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love, love, love: part two

a three part post winter sound ficlet in which the styles family expands and olive and harry’s hearts are so full

“Molly!” I called through the house, knowing she’d be at the kitchen table working on homework.


“I need to show you something, but you can’t tell Dad yet, okay?”

“Okay! I’m coming!” At twelve years old, our daughter had already passed through the awkward stage that had consumed her father’s early teenage years. She was beautiful. “Why are you in the bathroom?”

read part two HERE (part three coming soon)

part one//find me in the backyard//winter sound

!!! They finally released the Valentines DLC for iOS tonight ((even though my game crashed like 15 times))!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER UGHH – also I couldn’t sleep until I drew a quick fan CG so here we are ;;v;; !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

!!! I haven’t done 707 route/afterend yet pls don’t send spoilers ;;0;; thank you!