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People are worried about how Kurt and Blaine could possibly have gotten a marriage license at such short notice, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Brittany took care of that by transporting them back in time.


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This was a most generous gift from Style Forum member ReubenR. A fabric swatch book from Continental Tailors of Chicago dated S/S 1916. 

This is in a word, amazing. And in another word, huge. It measures 18" x 18" and weighs about twenty pounds. 

All the illustrations are done by the greatest menswear artist of all time J. C. Leyendecker. 

I plan on getting these all properly scanned in time, but for now, enjoy my sub-par photographs. :)


George Harrison and Pattie Boyd at the lunchtime launch party for Apple Tailoring (which was to open on 23 May 1968), Club Dell’ Aretusa, King’s Road, London; and with Mal Evans, walking along King’s Road, 22 May 1968. The last four images are from The Beatles Book’s July 1968 issue, with George and Pattie on the cover (and, in image 4, following the cameraman’s instruction to “look at the camera” to the letter).

Photos © Bill Zygmant; The Beatles Book

George is wearing a William Morris print floral jacket purchased at Granny Takes A Trip on the King’s Road, London. John Pearse recalled: “I have a good iconic shot of [George] in a flowered jacket that we used to make.” (Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion) [x]

“The occasion is a launching party for Apple Tailoring, a new Beatles’ venture in the Kings Road, featuring men’s and women’s clothing designed by a Beatles friend, John Crittle.

Explains George: ‘We bought a few things from him, and the next thing I knew, we owned the place!’

The conversation moves brieftly on to some happy chat between George and a friend about them designing a flower-covered dustbin. Then we talk.

Says George: ‘We’re still involved in a hectic recording scene at the moment, although I’ve spent this week at the office. All that paper-work.
There’s about 35 songs we’ve got already, and a few of them are mine. God knows which one will be the next single. You never know, not till you go right through them. I suppose we’ve got  vague idea of the overall conception of the kind of album we want to do, but it takes time to work out.
We could do a double album, I suppose… or maybe a triple album. There’s enough stuff there.’“ - Article by Alan Smith, NME, 1 June 1968