men speak out


so we had a special day where @confusinglyamusingly - who is literally a professional filmmaker, btw, if you ever need to hire one - very patiently taught me and @sixohsixoheightfourtwo some very basic editing so that we could realise our fanvid dreams. my dream was, obviously, to make this charles/erik vid to ‘the man who sold the world’

slavic witches

with a song on their lips they braid their hair and weave poppies into it, and dandelions, and sunlight; they charm the old friend wind and gossip with the sparrows, and their laughter is like rosy dew that sits upon the ferns. They’re sweet like honey and cranberries, and they go to your head like young wine or raspberry mead of spring, dancing until the first light around the joyful fire

but do not let this fool you, as their words are sharp as hunting knives and bitter as vodka; their pride and will made not of reed and grass, but of thistle and stinging nettle; they are daughters to the mountains and as the mountains they are stubborn, and they are sisters to the steppe and as the steppe they are unyielding. With a snap of their fingers they can make you forget, or remember, or lose yourself and wander in the mossy marsh until the earth reclaims you.


Everybody needs to see this.

Surprises: Hercules Mulligan X Reader

Can you do a Hercules mulligan one where they meet at the same time Alexander and Eliza do and just go from there, thanks love your writing (oh and like not au or anything, same time and stuff if that’s cool)

Word Count: 1733

Warnings: Charles Lee being a dick, harassment, mention of alcohol 

You let out a shallow gasp as Eliza tighten your corset. Red skirts pooled around your feet, creating a soft swishing as you walked. The bright color was a bold fashion choice, but no one could deny that you looked great. The Schuyler sisters were helping you get ready for the ball tonight, hosted by President Washington himself. Normally, you would have declined attending in a heartbeat. The parties were quite boring, with rude or unintelligent men asking for a dance. They would quickly become angry when you refused, shouting a slew of insults towards you. “Ungrateful little brat.” “Prick.” “Conceited woman”. These words rarely bothered you, as you knew the men were speaking out of their own insecurity. Tonight, you had agreed to attend merely for Eliza, your best friend. She had begged you to go, hearing that Alexander Hamilton would be attending. She had caught his eye several weeks ago and been dying to meet him ever since. If not for her, you would be spending the night with hot tea and a good book, but instead you were forced into this. Even so, you wanted Eliza to be happy, so you resigned to at least pretend to be interested.

“(Y/N), you look stunning! This dress was practically made for you” Eliza stated. After nodding her head in approval, she pushed you into a chair and began to work on your hair. “Eliza, don’t you think this is a little much? It is your night after all. Don’t worry about me.” She just shook her head, rolling her eyes at your disdain. “(Y/N), I’m going to make sure this is the best ball you’ve ever attended, just you wait.” She spent several minutes styling your hair, then handed you a mirror and awaited your response. “Eliza… I look, beautiful! Thank you so much!” The younger girl pulled you into a tight hug as you whispered in her ear. “Now, you better get ready. I heard a rumor that you-know-who is attending tonight” you teased. At this she turned a bright crimson color, mumbling something about how it’s “not like that” and how he would “never notice her”. Nevertheless, she pulled on her own dress, a stunning blue gown with beading across the front. She looked absolutely breathtaking, and you were sure that Mr. Hamilton would take notice. As if reading your thoughts, Eliza attempted to change the subject. “Any men you have your eye on (Y/N)?” You shook your head. “I’m beginning to doubt that there is any man out there for me. Those who I talk with tend to be unintelligent and argumentative, making me lose any hope that I previously possessed.” After seeing the concerned look in Eliza’s eyes, you quickly added “but don’t worry about me, I’ll be perfectly fine.”

An hour into the ball you were beginning to regret your decision. Mr. Hamilton had asked Eliza to dance, and you insisted that she accept. Although she shot you an apologetic look as she left, she was clearly having a wonderful time. Unfortunately, this left you standing alone in the corner, anxious for the ball to end. Watching Eliza twirl around the room, you began to realize just how lonely you were. What if you could never find someone who would love you? Is this how your life would turn out, watching everyone find their happiness with none left over for yourself? You glanced around the room, taking note of the people you knew. General Washington was there, discussing something in a hushed tone with a soldier. Nearby, you saw Angelica and Peggy watching Eliza, laughing with joy when Hamilton kissed her hand. Finally, you saw a group of three men laughing loudly in the corner. You didn’t recognize them by name, but knew that they were involved in the revolution. There was a man with tight curls pulled back in a ponytail, throwing his head back as he laughed. Next to him was a shorter soldier with freckles dotting his face. You almost looked away, but then you caught sight of the third man. He had dark skin, with short black hair and eyes that you could get lost in. You noticed how his uniform fit, showing off his muscular build. You could have stared at him for ages, but were cut off when his eyes met yours. A bright blush covered your face, and you quickly looked away. It was improper, really, for you to be staring at a man you had never met. Deciding that you needed to clear your head, you moved towards the door to take a walk in the gardens. On your way, a young man cut in front of your path. “My, you look stunning miss. My name is Charles Lee, and you are?” “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” you answered shortly, trying to escape the conversation.

“It’s a pleasure. Would you care for a dance?” he said. At that moment, there was nothing you would rather not do. The man was loud, obnoxious, and reeked of alcohol. “Well Mr. Lee, I’m afraid that I’ll have to decline your offer. I was just on my way out, and truth be told I am not very interested in dancing.” “At least, dancing with you” you thought silently. Lee was clearly not used to rejection, which was evident on his darkening face. “Who do you think you are, to turn down a dance with me? Are you aware of my status, my wealth, my power?”

“Mr. Lee, you’ll have to forgive me, but these things mean very little to me. I myself am simply not interested in you, but I apologize for taking your time.” Lee’s eyes darkened, and before you were aware of what was happening his hand was closed around your wrist. He dragged you to a corner of the room, ignoring your cries of pain. Unfortunately, the other attendants were much to preoccupied in their own pursuits to take any notice of you. “Mr. Lee, please, just let me go!” He responded by shoving you against the wall, your head slamming against it. His hand was pressed over you mouth, cutting off your screams for help. Your eyes closed in fear as he came closer, as you were still unable to move. Suddenly, Lee was thrown off you, and you heard a fist connect with his face. He sprinted off into the crowd, leaving you alone with your rescuer. “Miss, are you alright?” Glancing up, you found yourself face to face with the man you had met eyes with earlier. He was even more beautiful up close, his dark eyes scanning yours for signs of distress. Tears filled your eyes as you attempted to find the words to speak. “Thank- Thank you sir.”

“Please, no need to thank me. Any decent man would have stepped in. Lee’s a coward, and when he doesn’t get what he wants he becomes angry. You were just unlucky enough to be caught in his path.” You flinched when the man gently grabbed your hand, but he just brought it to his lips and kissed it gently. “Hercules Mulligan, at your service.” You smiled softly, caught off guard by his forwardness. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Tell me (Y/N), would you like to take a walk in the gardens with me? You seem like you could use a break.” You nodded, taking his arm as he led you outside. The cool night air helped to calm you down, with the wind blowing gently on your skin. “Mr. Mulligan-” “Please, call me Hercules” he stated. “Hercules, how did you know that Lee was bothering me? From what I recall, you were at the opposite side of the room.” He sighed, realizing that his secret was up. “Well, to be honest I was coming towards you to ask for a dance. When you met my eyes earlier, I was immediately entranced with your beauty.” Oh, how this man could make you blush. “I’m glad you were there to protect me. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you weren’t.” Wanting to turn the attention away from Lee, you changed the subject. “Tell me about yourself Hercules.”

“Let’s see… I’m a soldier under General Washington, but before that I was a tailor. I have many… special… responsibilities in the revolution.” You were surprised at his openness to share something that could get him arrested. “What if I was loyal to the king, hmm? Then you’d be in trouble” you teased. Hercules chuckled, turning to face you. “Forgive me if I’m being too forward, but I feel that I can trust you immensely. Tell me, would you treat me to a dance back inside? You nodded, smiling as the two of you returned to the bustle of the ball. Hercules led you to the floor, placing his hand on you waist. Although you had never been the best dancer, it was easy when you were lost in your partner’s eyes. You could have stayed there for eternity, but your trance was broken when you heard Eliza squeal. Apparently she had taken a break from dancing with Hamilton, choosing instead to talk with her sisters. Eliza was the first to spot you, and as she screamed in joy the other sisters joined in. You couldn’t help but laugh at their silliness, sending them a warm smile. Hercules just chuckled, then glanced over at his own friends. They stood in their same corner, but elbowed each other when they saw the two of you. Suddenly, one of his friends (you thought his name was John), stood up and shouted “GET SOME HERC!” Hercules shot a death glare at his friends, who broke into uncontrollable laughter. “I’m sorry about my friends” you both said at the same time. Wide smiles crossed your faces, but as you opened your mouth to speak you heard Washington announce the end of the ball. For the first time, you were disappointed. “May I walk you out?” Hercules asked. You nodded, taking his arm again. As you approached the Schuyler sister’s carriage, he spoke again. “(Y/N), I know that I’m heading off to fight soon, but it would give me great pleasure if you would allow me to write you.”

“Mr. Mulligan, nothing would make me happier”


#one thing I noticed #about this scene #was just how much Peggy is looking down #never able to look Angie in the eye #it makes the scene that much more emotional #because we as an audience know #the reason Peggy had been declining Angie’s offers to #hang out and eat pie and drink schnapps #wasn’t because Peggy didn’t like her #in fact it’s quite the opposite #she didn’t want to get too close #because the people close to her #are the ones who end up dead #she just wanted to keep Angie safe #yet sadly she was driving Angie away at the same time #but Angie didn’t know this #she didn’t know Peggy risked her life everyday #didn’t know about her secret spy life #and she genuinely believed she had done something #to cause this distance from Peggy #PLUS THE LINE ‘THERE’S A SOMEBODY I’M LONGING TO SEE’ #from the song ‘someone to watch over me’ (which is romantic af) #plays in the background #during this scene I mean???

do you ever hear a song from a band you saw live a while ago and that song just takes you back to that amazing moment and you wish you were there again


The greatest EPICA songs until The Holographic Principle: Sancta Terra (1/30)

“I write mainly about the religious parts. I wrote about the suicide commands on “Sancta Terra”. I wrote about a Christian couple who were pregnant, who had a baby which died at birth. That’s “Living a lie”. “Death Of A Dream” is about the position of women in the Islam society, that they are not equal to men. That they are speaking out for themselves.”

- Simone Simons about the lyrics of The Divine Conspiracy 

When white women speak they’re seen as having courage

When black men speak out they’re called powerful/strong

When white men speak out they’re called authoritative

When non-black women speak out it’s inspiring

When non-black men speak out we should listen


When black women speak out it’s called annoying

When black women speak out we’re called bitter

When black women speak out it called “Awww not this shit again”

When black women speak out it’s called complaining

When black women speak out it’s calling bitching

If you sit back and listen when other groups speak about their problems while nodding your head and empathizing but frown your face up when black women do it, you need to check your anti-blackness towards black women because you’re a fucking bigot.