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I have a friend who I would consider a feminist by my own definition. We have repeatedly talked about us not doing things for me and doing it for ourselves, not needing validation from men for our confidence, speaking out about being pro-choice, and generally she seems in support of womens rights. BUT she continually shares the back handed articles that you see circulate on FB, like the "Don't Call Me a Feminist, Call Me a Woman", or "I Would Rather Raise a Family than A Feminist Protest Sign"-c

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slavic witches

with a song on their lips they braid their hair and weave poppies into it, and dandelions, and sunlight; they charm the old friend wind and gossip with the sparrows, and their laughter is like rosy dew that sits upon the ferns. They’re sweet like honey and cranberries, and they go to your head like young wine or raspberry mead of spring, dancing until the first light around the joyful fire

but do not let this fool you, as their words are sharp as hunting knives and bitter as vodka; their pride and will made not of reed and grass, but of thistle and stinging nettle; they are daughters to the mountains and as the mountains they are stubborn, and they are sisters to the steppe and as the steppe they are unyielding. With a snap of their fingers they can make you forget, or remember, or lose yourself and wander in the mossy marsh until the earth reclaims you.

Feminist- “Don’t assume women do anything just to please men!”

*Woman speaks out against feminism*

Feminist- “Clearly she’s doing this just to impress dudes. It’s pathetic really lol. Learn to love yourself sweetie.”


Everybody needs to see this.


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i get the sentiment behind posts that try to help trans guys out with their dysphoria by saying that posts aimed at criticizing or “canceling” men are mostly aimed towards cis men but this 1) perpetuates the meaningless divide between cis and trans men by making trans men look like “male lite” because they “know what it’s like to be women” and 2) gives trans men permission to ignore their very real contribution to misogyny

you can affirm the pride and security trans men should feel in their identities without throwing women or part of our community under the bus

y’all when people speak out against white nhl players’ racial monotony and their homophobic and racist tendencies: omg yes!!!! drag these crusty white men!!!

y’all when people speak out against white nwhl players and nhl wags’ racial monotony and their homophobic and racist tendencies:

it’s very normal to feel dysphoric about bottom stuff and wanting to have solutions about changing such

this goes for everyone! I’ve personally seen the amount trans people getting told hey it’s ok to want bottom stuff is. limited. and inclusive fanart usually just sticks to safe stuff like top surgery scars or small estrogen beeps and II’m sure this is double true for trans girls.

i just want to say as an adult, it’s not a nasty thing. it’s not something you should feel scared or weird about wanting.

a lot of my own dysphoria is heavily focused on bottom stuff it’s not embarrassing or unnatural.

i would just like to put such out there, if that’s something you struggle with that’s okay and normal. don’t let anyone decide your own feelings or boundaries even if it’s hard to talk about.

all of you is wonderful but never let others feel like theyre the ones in control of what you have to do.

hell i’m 24. you don’t ever have to feel like “I know for sure about my gender and sexuality now” we all have long lives and discoveries ahead of us. 

I basically just want to say, in a website full of ppl a bit younger than me and looking for answers, stuffs gonna work out, it’s going to be okay.

time has a way of moving on. that can be distressing but. if there’s something majorly stressing you out it can be reliving too.

discovering yourself never has to be a black or white end.

no matter what you choose or discover is okay. hell, it’s even okay if you don’t reach a conclusion right now.

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As far as you know, is there any canon info on where Danny the Street came from?

I believe I can say there is no canon origin story for Danny the Street.  I mean in Doom Patrol #35 they explain what he is, but they never explain how he got to be that way.  He is a street that is sentient.  He can insert himself into different cities all over the world instantaneously.  He enjoys cross-dressing.  The way he does that as a street is by decorating macho stores like gun shops with pink, frilly, froo froo, adornments.  He also of course includes drag show venues on his street.

When I read it I just filled in the blanks in my head.  I decided what must have happened is that there was a street.  That street just decided to be sentient, named himself Danny. He realized he liked crossdressing and was gay.  He then must have started traveling.  

In the comics he just picks up people, usually loners, and gives them a house on the street.  This is where we meet Flex Mentallo, he was one of those people.  In Flex Mentallo’s miniseries we learn he comes from a different world than the DCU so Danny must have not only teleportation powers but transdimensional powers.

I’ve been referring to Danny as “he” because that’s what the Doom Patrol calls him.  Also people who have known him much longer like Flex Mentallo call him “he” too.  So while it’s totally fine to headcanon Danny as trans he doesn’t seem to identify as female.  I think he is a drag queen.  But I don’t think he has a different female stage name at least to my knowledge.  Keep in mind that’s just my interpretation.  Anything goes especially in Doom Patrol.

In Gerard Way’s new Doom Patrol series, he gave Danny a voice.  Danny is now an ambulance which is actually a portal to Dannyland.  Danny can speak through the radio and in Dannyland he’s a disembodied voice.  Originally he just wrote short messages on street signs.  His voice is important though.  He often uses Polari.  His new catchphrase is “bona to vada” which is Polari for “good to see you.”  

Polari is a lexicon that was used by gay British men from 1930 to 1960s.  It was a secret language gay men could speak without outing themselves to straight people and more importantly police.  Gay men borrowed the language from Parlare, which was the language carnies spoke.  (Dick Grayson canonically speaks this)  Which was in turn borrowed from sailors.

I bring all of this up to prove that Danny is undeniably gay.  

In support of #metoo

Maybe I have more reason than most men to speak out about this campaign, but I don’t think enough of us are being vocal in our support…

Being a painter of beautiful girls, I often find I have to defend myself from the projections of other men (and even women) and the automatic assumption that I have ulterior motives towards my models.

These misguided notions are an indicator (and an indirect product) of the patriarchal system we live in and the lack of honour and respect towards, and for, women. It’s endemic in most cultures, religions and walks of life but imo it’s archaic, antiquated and should have no place in our so-called modern society.

But if there’s anything positive to take from the current slew of high-profile cases of misogyny, abuse & sexual harassment (and the subsequent #metoo campaign), it’s that hopefully the glare of publicity will help to accelerate the demise of these outdated ways of thinking/modes of behaviour.

Honestly I hated the whole “you’re having a gay crisis” speech Dom gave Lofty as much as everyone else (not as much as Lofty though probably lmao), but now that I watched the Lee storyline, dear G-d I get it. That was a nightmare. Poor Dom. The more I watch the more I can’t wait for him to finally have a decent relationship smh.

[ *wrings hands nervously* ]


kinda wanna write a verse with young genderfluid Diva.

i miss my boys. yes, i meant - ‘men’. they’ll forever be my boys though. my libra boy just texted me; he just woke up, and getting ready for work. so proud of him tbh. his calls me ‘beautiful’ in his morning text. he’s so sweet; he deserves all that he wants, and then more. also, my aquarius boy who lives in the north of england is cooking some crazy complicated meal/dinner. he’s updating me with it - with pictures and all. i’m very amused by it all lol.