men who's balls are made of steel


Some stills from the Len Goodman & Lucy Worsley documentary “Cheek by Cheek”. This is from episode 1 which focuses on 17th and 18th century dancing (mostly 18th century). Len & Lucy get decked out in replica 18th century clothing.

During the segment where Len is trying on the shoes he refers to the 17th century (because of Charles II), but the clothing and shoe styles are clearly 18th century (first half of the 18th century would be my guess). 

Couple of interesting things about 18th century shoes:

They didn’t have left/right shoes until later on the century. These shoes were made by Gamba who don’t focus on period shoes. Rather they make them for dance and for high prestige clients. As such these shoes are inaccurate because they have left/right soles

18th century shoes of this period didn’t have steel or metal inserts in the heels. As such this forced the wearer to walk more on the balls of his (or her) feet, otherwise the heel would simply break. 

Red heels were the color of status. 

A well turned calf was a highly desirable thing in men. Heels helped the calf look better, and if your calves didn’t look good, you could always stuff them (not unlike stuffing a bra). 

If you’re interested in watching the documentary, it’s available on YouTube (or at least the first episode is).