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Jeremy Meeks hangs with Nicki Minaj at AmFAR Gala.

”Hot Convict” Jeremy Meeks is making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival.

The model, who was discovered after the Stockton police department posted his mugshot to Facebook, was released from prison in March 2016 and has had a skyrocketing modeling career ever since.

Kwami swap: An Adrinoir Story?

I had a very bad day today so I decided to give up on life’s responsibilities and write some totally indulgent (marichat? Ladrien?) sin.

@squirrellygirlart made fanart for this Here

So for the Kwami Swap I have Marinette with the Chat Noir miraculous and her name is Kitten Noir and things get heated with her and Adrien.

So I’m thinking I might make some headcannons for this version of the kwami swap so let me know if you desire more from this universe! Seriously though I have thought a lot about what Marinette would be like with the Chat Noir miraculous.

WARNING: SIN SIN SIN AND MORE SIN!!!!! not for young innocent eyes. No smut.

Marinette had transformed into Kitten Noir and gone out for the night in order to clear her head. She hadn’t intended on running into any problems that night. Unfortunately for her what seemed like an easy job turned into a real big fucking problem. She had stopped the men mugging the woman of course but in the process she had gotten a little injured. She groaned as she vaulted onto the next rooftop pain shooting up her side. Okay a lot injured. She stumbled as she landed on the next rooftop. She looked around her, perspiration dotting her forehead. She was too far from home. She wasn’t going to last much longer without some help. She spotted the Agreste Mansion close by. If I could just make it there, she thought, maybe Adrien has a first aid kit, or could get me some help. The injury wasn’t enough to warrant a hospital visit but if she continued running through the city like this she could lose a lot of blood or tear the injury in her side farther open. Marinette grit her teeth together. If she could time this just right she might be able to make it in a single jump. Taking a deep breath Marinette ran towards the edge of the building pulling out her baton and vaulting off the rooftop extending it as she reached the height of the vault. Marinette thanked the gods above that Adrien’s bedroom window was open. She crashed through the open window and sprawled on the floor wheezing in pain. The movement probably did more damage to the injury than Marinette was counting on.

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Short Story time

So I work at a gym and today this older white man (a gym member) came to the front desk, and he was having a conversation with my manager, who is black. I could hear their convo and this is what I overheard:

Man: yeah thanks for the help, man.

My manager: no problem sir, happy to help.

Man: you know black men are great when they aren’t trying to mug you hahaha

My manager:

My manager:

My manager: have you ever been mugged by a black man?

Man: no

My manager: do you know any black men who have mugged somebody?

Man: well no-

My manager: so all of the black men you know are great, then yeah? And that’s also a weird phrase to use because that would imply that anyone who doesn’t mug you is a great person, which I assure you is not the case. In fact, I ran into a racist guy today, he didn’t mug me, but he definitely wasn’t great.

Man: *turns and leaves*

Me to my manager: beast.


The shattered mug was strewn about the floor as you stared through Yoongi’s head and your brain seemed to shrivel. Every thought you had just didn’t make sense.

So you’re telling me. You stopped as you tried to figure out what he was telling you. Everything made sense, but it was completely against everything you had been taught. Magic, powers, and gods weren’t real. Faith was something you just had, you never saw anything from it. Now Yoongi was standing in front of you with a totally different claim. Your rational brain seemed to tell you that he was lying, it wanted you to start laughing at the absurdity, but the serious look on Yoongi’s face as he continued to look at you just made you that much more confused. You’re telling me that you’re some god? You mumbled and Yoongi cracked a smiled.

A demigod, but yea, a god of some kind. He said in a calm tone and you opened and closed your mouth. It’s hard for mortals to comprehend. He murmured and you pointed at him.

Mortals? You asked, your eyes still a little erratic as he nodded.

Well we have immortality. I’m actually much older than I look. He murmured and you tilted your head.

How much older? You asked and Yoongi laughed.

The two of you continued to go back and forth. You soaked up all of the answers like a sponge.

I think that’s enough questions. Yoongi murmured, stretching his arms up. You looked over at your watch, your jaw dropping at the time.

I should go. You responded and Yoongi looked at you with a small nod.

Alright. He replied and smiled. Want to come over tomorrow? The guys shouldn’t be back for a few days. He continued and you shrugged.

Maybe, I still have a bit of homework. You murmured and he chuckled.

Well if you need help with the Greek myth worksheet, I kind of know my shit. He said in a know-it-all tone that made you laugh.

I might take you up on that offer. You responded, before kneeling down and beginning to pick up the ceramic that was splayed out on the floor, but Yoongi laughed. Snapping his fingers, small cherub like creatures came flying around, promptly scaring you.

Sorry, uhm, Namjoon has an issue with breaking things so we have these guys to help clean up. He murmured and you watched the small angels flutter around the broken glass, quickly picking it up.  

After that incident, you took a deep breath of the cold night air. Walking out of the house late into the night, wandering back to your apartment, you tried to think about everything that had just happened. There was still a part of your brain that was really skeptical, but a majority of yourself wanted to give Yoongi a chance, let him continue to explain.

Maybe I’m finally going insane. You mumbled to yourself with a chuckle before opening the door to your apartment. The sudden heat that filled the apartment was unbearable as you tried to breathe. Looking around rapidly, you spotted the fire distinguisher. Running towards it, you could barely walk a few steps towards it, before you heard the booming voice.

YOU! It screamed, and you looked towards the flames as they glared and burned in front of you. Then your eyes adjusted, there was a figure in the middle, the flames licking his bluish, gray skin, his eyes red and fiery. You felt your heart drop, you looked around, trying to figure out the best thing to do. Looking back to the fire distinguisher, you sent up a prayer, before bolting towards it. You grabbed it, but then you felt your hand freeze as you touched it. The entire apartment suddenly went from a boiling room, to a freezer. You shivered as you felt the frost makes its way up your legs. You tried to move, but you were glued to the spot.

Yoongi chuckled as he sat in his room, thinking about the conversation the two of you had, when Deimos and Phobos came walking through the doorway from the Underworld. The look on their faces was something more sinister, while Yoongi regarded them with skepticism.

What do you two want? Yoongi asked as he looked at the two creatures that smiled like pair of Cheshire cats.

Your father wants to see you in the Underworld. They said in unison and Yoongi felt his hairs stand on end. There were only a handful of times Hades let his beloved Joys leave the Underworld to do his bidding.

Where is he? Yoongi asked and the two creatures looked at each other with a vague, malicious smile.

Just come to the Underworld. Phobos said, without the slightest stutter.

He wishes you would come in haste. Deimos continued and Yoongi followed the two into the Underworld. The fiery area was filled with various gods and goddesses, at that point Yoongi knew something was wrong. Hades stood in the middle of the group of people and Yoongi’s eyes went wide as he looked to his father’s side. Slumped and unconscious, you sat in a chair. Yoongi looked around and saw each of the guys, their heads looking downwards as they stood next to their mothers and fathers. Hades made eye contact with his son and smiled.

Ah, the Prince of the Underworld is here. He said and everyone turned to look at the silver-haired guy standing amongst the group. All of the gods and goddesses loomed high above, but as Yoongi walked up, they shrunk in size, all becoming less threatening in their nature. Yoongi continued to walk through the crowd as he looked solely at you and his father, the sea parting as he stomped through it. Walking up the small hilled land, Yoongi ended up right in front of his father.

What the fuck is going on? He growled and Hades bellowed out a laugh, shrinking down in size, he leaned close to his son’s ear.

This is what happens when you don’t listen to me. He spat and Yoongi glared as he looked at your unconscious frame. Nothing about this was going to end well and for once in his life, Yoongi was frightened of his father’s power.