men with great hair

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In other news Jin is looking EXTRA fine in that V-Live. I mean wow, I can't believe I've actually just witnessed an angel shoving food in its mouth and making dad jokes. I can't, he's too much beautiful and too much awkward. He serves a deadly combination of boyfriend vibes and impossible ethereal beauty on a regular basis and I'm not having it ~ SoftDommeAnon

did you know kim seokjin is the most gorgeous man on the entire planet? look how soft he is and how great his hair looks

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truly and angel among men. and then there’s the fact that we got to see this angel eat to his heart’s content

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we do not deserve him

Black men are great.
Black men who are chubby are great.
Black men who are trans are great.
Black men who love their girlfriends are great.
Black men who love their boyfriends are great.
Black men who are ace are great.
Black men with dreads are great.
Black men who wear their hair natural are great.
Black men who are short are great.
Black men who are artistic are great.
Just… Black men are great in general.

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Srsly u think Richard is hot?! He has a weird nose and face. You can't see his teeth, he isn't very muscular and he is balding. I really don't see the appeal. Jensen is hot. Richard is not.

Yes I think Richard is hot, and let me tell you why. And yes Jensen is also hot. Very much so.

Maybe Rich isn’t the conventional handsome, maybe if I hadn’t known who he was and I had seen him in a bar or in the grocery store he wouldn’t have caught my eye. Or maybe he would. I don’t know.

For me, it’s the total package that matters. Richard has that, and for the most part that is driven by his personality. He is incredibly witty, quick on his feet, he’s a gentleman, he’s intelligent, non-judgmental and he seems genuinely interested in people and overall just very kind. And all of that comes in a pretty attractive package if you ask me. Richard not muscular? Sweetie have you seen recent pics of him shirtless? Those arms are pretty darn diddly muscular if you ask me! He has a wonderful body and if he dresses right (which he has been doing a lot recently) you can tell that he has a great body. I mean he’s 46. I don’t know that many men in my life that are that age and look that great! Balding? Well when men age their hair gets thinner. I think Rich’s mane still looks wonderful.

I could go on about how wonderful he is for days, however I’m not going to try to convince you since you’ve already made up your mind. I honestly don’t really get why you’d come here to my blog to send me this. Surely you must have better ways to waste your time.