ellison (Similar) Sunglasses


anonymous asked:

okay, I may sound stupid, but why Cullen wears corsets in the pirate AU?

Men were wearing corsets as early as the 1790s in England and France. Most commonly short waist cinchers, although some full corsets for men were worn.

In the 19th century, Victorian men wore corsets “as a means to have a dignified, stiff bearing when wearing a uniform.” They weren’t the same type of corsets with the tiny waists the women wore, but more cylindrical. They served to smooth the waist and to give good posture. According to one modern corset making webiste “The use and wear of corsets by men historically was not an uncommon practice. Not only did it provide sturdy back support for activities such as riding and hunting, but it also created the very narrow waist, broad shouldered look that men’s fashions of the day dictated.”

There’s even evidence of men wearing corsets in Ancient Greece and various other civilizations.

Basically, Cullen is a noblemen who dressed as such, during a time when this type of attire was common. Historical accuracy is important for us with this AU, and bonus, it looks good and fancy. Something a pirate would scoff at and call stuffy and impractical. And it’s just another thing to set Cullen, as a noblemen, apart from the “lowly” pirates.

Don’t even get me started on the men’s heels during that time. ;)


Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to dress like a “man”? Masculine. Wear her hair short, wear pants, suits even and it be acceptable.

But for a man to dress like a “woman” it’s vile. Weak. Unnatural. Disgusting even?

Women are equal to men. In strength. Ability. Creativity. And their fashion, despite what society thinks, should be available to anyone.

I don’t mind wearing dresses. Frankly, because I look fabulous in them. But more importantly because I’m perfectly fine being associated with everything a woman stands for.

Because women are fucking awesome.