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Who’s Who in the “Black Panther” teaser trailer

Unfortunately I can’t make gifs so I will just reblog all of those. If you’re wondering who all these people in the Black Panther trailer are (it goes by very quickly!). I have some canon for you:


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anonymous asked:

I only have one problem with the Wonder Woman movie and that's Steve. Now, I didn't mind him, but also don't understand why people think he's so great. He's cocky, and not very interesting, and I disliked that his death was the whole driving force for the end of the movie. Like to me it seems like the fact that he's not an asshole is the sole reason why people like him. I really WANT to like him so if someone can shed some lights on his good qualities that'd be cool.

not a problem (and it’s okay if you still don’t like him, not every character is for everybody)

I’d say that he is a good man in a terrible war, that he’s loyal and smart and brave.

for the cocky thing, I’m thinking you’re refering to that scene of him coming out of the bath? honestly, I think we can chalk a lot of that up to the fact that a beautiful woman just walking in on him naked, seemed kind of unimpressed, and then mainly asked questions about his watch. it’s mostly played for humor, and that kind of cockiness and pride mostly disappears from the movie once they get to our world

as for the interesting, for me, I came at it from the perspective that he is a spy in the bloodiest war the world had ever seen up until that point, mainly tasked with keeping an eye on the most cruel scientist and general on the german side

he’s seen terrible things and probably done terrible things in the name of freedom for Europe

mankind, in his view, seem to do nothing but hurt each other. politicians and generals play chess with the lives of men and women that Steve knows, men and women that Steve has seen die. and yet he continues in his role, because like he said “if you can’t do nothing, do something”

he had tried to stay out of it (after all, he is American, and the US did not enter the war until 1917), but he could not stand idly by while the world burned. he’s charming and smart and can blend in, he made the perfect kind of spy

and then he landed on Themyscira, and experienced for a short while a world he didn’t realize could exist

(also, he saw the head of the Amazonian army ride into battle at the head of the cavalry charge and die to protect one of her own, while the war leaders he knew sat in conference rooms in London)

and he met Diana, who was so single-minded in what she believed was her purpose. he wasn’t sure she could do what she said (I mean, I doubt anyone fresh from WW1 would honestly think a single person, no matter how strong, could change the entire war), but she also gave him a way off the island, and he needed to get to London.

when faced with orders to let it go, to leave Ludendorff alone, he immediately decides to ignore those orders, because it’s the right thing to do. he knows that he can save people, even if he’s also sure that he will probably die in the attempt.

in the alley, when they are ambushed by Maru’s men, he immediately understands that what she can do is more than what a normal person can and is very willing to let her take the lead in beating up bad guys

and again, in No Man’s land, as soon as he sees that Diana is basically indestructible (and that the reason he originally said she couldn’t go - that she’d be mowed down by a machine gun - was moot), he rallies the men to follow her lead. she charges ahead and he follows with the gang. then, he remembers how the Amazons fought on the beach and decides to do the same for Diana, lifting her on a metaphorical shield to win the day

I’ve seen people say that he says “no” to Diana too often, but he’s mainly saying it because either a) they need to keep a low profile and as a spy he understands what they need to do that and Diana walking around with a sword and shield is not exactly inconspicuous, or b) what she wants to do would 100% kill a normal human being and he didn’t yet know that she’s a nearly indestructible demi-god. the one “no” I think he really wishes he didn’t have to say was trying to stop her from killing Ludendorff in high command. but he knew that an armistice was being negotiated and that killing an important german general in the middle of high command is the kind of thing that leads to terrible repercussions (i.e. more lives lost as the war drags on), and that taking down Ludendorff and Maru needed to happen elsewhere.

his friends are loyal, to each other and to him. not in awe or anything, but the kind of friendship that comes from standing together against terrible odds and knowing that they can rely on each other no matter what. (and, it does help in my book that his friends aren’t all white dudes, that they show that even though it was a different time, every person could make the choice themselves)

he’s good, at the heart of things. he’s a good, decent man who will fight and lay down his life to protect the innocent.

he loved her, even in the short time he knew her, because how could he not? (there’s a reason we also all fell in love with Diana immediately, and he’s no exception)

and she loved him, because at the end of the day, even she came to think that if it wasn’t Ares doing this, that it was just human kind all along, he was still good and brave and kind

so when he died, sacrificing himself for others, she gave into the rage that had been simmering inside of her since she arrived at the front. rage at Ares, rage at war, rage at the violence mankind wrought on each other. I get how it can seem like all her power came from just that moment, but I think it’s mostly a trigger, the last straw, to unleashing her power. when that gas bomb fell on the town of Veld, if Ares had been in front of her, giving her a target and egging her on, I think she would have gone full demi-god right then.

as she doubts whether humanity is worth saving, if they can do all of this to each other with only slight prodding from Ares, he knows how she feels. he’s seen some of the terrible things we can do when we set our minds to it, but he also knows the good we can do. he and his friends are her reminder that mankind can be good, that they can choose the right path, even if it might be a long one

sorry, that was a lot of rambling that I’m not sure really answered your question?

I mainly just liked him immediately, because good earnest people facing down hatred and terror without giving in is a thing that just gets to me.

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Hi there! Just wanted to to say that I absolutely love your fics, The Predator is my absolute fav right now! I didn't want to ask for spoilers because I like to be surprised, but can you share one head-cannon you have for Predator Olicity ?

Oh boy! Since I’ve been away for so long, I’ll give you a good one:

Now that we all know how badly Oliver’s family life sucked, and how understandably reluctant he is to begin something new, and how much he’s seen marriages be mocked in his world, he doesn’t believe in them - in marriages. He doesn’t have a family ring, nor has he ever wanted one. He’s believed he’ll live alone and die alone.

Plan - Live alone, die alone. 

Enter Felicity Smoak (adult version). 

Epic plan fail.

So, in the not-so-near future, he doesn’t buy her a ring. (He’s seen many women remove rings and sleep around, many men do the same).

Nope. He doesn’t believe in rings. 

He doesn’t buy her a ring.

Instead, he gets her name tattooed on his finger in a ring. 

Because there is nothing more permanent than that. 

Because he’s claimed her and been claimed by her and he’s got no shame in it. Because every time a woman looks at him he wants her to know he’s not available. Because every time he sees her brand upon his skin, it reminds him that he’s not alone, that there is one amazing woman who loves every broken, ugly part of him and takes his demons for her own. 

She tatoooed herself on his soul. So, he gets her tattooed on his flesh.

Love Wins

pairing: Jasmine x reader

warnings: cursing, homophobic people mention?

summary: You meet Jasmine at a Women’s March, and you are struck by how unfairly beautiful she is.

DAY TWO. This is my first femslash, and I’m as straight as an uncooked spaghetti, so go easy on me. This was mostly written to vent about how much I love Jasmine. Again, sorry for the lack of An Actual Good Fic™, life has not been good to me. See ya tomorrow!

words: 1130

“Look around, look around,” you said excitedly. You were initially apprehensive about ditching class, but once you arrived at Washington Avenue, all your worries disappeared. One look at the sight of all the women in the street and you forgot everything.

You were holding a sign saying “All men AND WOMEN are created equal!” sign. It was written in a messy scrawl, not because your penmanship was bad, but because you were kind of overwhelmed by trying to convey an emotion you’ve felt all your life into a sign you made in 5 seconds.

You were listening to the singer onstage, some B-list singer with neon pink lipstick and a green wig. You moved closer to the stage in an attempt to recognize the song.

“Fucking finally!” a female voice said from your right. You turned and found yourself face-to-face with the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen.

“What?” you asked, deciding that she was talking to you.

“Your sign. All men AND WOMEN are created equal. Finally, someone noticed that in the Declaration as well. Angelica Schuyler would approve,” she grinned, turning to look at you. Huh. Beautiful hair, beautiful face. The world really was unfair.

“Angelica Schuyler? What does she have to do with this? This is me attempting to destroy whatever reputation Thomas Jefferson has,” you said with a small smile. She laughed. Beautiful hair, beautiful face, beautiful laugh. Unbelievable.

“Can’t say I disagree about Jefferson, but you don’t know Hamilton? Hip-hop broadway musical? Ringing any bells?”

You shook your head. “US History major. I know nothing about musical theatre. My burning hatred for Jefferson is just the result of having to read hundreds of pages describing in excessive detail about how great his contributions were to our great nation, while glossing over the fact that he was sitting on a throne of slaves,” you said bitterly.

Most people didn’t really care when you started talking politics, but the girl grinned, looking impressed. She pulled out a pink Pussyhat knit cap, similar to the one she was wearing, from her messenger bag and offered it to you.

You took it and put it on, wiggling your eyebrows at her. She laughed and adjusted the cap for you, her hair falling on your face as she did.

“I’m Jasmine, by the way,” she said, holding out her hand.

“(Y/N). Nice to meet you, Jasmine,” you said, smiling.

“I keep thinking you’re just pretending not to know me so you can befriend me. You’re not secretly a fan, right?” she asked.

“Cocky much?” you teased.

She opened her mouth, no doubt to deliver a witty response, when her phone rang. It was an alarm. You leaned closer to see what it said.

‘Go backstage for performance’

“Shit, I forgot I have to perform,” she said, looking apologetic. “Come on, I’ll get you near the stage so you can see me perform up close. Then you can see if Hamilton’s worth a watch.”

“It’s not a matter of whether your show is worth a watch or not, it’s that I’d have to sell my firstborn and both my kidneys to get tickets,” you grumbled. “Broadway shows are insane.”

Jasmine laughed. “I’d agree with you, but they’re the ones paying my bills.”

You reached the front of the stage. You hadn’t been paying attention, but Jasmine had been holding your hand as she led you to the front. She gave it a small squeeze before walking onto the stage.

If Jasmine was beautiful as a person, she was fucking ethereal as a singer.

You weren’t sure if it was just you or everyone felt the same, but it was like she was the only person onstage. Even when the guitarist was doing his guitar solo, you found yourself captivated by Jasmine’s dancing. She looked you in the eye at the end of the song, and you felt like someone yanked a carpet from under your feet.

“You were amazing,” you gushed, running up to her once she left the stage. Driven by emotion and admiration, you pulled her into a hug. She laughed softly, tucking her head into your neck. After a while, you pulled away and made a face.

“Ew. Sweaty,” you frowned.

“You gotta get used to it if you’re gonna date a Broadway star,” she said with a smirk, knowing exactly what she just said.

Your tongue froze. “Oh. Um. I-”

“So much for the genius US History major,” she teased. “Would you like a pick-up line instead?”

“Try me.”

“Meeting you makes me want to veto the Non-Intercourse Act,” she grinned.

You stared at her blankly. “The Non-Intercourse Act was about lifting all embargoes on American shipping except for those headed for the British and French ports.”

“Yeah, but-”

“I know what you mean, Jas,” you laughed. “Just give me your number so you can text me when you find a better line.”

It had been 2 days since the Women’s March, and Jasmine still hadn’t texted you. Were you holding on too much hope? Maybe she felt that she was famous, and she didn’t want you caught up in her life. Which was a shame, considering she was one of the realest people you’ve ever met.

You were just about to delete her contact when she texted.

‘hey US history major girl, wanna do something fun?’

what’s your idea of fun, broadway girl?

‘text me your address. I’ll be there at 9 tomorrow’

“Where are we going?” you asked, watching Jasmine drive past buildings, heading towards an avenue filled with a mass of people. “Is this another protest?”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t text you. I was figuring out what second date would ever top a Women’s March. Then, I got an idea.”

“What is this?” you asked her.

“An anti-gay protest,” she said with a small grin. “Filled with old, white homophobes.”

“Why did you take me here?” you said, torn between amusement and confusion. She took your hand and led you outside. She walked towards the front of the people, making sure that everyone’s eyes were on the two of you.

“Love wins,” Jasmine whispered softly to you, hooking a finger under your chin to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around her neck. Her lips were softer than they looked.

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the faces of shock and outrage of the protesters. You fought a strong desire to laugh. You pulled away gently and looked around, watching the protesters begin yelling at you in disdain.

“Love wins indeed,” you whispered back, pulling her into another kiss.


After everyone else is asleep in the basement, she goes back upstairs. She catches sight of her reflection in the window: hollow-eyed, her blouse loose where it used to be perfectly tailored, her long hair in a ponytail she put in two days ago. She needs a shower, a full meal, an entire fucking bottle of wine. None of those things are forthcoming.

Under the window, with the light from the moon shining in, she takes out the journal. There are rough edges where she tore out the note she left behind. It wasn’t something she’d imagined. The note was there, and now it’s missing.

She writes, The world has gotten so small, then sets the pen down. Closes her eyes.

The basement stairs creak, advising her of someone’s approach. It’s Mulder, because of course it is. He collapses onto the couch and leans back, crossing his arms over his chest.

“How much of that did you already know?” His eyes are steel.

“A lot,” she says quietly.

“That whole time,” he says. “You didn’t let me go out. What do they have, Scully?”

She licks her lips. Her eyes flit toward the corner of the room, away from him. “You’re not asking the right questions.”

Against the cushions his fists clench and unclench. “Stop fucking around, Scully.”

“It’s not what, Mulder. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is where it came from.” Their eyes lock.

All the things she should have known, should have seen coming. Over the past few years she’s seen all kinds of strange cases come through the hospital, diseases no one had ever seen, bacteria that multiplied faster than the laws of science permitted. In the new world the laws of science were evidently as mutable as the laws of man. But she hadn’t made the connection. Not until it was too late.

“I think this has been in the works for a long time,” she says softly. “I think the men we fought against have finally made their move. They just had to wait for a leader who wouldn’t try to stop them.”

“They’re collaborators,” Mulder says roughly. “All of them.”

“I know. I know what they are.” And this shouldn’t have surprised her, either. She’s a realist. She knows that the world gets worse and then incrementally gets better, and then gets worse again. This is the real arc of history, as far as she can tell. The moral arc of the universe is really just a sine curve.

“Skinner said he was immune to it.”

Scully nods. “He was vaccinated, I think. I imagine most people at his level would be. And I…after I was abducted I had some unusual antibodies in my blood. Will has all of those antibodies, too. I think…I think they’re preventative. I think they’re from wherever the disease is from.“ By the end her voice is barely audible.

"I don’t have them, though,” he says flatly.

She hesitates.

He gets up from the couch and crosses the room in one sudden smooth motion. “That’s why you wouldn’t let me out of the car,“ he says to the window. "You thought I’d catch it. Jesus, Scully. You could have fucking told me.”

"I hoped I was wrong.” She stands to join him. When she touches his forearm he flinches back, closes his eyes like he’s trying to block her out.

He says, “So it’s just a matter of time.”

She’s defiant. “That’s not what I said.” The blood and the bone and the horror, and she thinks, I am not going to let this thing happen to you.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do?”

“Skinner wants — he wants me to go with him,” she says, slow. “Try to synthesize a new vaccine. While you’re here, running the safe house.” She can see that familiar twitch in his jaw and she wants to beg him not to say it.

But he does, inevitably. “Of course he does,” Mulder says, sharp as a knife’s edge. “He’s finally got a shot.”

Her entire body stiffens. “Don’t you dare,” she hisses. “Where’s your head, Mulder? We’re talking about the survival of the human race.”

“Maybe we don’t deserve to be saved.”

“Well, you’re not the one who gets to decide that.”

“And you do? Maybe we should just let nature take its course, Scully. We’ve fucked things up badly enough—”

“Do you want the truth, Mulder?” she spits. “This is for you. I am doing this for you.”

Her breaths come shallow and she’s suddenly, strangely panicky. She presses her open palm to her chest and turns away from him. She remembers what the air smelled like a month ago. It’s stale in the house, it reeks of mildew and unwashed bodies, and outside the moon is staring back at them and she just has to remember how to breathe—

From behind her Mulder puts his hands on her shoulders and even though he’s most of the reasons she’s angry right now, his hands steady her. She turns and wraps her arms around him, feeling her heartbeat slow to match his. She listens to it beat, a-live, a-live, a-live.

“I don’t know how to fight this,” he says gruffly.

“I don’t know what else to do,” she says into his chest, her voice thick. “We can’t hide forever. I have to feel like I’m doing something.”

“We’re too old for this shit, Scully.”

“I know,” she says, not quite laughing. It’s a watery sound, uncertain. “I still have to go, Mulder.”

She can feel him swallow. “When?”

“It could be a week. Maybe a month, he wasn’t sure. Someone will come get us when it’s time.” Scully holds him tighter. This is a choice, she reminds herself. You are making a choice.

They hold each other in the dark. She pretends it doesn’t feel like goodbye.

Kings & Queens

So my lazy ass finally got around to posting this for @orphanbrigade monthly challenge. Hope you enjoy!


First, it starts with Burnie Burns. He is born in the city, grows old with it. He starts small, petty crimes committed by a boy with the ambition of a man capable of burning the whole city down.

He gets older, more experienced. He traces the city streets like veins leading to the massive beating heart of the city. Burnie learns the names of all the great bosses in Los Santos, the glamorous men and women that run it through the underworld. He sets his sights on them, on that big beating heart, and he attacks.

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anonymous asked:

The most romantic thing anyone has ever said: "Who better qualified to oversee the building of the New World than Thomas?" NOt just the building of Nassau, or New Providence Island... no, the whole damn NEW WORLD-- give it to his boyfriend! Be more obviously in love, James <3

yes!! especially when you remember how earlier he was saying ‘put a man on an island, give him power over other men, and it won’t be long before he realises that the limits of that power are nowhere to be seen. And no man, given that kind of power, will remain honest for very long - he thought that ‘the atlantic ocean, a hundred years of history, and human nature were what prevented an honest man being made governor - and now?? he thinks that Thomas is greater than?? all these things?????? i mean holy shit????????? he’s so fucking in love????????????? 

Black queen, keep your head up. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes - okay, a lot of the time - but there are people that see you. There are black men that see you. I see you. You with your sun-kissed skin. You with your coconut oil and cocoa butter. You with your backbone hardened by living in this world with more melanin than it has ever been historically ready for and a mother always threatening to give you somethin’ to cry about if you didn’t stop crying. You with your refusal to back down seen as toxic attitude. You with your beautiful Afro-textured hair that on some days makes you feel mistaken for a zoo animal due to the amount of people that want to touch it. You with a voice like honey and a tongue always ready to drag someone if necessary. You with your hopes and dreams and accomplishments that far surpass what has been expected of you. I see you.
—  I see you. // Maxwell Diawuoh

victor has just won his fourth consecutive world championship, and he and his good friend chris decide to take a few weeks off and soak in some sun on the Amalfi Coast.  what victor doesn’t really take into account but should have was that chris comes with his super hot boyfriend.  well, of course he does, and it’s not really like victor is third-wheeling it.  not really.  he’s with makkachin, and they’re doing their thing, playing on the beach and taking hikes, and chris and his super hot boyfriend are pretty much only on the beach (and in bed).  

but.  over dinners, while shopping, meeting up for a drink at night… chris and his super hot boyfriend are just so casually intimate, chris is just glowing and happy, there’s just something so comfortable and loving about them…

suddenly, victor is Thinking About Things.  things that victor Definitely Does Not Want to Think About.  winning year after year didn’t just happen.  he’s poured his heart, sweat, and soul into every season to make it happen.  and… as it turns out, it’s not as… satisfying as expected.  and now victor is faced with the Very Real Likelihood that he is lonely.  and that’s not something he wants to think about.  after all, he’s Victor freakin’ Nikiforov, certified to be one of the most desirable men in the world and the indisputable best figure skater alive.  if he hasn’t found someone yet then… whelp.

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The American Negro has the great advantage of having never believed the collection of myths to which white Americans cling: that their ancestors were all freedom-loving heroes, that they were born in the greatest country the world has ever seen, or that Americans are invincible in battle and wise in peace, that Americans have always dealt honorably with Mexicans and Indians and all other neighbors or inferiors, that American men are the world’s most direct and virile, that American women are pure.

Negroes know far more about white Americans than that; it can almost be said, in fact, that they know about white Americans what parents—or, anyway, mothers—know about their children, and that they very often regard white Americans that way. And perhaps this attitude, held in spite of what they know and have endured, helps to explain why Negroes, on the whole, and until lately, have allowed themselves to feel so little hatred.

The tendency has really been, insofar as this was possible, to dismiss white people as the slightly mad victims of their own brainwashing.
—  James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time
Steve Trevor’s Wikipedia Entry

Chris Pine described Trevor as a “rogue-ish, cynical realist who’s seen the awful brutish nature of modern civilization” and added he is a “worldly guy, a charming guy”. Steve Trevor gave Diana the nickname, “Angel”, because he thought he was in heaven when they first met on Themyscira.

Steve Trevor holds the distinction of being the first foreigner to have ever set foot on Themyscira, the first man Diana has ever seen, and the first ambassador to open diplomatic relations with the Amazonian people. Trevor, Superman and Batman are the only men in the DC Universe to be granted honorary citizenship by Queen Hippolyta; an extraordinary feat, given that Aphrodite’s Law demands the death penalty for any man who sets foot on Themyscira. He is often a primary love interest; their relationship was often flirtatious, yet they always remained steadfast friends. On occasion, Marston would place Trevor in “gentleman-in-jeopardy” situations. His marriage proposals were often rejected, as Diana prioritized saving the world first before marriage, as symbolized by Aphrodite’s Law.

Quotes from ENFP Characters


Don’t worry, brother; whatever happens I’ll be right here, supporting you every step of the– OH MY GOSH A PIG!
Mabel Pines, Gravity Falls

Most people would say ‘the deets’, but I say ‘the tails’. Just another example of innovation.
Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation

If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.
Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece

Any rule can be broken, especially here.
Peter Pan, Once Upon a Time

Revenge is like a two-headed rat-viper. While you watch your enemy go down, you’re being poisoned yourself.
Aang, Avatar: The Last Airbender

If you don’t like the hand that fate’s dealt you with, fight for a new one!
Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto Shippuden

Have I ever made any decisions in my whole life? Are we just living in the mind of a giant?
Winston Bishop, New Girl

I managed to find Uno and Checkers, and Battleship and most of the pieces of Candyland. Which I figure, we can mix together to create a fabulous new game, Candyship Battleland. War never tasted so good!
Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and let something like this happen to someone else.
Karen Page, Netflix’s Daredevil

I’m done reading about heroes. I want to be one.
Henry Mills, Once Upon a Time

For you? You think Mad-Eye died for you? You think George took that curse for you? You may be the Chosen One, mate, but this is a whole lot bigger than that. 
Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good don’t always soften the bad things. But vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.
Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who

We’re stranded here forever…and I’ve never seen Blue Man Group!…I did see Blue Man Group! I just didn’t get it! Why can’t they talk? They have so much in common!
Troy Barnes, Community

Maybe I just can’t turn my back on people when they’re down!
Bolin, Avatar: Legend of Korra

You’re never too old for tick-or-treating or holding hands with Dad.
Gene Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

Living out of a suitcase is better than dying so you can have your blood spilled over a silly little rock.
Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries

Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us but we don’t see them because we choose not to. I think that we need to be open to exploring something new.
Barry Allen, The Flash

There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter. Those that persevere, despite all they’ve been through, those who still believe there is good in the world, as dark things we often find we need that light the most.
Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?
Rapunzel, Disney’s Tangled

There are no men like me. Only me.
Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones

Seems like just yesterday I was the worst tyrant this land has ever seen. Life is weird.
King Richard, Galavant

Winds in the east, mist coming in. / Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin. / Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, / But I fear what’s to happen all happened before.
Bert, Mary Poppins

We must not expect happiness, Sayuri. It is not something we deserve. When life goes well, it is a sudden gift; it cannot last forever…
Chairman, Memoirs of a Geisha

Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
Michael Scott, The Office (U.S.)

All the broken and shunned creatures. Someone’s got to care for them. Who shall it be if not us?
Dr. Alexander Sweet, Penny Dreadful

You ungrateful pricks, all of you. Your tepid response to our intrepid boss makes me ill. His plan, will it work? Mm-mm. Almost certainly not. All of you will likely look back at this time in your lives and realize you wasted a whole year with nothing to show for it. But if this company is a plane, then this is Richard’s goddamn plane, and if he wants to fly it in the side of a fucking mountain, that is his prerogative and it is our duty to climb on, strap in and have a fiery death right behind him.
Erlich Bachman, Silicon Valley

Well, it is no secret that the best thing about secrets is telling someone else your secret, thereby adding another secret to your secret collection of secrets, secretly.
Spongebob, Spongebob Squarepants

I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.
Judy Hopps, Zootopia

Teach Me To Love: Part One

woah look I actually wrote something thats not sad!

Her brother had moved to live with her three months ago, after he said he wanted to have a taste of freedom. Their parents and Marinette agreed to let him live with her in Paris. She got him in one of the best schools, easily paying for the tuition herself and she even design him a dream room… but with all the benefits of living with his sister? There were rules. Do your chores, get good grades and don’t cause any trouble. Marinette had warned her younger brother twice before about causing trouble in class, twice she warned him and this made the third time his teacher had called her.

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the signs as mermaids

Aries: the fiercest mermaid in the sea, she is not one to mess with. though her facial features are dainty, she is anything but. she always wears her battle armor, which is sparkling gold and dazzling red. her thick golden tail is six feet long with long scales, along with shimmering red fins that protrude where her tail meets her body. she is not afraid to go into battle for those she cares about. 

Taurus: she is a very gentle mermaid who avoids conflict whenever she can. she never ventures far from the sunken ship she calls home, and usually spends her time exploring the sea vegetation, playing with fish, and looking for treasure. though her vibrant green tail isn’t very long, it is powerful, and she can use it to swat away any predators. 

Gemini: this mermaid looks sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled. she is very tricky, more siren than mermaid. she likes to spend her time driving human men mad by giving them glimpses of her, enough to know they saw her but not enough for anyone else to believe them. her long, fuchsia and purple tail is deadly, as are the sharp, translucent fins on her back, wrists, and hips. if a human has contact with these fins, they will immediately go insane.

Cancer: this shy mermaid prefers to spend her time relaxing with jellyfish and schools of fish then interacting with others. her silvery tail is about six feet long, with a flowing bluish fin at the end. she also has a fin that runs the whole length of her back, along with two on each side of her tail. the small, iridescent scales of her tail don’t stop at her hips, they snake up the front of her and cover her front side. she harnesses moonlight and wears them as droplets in her hair, and as beautiful jewelry.

Leo: this mermaid’s tail is filled with beautiful, vibrant colors, much like her personality. although she can be quite fickle sometimes and won’t pass up an opportunity to admire her colors in a piece of sea glass, she has a heart of gold and will take pity on the human men she has seduced and will let them go. she isn’t one to pass up the finer things and is fascinated with all the human world has to offer. she spends her days playing with sea animals and hunting for human trinkets. 

Virgo: more nymph than mermaid, this maiden can be found in bodies of fresh water as well as bodies of salt water. a very innocent looking mermaid, she likes to spend her time in peaceful, secluded lakes and look at the beautiful flowers on land. she doesn’t like to be seen by humans, and the most anyone has ever seen of her is her ice blue tail, or her turquoise hair. she has been known to bring little gifts to humans that venture near the lakes she calls home.

Libra: she can always be found by something colorful, whether it’s colorful fish or coral reefs. she likes making jewelry out of beautiful things she finds along the ocean floor. she has a multicolored, yet iridescent tail that mesmerizes every living thing she comes in contact with. she loves playing with marine life and will help any animal she finds trapped in a net. she is petite and beautiful.

Scorpio: considered by humans to be extremely rare, this siren never interacts with humans. seeing her is considered to be a bad omen, as she has control over storms, and brings them in her wake wherever she goes. it is said that if you ever look at her face, you’ll die from her extreme beauty. her thick amber tail is scarred from many years of fighting off ocean predators, and she wears her hair like a cloak, using it to hide herself from prying eyes.

Sagittarius: this siren entertains herself by flirting with men on ships that pass areas she frequents… unfortunately for them, looking into her eyes for more than five seconds is lethal. men who look into her eyes are cursed to forever fall in love with her, wasting away until they die. her heavily scaled golden tail is her calling card, and she often flashes the delicate fins at the end above the water as a way to get sailors’ attention. she takes a lantern from the ship of each man she seduces as a prize.

Capricorn: her stormy nature is what keeps most things, humans and mermaids alike, away from her. content with her solitariness, she is happy to play with the fish she calls her family. she seems to attract fish wherever she goes, since her tail resembles one. her tail is the pattern of a lionfish, yet red and blue, not orange and white. she has similar patterned fins that protrude from her lower back and each side of her tail. much like the lionfish, her fins can produce poison if she needs them to. she is immune to poison corals.

Aquarius: this mermaid prefers to spend time alone, tinkering with things from land that she finds and trying to create music. she decorates her long hair with beautiful underwater flowers. her tail blends with her body seamlessly, and you can only see her shimmering scales if they catch the light. unlike most mermaids, her tail ends in wisps that are similar looking to peacock feathers. she has wispy fins protruding from her back. her most prized possession is a harp she found after a ship sunk, and she spends hours a day playing it.

Pisces: she has the voice of a siren but a heart of gold. she spends her time close to the surface singing, and her favorite feeling is the sun against her skin. she has dreams of going to land one day, but loves her marine friends too much to leave them. any and all underwater creatures love to hear her sing, but she only reveals her voice to them. her tail starts out blue but fades to purple, made up of millions of tiny scales. she adorns her thick hair with a simple yet beautiful crown made out of shells she finds. 

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anonymous asked:

So like what if Todoroki's s/o was a huge kpop fan, like Got7 or EXO were their favorite. Bonus if he catches them singing to one of their songs. Thank you!

Aahhh! Your request actually came at a perfect time because I’ve been jamming to KPOP music nonstop for the last week or so and I just had to quickly whip up something for your ask :’)

Todoroki Shouto

He isn’t one to judge your taste in music and becomes a little interested in what you generally like to listen to so he’ll most likely check out some of the KPOP bands that you’ve been obsessing over and constantly having on repeat. He starts to understand why you’re a huge fan of KPOP because of the catchy beat and elaborate choreography in their music videos and performances, not to mention how most of the bands are made up of attractive men that draw in audiences and listeners from all around the world to gush over their appearance (and amongst other things) as well. 

More than once he has actually caught you singing along to one of the songs that he sort of recognizes and it’s honestly the purest thing he’s ever seen because you genuinely look like you’re having a really great time while effortlessly moving your body to the rhythm of the music. He cracks a smile and stands there quietly to observe you and everything amuses him because of how cute you’re being right now.

Tuesday morning thoughts while riding the subway: it’s amazing to me how cis white men are born into this world with a golden ticket, having the most access to privilege and opportunities, the system works in their favor, the gaze this society has built is completely for them… yet… they are literally the grossest looking creatures I’ve ever seen. Have u ever seen a white boy in the summertime? I’m staring at one right now and lemme tell you, I am nauseous.

GISHWHES has begun...

Tumblr, Twitter and the world should be appalled. Yet, at the same time, they should be howling with laughter. The reason? Gishwhes is coming. Kinda like the Mishapocalypse, which I’m SURE everyone on tumblr knows what it is by now, GISHWHES is taking over. Well… maybe not as visible as the Mishapocalypse but still, pretty darn hard to miss.

GISHWHES is the greatest invention made by man. By this man: 

Yes, it is what it looks like: The man is utterly insane. Complete bonkers. But let me tell you a secret: All the best men are.

And this guy, he is the best. :)

GIshwhes has begun people. Watch out! Join us! Have fun!

Wonder Woman

Is the single most life changing movie I have ever seen.

It transcended the screen. And every feeling I’ve ever had. And I cried, because there’s a part where someone tells her that no man has done and never can do something, and she just GOES. She is so strong, and so beautiful, and so smart. And women and girls need that role model in 2017. I am so incredibly inspired.

I’ve lived my entire life watching men be superheroes and save the world, and I’ve looked up to them. But to see Diana represent how powerful women are… I can’t even describe that feeling because it’s something I didn’t realize I was so vitally missing until I saw it done so well.

We do not deserve Gal Gadot, and we do not deserve Diana. But she will save the world.


 Requested: Imagine being a heart breaker at Hogwarts and catching the eye of Tom Riddle.

“But Y/N, You said you had a good time last night…” A well dressed young man in a Hogwarts uniform rushed after you as you strode down the crowed corridor coolly.

“I did.” you agreed plainly as he struggled to keep up with your long, graceful strides. “Then why won’t you talk to me?” he asked, “if you like me then…”

“Whoa there big fella.” you laughed and whipped around to face him. “You and I seem to be speaking in different tenses. I Liked  you, I Had a good time…” The boy’s face fell faster them a house of cards. “B-but…”

“Sh sh sh” you approached him and cupped his face slowly, “Don’t look so glum kiddo, we’ll always have Hogsmead.” You gave him a bright, charming, lipsticked smile and patted his cheek. “See ya.”

Sauntering off down the hall, leaving the boy shattered. Soon the hallways were empty and devoid of life  and you took advantage of this to find an empty classroom and dig out your trusty pack of cigarettes.

patting down your pockets for your match book you growled in frustration until you heard a shuffle and sudden click in the corner of the room. “Need a light?” a smooth voice asked as a dim figure was illuminated by a single flame of a lighter.

You grinned a little before nodding, “Thanks.” You smiled at the approaching figure who held the flame before you as you leaned forward, looking up at him as you did.

Sitting on the top of a desk you took a drag from the cigarette and looked at him up and down in the dim light. “You’re Tom right?” you asked him, “Tom Riddle.”

He nodded and slipped the lighter back into his breast pocket, “And you’re Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N” You nodded.

“I saw what happened in the Hallway.” He noted, “Fletcher looked pretty broken up.” You shrugged and took another drag from the stick. “he’ll be fine” you brushed it off.

“Just like the others?” Tom asked offhandedly and you glanced up at him before sticking the smoke back to your lips. “Yeah.” You drew in the smoke and held it there in your lungs until you blew it out, “Just like the others.” 

“Why do you do that?” Tom asked suddenly, “Do what?” you replied. “Go out with so many men then forget them the next day.” Tom clarified and You smirked.

“I get bored, move on to new and exciting things.” you explained plainly.

“You can make a lot of enemies like that” Tom warned her and she scoffed and took another drag from the stick. “What can I say, Some times being a right bitch is the only this a woman has to hold on to in this world. besides…” you tapped the ash off the tip of the white stick, “What do you care?”

“Who says I do?”

“If you didn’t why would you call attention to it?”

Tom thought a moment, “Because no matter how many men you hurt you always have a trail of them behind you, falling at your feet.” he explained in slight admiration.

“So do you,” You pointed out, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without a group of clean cut young Slytherins tailing you like ducklings.”

Tom leaned on the edge of a desk, “you know, with our powers of persuasion, it seems only logical that we form some sort of alliance.” You chuckled, “Spoken like a true politician.” you snuffed out the cigarette. “But, i see your point. What did you have in mind?”

“An flexible relationship, you continue flirting with men to keep up your following. and in exchange I ensure that you never get bored with our arrangement” You laughed, “you make romance sound like a business proposition!”

you stifled your laughter and sighed. “are you sure you can keep up with me?” Tom smiled slightly. “I’ll do my damnedest.”

You stood up and sighed, “after all this serious talk I feel like we should shake hands.” Tom smiled a little, “How about we toast to our new alliance with a drink”

“Hog’s Head, seven o’clock?”

“Past Curfew?”

“Does it matter?”

“Seven O’clock.” Tom agreed. “Until then.”

You grinned and nodded, knowing there was a distinct possibility of shattering this man’s heart.

“Until then.”

King James Was a Black Man (Not a Gay White Man)

King James

King James I of England, who authorized the translation of the now famous King James Bible, was considered by many to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, monarchs that England has ever seen. Through his wisdom and determination he united the warring tribes of Scotland into a unified nation, and then joined England and Scotland to form the foundation for what is now known as the British Empire. At a time when only the churches of England possessed the Bible in English, King James’ desire was that the common people should have the Bible in their native tongue. Thus, in 1603, King James called 54 of history’s most learned men together to accomplish this great task. At a time when the leaders of the world wished to keep their subjects in spiritual ignorance, King James offered his subjects the greatest gift that he could give them. Their own copy of the Word of the Most High in English. James, who was fluent in Latin, Greek, and French, and schooled in Italian and Spanish even wrote a tract entitled “Counterblast to Tobacco”,which was written to help thwart the use of tobacco in England. Such a man was sure to have enemies.

King James was a King of Great Britain France and Ireland. King James was a Black man and the King James Bible is named after King James I of England, who lived from June 19, 1566 to March 27, 1625. The Established Church was divided during this era. In 1603, King James called a conference in the Hampton Court in attempt to resolve issues. As a result, a new translation and compilation of approved books of the Bible was commissioned to resolve issues with translations then being used. For example, the Geneva Version contained controversial marginal notes that proclaimed the Pope as an anti-Christ. The leaders of the church desired a Bible for the people, with scriptural references only for word clarification or cross-references.

King James approved 54 scholars to work on the translation, and 47 worked in six groups at three locations for seven years, comparing to previous English translations (such as the Geneva Bible) and texts in the original languages. The new translation was published in 1611 and called the Authorized Version, because it was authorized to be read in the churches. It later became known as the King James Version.

The King James translation had a significant influence on the English language and was widely accepted as the standard English Bible. Because of the project being overseen by King James and the care and precise attention to detail during this seven-year translation, the King James Bible was considered one of the most accurate translations in existence.

Edomities/ Gentiles are feeding us lies. They  started this whole lie and said King James was a homosexual. The one who started this rumor was Anthony Weldon, he wanted vengeance for being excluded from James court so In 1650, twenty-five years after the death of James, Weldon saw his chance. He wrote a paper calling James a homosexual. Obviously, James, being dead, was in no condition to defend himself. The report was largely ignored since there were still enough people alive who knew it wasn’t true. In fact, it lay dormant for years, until recently when it was picked up by Christians who hoped that vilifying King James would tarnish the Bible that bears his name so that most if not all would turn away from the most high Scroll/book to a more “modern” translation.

It seems, though, that Weldon’s false account is working because a lot of The Most High people refuse to read or get to know the book b/c of this elaborate and demeaning lie.

It might also be mentioned here that the Roman Catholic Church was so desperate to keep the true Bible out of the hands of the real people that it attempted to kill King James and all of Parliament in 1605. In 1605 a Roman Catholic by the name of Guy Fawkes, under the direction of a Jesuit priest by the name of Henry Garnet, was found in the basement of Parliament with thirty-six barrels of gunpowder which he was to use to blow up King James and the entire Parliament. Why you ask would someone go so hard to not only kill a Homosexual KING but why would you go through these extremes to kill one of your own? would it be b/c he was gay? Doubt it. Would it be because he was white? Doubt it again. The only reason and sole reason is he was a man of color, black, NEGRO!!!! Also they hunted down James Son, if he was Gay why are they hunting down a Gay white man’s son. Also King James and his wife had 9 children who were all BLACK!

The name James deprived from the Hebrew name lacob with in English the J was instated b/c in Hebrew there are no J’s it is a stated and given fact. If you look in the pic accompanying this post you see the name lacobus and the name Jacob in Hebrew means “hold the heel” let’s go deeper into the name. the name came into English language from the french variation of the late latin name: lacomus: a dialect variant of lacobus.

Yahsharahia for all that don’t know we know is Jacob (Yahcob) in Hebrew that means he who holds the heel. In most Compact Bible Dictionary you will see that the name James means supplanter, Jacob(Yacob) was known as the supplanter and James means supplanter.

Genesis 27:36 36 And he said, Is not he rightly naed lacob? for he hath supplanted me these two times: hee tooke away my birthright, and behold, now he hath taken away my blessing: and hee said, Hast thou not reserued a blessing for mee?

Why go so hard for King James? For starters he was never white or gay. Second his father was from the tribe of JUDAH so that would make James what? The authorized King James Bible was written in 1611, a year after we the descendants of Judah, Benjamin and Levi were in enslaved 1612 a.d ya-ha-wa-dah/Judah the so called IGBO’s of Nigeria, west Africa, the Mandingo of Mali, west Africa, the Sehwi and the dynasty of Ghana. “so called African Americans.”

Also the ancient Paleo Hebrew Script I know you heard of the house of David, look up Isaiah 7:2

First Westminster Company
Genesis to 2 Kings
Lancelot Andrewes (head) — Cambridge University
William Bedwell — from Cambridge
Francis Burleigh
Richard Clarke — Cambridge University
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John Layfield — Cambridge University
John Overal — Cambridge University
Adrian Saravia
Richard Thompson — Cambridge University
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First Cambridge Company
1 Chronicles to Song of Solomon
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Andrew Bing — Cambridge University
Laurence Chaderton — Cambridge University
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Thomas Harrison — Cambridge University
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First Oxford Company
Isaiah to Malachi
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Richard Kilby
John Reynolds
Miles Smith (final editor)
Second Cambridge Company
The Apocrypha
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Matthew to Acts and Revelation
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Michael Rabbet
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Richard Bancroft (overseer)
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William Thorne (member of First Oxford Company)
Daniel Featley (member of First Oxford Company)
William Eyre — Cambridge University (member of Second Cambridge Company)

(The Real King James)