men who have ruined my life

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I am lost in stew because of got7, who said to them enter, come just enter my life and ruin it! what even was that teaser video with all of them serving face like what kind of sick joke is this.i can feel it in my bones that im not ready . Really and trully this comeback will have me moving like casper the friendly ghost. That is all pray for me sis. Pray for us all. Im getting heart pulpitations already what kind of life. Look at them all serving grown men looks like its nothing kmt, im tired.

Pray for me too!

I have a point I’d like to make that’s bothered me for quite some time. I see a lot of posts speaking in disdain of all white people, claiming that all white people have ruined this poc’s life in some way. 

Things that not only I hear, but am actually personally accused of despite my best efforts to not be “one of them.” 

To be blunt: Not every white person is a racist, and there are white men and women who are fighting for you too. Though I’ve not experienced first hand your struggles, I and others want you to have the rights you deserve, and we don’t want to be grouped together with neo-nazi’s and xenophobes and made villains when we’re trying to help. 

Acting out like this and making all white men and women enemies to you is widening the gap by pushing away the people who want to help, whether that’s what you intended or not. 

Yes, it’s easy to dismiss us for not understanding your fear, but some of us do understand the fear of discrimination, and it would be more productive to try and help those who don’t know to understand completely. 

It looks like you against the big world, it’s terrifying to think you could be shot in the street for the way you look, for who you are. 

I know. Trust me I know. 

I know that there are white people who have held onto their ways and stayed ignorant, keeping their privilege and denying that inequalities exist. They’re the same people who deny white people didn’t do anything wrong in colonization history. 

There are those of us waiting to try and be allies, if you push us away by putting on a general blame, it’s counterproductive to the cause. Tell us how to help. Those of us who want to help have a hard time knowing what to do because we’ve not had to have your struggles, but have the will for what’s right. A little direction can go a long way when we’re inexperienced. 

I didn’t vote for Donald Chump, I’m disgusted by his actions and so are so many other people. I didn’t want borders closing, I didn’t want to ban countries and refugees, I wanted equality and now it’s being taken away. 

We have to work hand in hand, not knife at neck. 

Please, think for a little bit, give some people a second chance. Not every white person is a racist, neo-nazi, xenophobic supremacist. 

Not every white person is a racist, neo-nazi, xenophobic supremacist.

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screenshots + text posts: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia / projectbotadventure (I know some of these are kinda hard to read so I put them in the captions too!)

I’m supposed to be preparing for finals what am I doing with my life

If you call yourself a platonic SB but you string men along and take their money with the promise of sleeping with them one day but have NO intentions of actually doing so

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