men without heads

This is Hanyu. The man. The doer. The beast.

The idea’s steeped in even more now. And the more it does, the more I like it. He’s doing it. He’s really doing it. And he’s doing it by bringing something different in epic proportions to the table at the frigging Olympics amidst a sea of warhorses. And not just different, but culturally different in an essentially Japanese way. In South Korea. That takes guts. And a lot of confidence. And a whole lot of love for where he came from. All with due respect to the host country. 

The whole world’s finally, *finally*, gonna get to see SEIMEI, the man, the exorcist, and the warrior, and they’re gonna be seeing it as a completely different level of monster than what figure-skating fans saw two seasons ago. Those who lamented and dreamed and thought during NHK and GPF 2015, “Man, why couldn’t one of these have been the Olympics?”, I guess we now know that the answer is, “Because it wasn’t enough then and there’s a bigger and better version of it saved just for it brewing.“ 

And it’s gonna be the finest and most dominant damn brew anyone’s ever gonna see, smell and taste. And any perfect performance of it should make the judges feel both privileged and unworthy to quantify it into a single set of scores. I’d be happy to be one of them, to have lived to see this fierce, beautiful and mystifying magic unfold before my very eyes and be made to *believe*, and, in the end, to be asked for *my* approval of it.

…I want it *so* bad. Wouldn’t even have dared hope for this were it any other program but now– *gets down on knees and starts praying for a succession of perfect performances, both Chopin and SEIMEI,  in the second half of this season*

To me, he’s not recycling programs. To me, these have always been his Olympic programs, or at least, SEIMEI is (think Chopin just sorta happened)–for the very Olympics that would cement his status as GOAT. And he’s dedicated an entire *season* of competitions, two seasons back, just to test-run them and *another* season after, to fine-tune them, in the form of different programs.

This is a true master at work, guys.

There’s no room for what-ifs. There can only be do.

Because simply winning is not enough. It has never been. Not for this beast of a human being.

*kudos to Chan for his non-uniform choice, as well. Buckley and his version of Hallelujah hold a special place in my heart. And it seems to fit his style to a T. Anticipating very much to see his program.

Two men, Without a Head

“Once, they carried zero atop their shoulders. Yet after losing their head, that has all come to naught.”

There’s a lot to decode in this cover page.  Let’s start with the first and most obvious, the caption.

It’s a caption that clearly relates to Ui at least. Not only is Arima the leader which he aspired to be like whose now dead, but also Hairu herself died specifically by decapitation and losing her head. It is also quite literally that same head that brings Ui over to Furuta’s side and clouds his judgement. Saying “Ui lost his head” is not even symbolic by this point.

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I think the reason Genly Ai is tolerable and even likeable as a narrator despite his raging misogyny is that on Gethen there’s no one for him to hurt with his misogyny except himself, so we’re able to feel for him when he does hurt himself with it over and over again

Anyways I’m going to sound dumb here but I literally just now realized that The Human League, a group that 2D states he is a fan of, is also the group that sings that song “Don’t You Want Me Baby” (along w/ other songs but this is the one song by them that I happen to know) and like…not to be dramatic but I feel like I’ve just gained this entirely new insight to his music taste and thought process lmao. It suddenly makes so much more sense to me that he also likes Missy Elliot and George Michael. I don’t always expect to overlap in music taste with him that often but today has been an belated learning experience.

And also, the whole reason I’m even on this topic is because I’ve been doing some additional music exploration tonight. Another thing I’ve latched onto is how 2D and Murdoc were meeting each in the midst of the late 90s (emergence of modern pop, grunge, pop-rock…think Blink-182, r&b) and how great a soundtrack that could potentially make on a purely nostalgic level? (I’m speaking as a biased millennial here) Obviously I can’t create a full blown movie scene (can’t animate) but sometimes when I write I like to imagine what song might be playing in the background of like, idk, a bar scene or over the end credits and now I have a lot to think about. This is also again me taking a roundabout way to endorse the pre-Gorillaz era and how it’s a lot of fun to explore and surmise about

Forbidden | 4 |

First heist with the Joker / Meeting Poison Ivy

Word count - 2609

In the next chapter while the reader takes time to recover from bad injuries, the Joker causes mayhem in Gotham trying to find the reader and the one who hurt said reader. When they finally reunite the Joker doesn’t seem too pleased when he realizes that the reader is his weakness. Will they get through it? :o. The Joker isn’t so much in this chapter, I apologize and hope you still enjoy. And write me, I’d love to hear what you all think.

Forbidden | 1 |

Forbidden | 2 |

Forbidden | 3 |

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“Let’s go steal some pretty diamonds.” I say trying to hold in my excitement. This is my first heist, my first mission. I look at the guns J had and frown. “Puddin? Where’s my weapons?”

 “Don’t you worry doll.” J signals me to follow him and I start to skip behind him. He hands me a harness and two black revolvers with white hand grips. I noticed that the grips had jester logos and couldn’t get over how cute they were.

 “Haha so cute I love them! Thanks!” I put on the harness for the guns, put my jean jacket back on and start to walk out the doors.

 "Not so fast hun.“ He hands me a baseball bat.

 "I’m gonna have with with this.” I follow him out and my jaw drops in amazement. “No way, so you live in the abandoned amusement park?”

 “Baby this is our home now.” I crash my lips into his and hug him. We walk over to the gang who all wore masks except for Frost. As they talk I ignore them and continue to stare at the amusement park. I always loved amusement parks and now living in one was just a dream come true. Not every girls dream I know, but how can ya blame me being raised by someone like my father. My father, I barely remember anything about him or most things prior to the electroshock. It’s as if my life before is a big puzzle, ya know those boring ones that have like over 1000 pieces.

  “(Y/N) get in the car, it’s showtime.” Mister J hisses. I get in the passenger seat and admire his unbelievable car.

 “Wow, you sure know how to impress a girl.”I flirt.

 "To get what you want you need power. And in order to get power you will have to face all the blood, sweat, and tears baby. And I’m not talking about your own.“ He laughs menacingly.

 He sped through the dark streets of Gotham, cutting off cars and running through red lights. Adrenaline consumed my body as I enjoyed the ride. I roll down the window and stick my head out the car shouting hoping all of Gotham would hear the enjoyment I was having. I laugh and sit back down and put some music on in the car. Black skinhead by Kanye West plays. The music was so loud I could feel the vibrations from the bass speakers. I lean my head on the window of the car and look up to see the buildings and skyscrapers of Gotham. I always thought Gotham was beautiful despite all the crime. I thought that made it more magical. It’s a beautiful war zone. As I continue to stare at all the lights that lit Gotham I feel a strong grip on my thigh. I look over to J who had a serious face still driving fast breaking many laws. He was very concentrated on the road. I guessed he was just in a deep thought and continued to look out the window.
 We finally pull up to the museum and decided to park in the back avoiding security. I get out the car and walk towards Lewis to get all prepped up to break in. We find a ladder and climb helping each other. Once we get to the top he puts on gloves and carefully opens the top ceiling window. Once he’s done he sets me up with the rope clipping me in and sets up the rope itself.

 "You ready (Y/N)?” Lewis asks.
 "Yeah let’s do this.“ I sat down as my feet dangled in the museum. I turn to Lewis and he gives me the a okay to go for it. I slowly bring myself down while Lewis held me. He slowly goes lower and lower . I look around the entrance to the diamond, I couldn’t wait to steal and find the control room door. I make it to the ground safe and un clip myself. Lewis grabs the rope back up and made his way to the back with the others. As I walk to the control room I hear whispering. I freeze and look around seeing no one in sight. I continue to the control room and find the controls to turn off the security alarm for the part of the museum everyone was at. I take my new cell phone out and text Mister J.

 'All done come to the entrance xoxo’

I patiently wait for everyone to meet me and damn they were fast. They all had their guns out walking around as if they were army soldiers except J. We start to walk to the diamond further in to the main entry and stop seeing many red lasers protecting the valuables. I look over to J seeing him pissed off. He starts to growl and grabs one of his men and slams him against the wall in anger with a strong grip of the guys neck.

 "What’s up Johnny Boy? Forget to share with me about the security for the diamonds?”

 "N-n-no boss I-I didn’t see anything about the laser shit I swear.“ J stares at him for awhile then starts to laugh. Then the idiot decides to laugh with him and Mister J looks over to Frost. Frost hands him the silencer gun and J shoots the guy.

 "We’ll clean up the mess later” mister j growls, cracking his neck.

 While everyone tried to find out ways to get by I take Lewis’s bag of goodies and put it over my shoulder. I walk closer to the laser lights and try to memorize the angles of the lasers. I crack my knuckles and flip my way over the lasers and make it to the glass case. I look over to the guys and they look surprised while Mister J grins at me.

 "Gymnastics" I say and look through the bag to find the glass cutter. I take it out and carefully stick it to the glass; then the alarms go off. “Fuck it.” I mumble and break the glass with my bat and put the harlequin diamond in the bag. I go to run out but decide to break the other glasses and take those gems too. I hear gunshots suddenly and look over to see the gang shooting at another one. I run to Mister J and he grabs my arm pulling me away from the crossfire. “Ya know who they are?”

 “Not very familiar with them but they don’t look new to this all.” We run to an empty hallway away from the chaos. It seemed Mister J’s guys were doing well though.

 "Wow aren’t you all grown up now?“ We turn around seeing two guys with guns and knives. One walks up from the middle towards me which angers J.
 "Who are you? I don’t know you.” I say. He walks closer and J walks in front of me and take out a gold knife pressing it down the mans bare chest.
 “You must be new in town because everyone here knows never to touch what belongs to the Joker.”

 "And you must be new because you have no idea who you’re dealing with clown.“

 "Oh I like this guy.” He picks up his gun shooting at one of the men in the head without losing eye contact. “Oh trust me you have no idea.” J says harshly.

 The guy in the back starts charging at J and I run up to him and swing my bat aiming at the guy. I hit him right in that arm and keep swinging making him drop his knife. He swings with the other and I duck just in time, pick up his knife and slash his throat. More men come in from another direction. Police sirens are heard and gunshots. Me, J and the other guys run to escape from the cops. We get away from the GCPD and I run behind J. In a split second I feel my arm get tugged tight into a room.

 “(Y/N) now that’s not how you treat an old friend.” Old friend? I’ve never seen this person in my life.

 "I really don’t know who you are!“ I yell and swing my bat and miss.

 "Now you’ve made me angry.” He takes out his knife and I try to avoid his swings getting cut on my arm. I get angry and flip toward the guy and swing my bat again missing.

 “2 strikes for me ha!” I joke. The man swings his knife at me again slicing my leg.

 “You really must not remember me. Wow (Y/N) what has gotten into you? Your hair your skin. No wonder your father offed himself, look at what his prize possession became.”

 Then it hit me. I can feel the piercing pain from the electroshock once again flowing throughout my whole body. My head overflows with all the memories of my father. I remember everything about my family and I was furious. I charge at the guy yelling and swing my bat. Once the bat comes close to him he grabs it and throws it across the room. I take out my two guns and shoot at him. He kept walking toward me and picks me up by my neck.

 "Bulletproof vest, shoulda aimed for the head.“ He drops me and I cough gasping for air until he kicks me right in the head. He walks over to grab my bat and keeps hitting me with it repeatedly creating bruises and a bloody masterpiece. My eyes start to blur as I try to stay alive and get through this pain. I’m going to die. That’s all that crosses my mind. He stops swinging and lifts my head up to face his.

 "I’m going to enjoy killing you.” He punches me in the face causing my eyes to roll back. Suddenly I hear a big explosion.

 "Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to properly treat a lady?“ The woman’s voice is unrecognizable and the rest becomes a blur.

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I wake up with a pounding headache, my face aching and my body destroyed. I felt like I had gotten run over by a truck. I slowly blink my eyes trying to get back my eye sight. I wake up in a very lit room. I sit up and look around seeing that I am at what looks to be a science lab/ doctors exam room. I put my head on my hands and start to rock myself hoping the pain will stop.

 "Good morning Doctor (Y/N) ” That voice. It’s the woman from the museum. My head shoots up to the woman. I recognize that face and the fiery red hair.

 "Hey I know you, you’re Poison Ivy!“

 "That’s right. I knew I recognized you, you’re that hot shot young doctor for Arkham Asylum.” She walks towards me checking the bandage she had put on my head. “That alone is all the reasons I need to kill you.”

 "Go ahead and get in line. Be better hurry up before he kills me first.“ She looks at me concerned.

 "Who was that man? The one trying to kill you.”

 "Xander Barelli.“ I sigh.

 "And why are you number one on his hitlist?”

 "You sure ask a a lot of questions, red. But I’ll tell you anyway. Xander is the son of my dead fathers greatest enemy, Demetri Barelli. He always had it out for me but wanted me dead ever since his father was killed by mine, he even took all his money. The Barelli’s moved away a long time ago but I guess Xander is back for revenge. He has been locked up for a long time mustve broke out.“

 "Yikes, sounds like you’d like to get rid of this,  problem.”

 "You have no idea. Just my luck I go on my first heist, get taken away from Mister J and almost get killed. I’ve got scores to settle with Xander and his guys and …. Batman! Once he finds out who I’m hanging with ill get added on to his list.“ Ivy sits on the bed beside me holding a syringe, test tubes full of different colored liquids and a full flask.

 "Drink.” She says while pouring all the liquid from the flask down my throat. It was the nastiest thing I’ve ever drank in my life.

 *BLEH* “Gross what was that for?!” I yell at her and feel a sharp pinch on my arm. She injects me with one of her syringes.

 "What the heck?! Stop that, what are you doing?!“ I yell at her again.

 ” It’s a necessary precaution if we are going to hang out together.“ She injects me again at my other arm causing me to yell once more. "I’m not called Poison Ivy for nothing. Anyone who spends a lot of time around me will pick up something nasty if they are not properly immunized.”

 "Ughh. I got something nasty happening to me already. Whatever you gave is making my insides feel horrible and what were the syringes for?!“ I complain.

 "Don’t worry it’s just a side effect of the formula. It means your immune system is changing and those syringes were for your problems.” She walks over and grabs a hot mug of some funky looking tea.

 “It really feels like I have rats eating up my guts.” I whine.

 "Drink this, it’ll help you ride out the change.“

 "No you’re not making me drink some over nasty drink!” I say while jumping off the bed flipping over her. I land shocked by what just happened. “I know I’ve done some years in gymnastics but I was never that good.”

 "Not only has your body resistance to toxins been seriously increased but so has your natural strength and agility.“ Ivy walks over to another room and signals me to follow her.

 ” You gave me powers! Now I’m not so helpless" She smirks and chuckles at my excitement.

 “Calm down you’re not going to give Superman any sleepless nights. All I’ve done is given you a little edge.” She lays down on her couch and smells a rose she had just grown. I sit on the rug beside her.

 "How come?“I curiously ask.

 "Partially because it amused me to do so. But also because you have given your all to a man that I never in my life would believe to have develop feelings for someone. And you have some deep family issues that I sympathize for.”

 "Well, thank you. Now I have an advantage to take down Xander.“

 ” And Batman. He generously allowed me to remain free as long as I play farmer girl for Gotham. Under our truce, I can’t raise a hand against him but you’re not bound to those rules.“ I smile at her.

 "I can deal with that.” I say.

 "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.“ I lay down on the rug and look up seeing the stars and the lit up buildings of Gotham. Ivy is lucky to live in a greenhouse, she gets to be all cozied up while staring at the stars. I start to think about what happened and start to miss J. Was he thinking about me? Is he looking for me? My stomach turned to knots just thinking about him being worried or not being worried at all. My eyes become heavy from the exhaustion this day has brought to me and I fall asleep hoping tomorrow will be better. Hoping I will be in his arms once more.