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[TIME SENSITIVE] I'm MtF and my dad (who is abusive/transphobic) is making me get my hair cut. I've been growing it out since fall started but now that summer is around the corner, he is making me get it cut. What can I do to convince him that I want to leave it long?

Kai says:

im actually transmasc but:
- if you have friends who are cis guys who have long / longer hair, tell your dad about them?
- find pictures of celebrities who are cis men who have/had long hair (chris hemsworth, harry styles, leonardo dicaprio, etc) and tell your dad you want to look like them / have their style / that it’s a popular men’s style
- tell your dad you like “man buns” maybe?
- say that it’s way easier to maintain if you don’t have to cut your hair frequently and if you tie it up it looks more masculine and it’s out of your face??
- say you’re going for a surfer / hipster aesthetic

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@closet butch, here are some butch things that categorically count as ~feminine, which could help get your parents off your back: "men's style" jewelry like leather bracelets, plain silver chains, wooden beads & watches since the "boyfriend watch" look is very in right now; bralettes (think those calvin klein ones!) can be used just like sports bras but are considered ladylike; a pixie cut "like ScarJo has!" & like, you can spin these as feminine things, so that might help your situation! :)