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Women’s football was massive in the First World War and after the war finished the football teams that had sprung up from ammunition factories remained very popular. The FA noticed, ‘women’s football? Why is everyone paying to watch women’s football? What’s this I hear about a 53,000 crowd watching women’s football at Goodison Park?’ then letters started to appear in the papers saying it was unfeminine, unladylike and medically unsound for women to play football. It was fine for them to work in ammunition factories and be exposed to all of that danger of explosions, that was fine but it was medically unsound for them to play football? The FA banned women’s football from being played on any FA affiliated pitch, which crushed it. The ban stood for 50 years.

Liar! Office Deception 5th Liar: A Thief within the Company Walkthrough

Please only click “keep reading” if you already know/ are willing to know who the Liar is as before you start accusing you must first select the liar!

Note that this is translated from JP Doubt by me so wording is not exact until I’ve run the game, however A/B/C choices are guaranteed.

As always, please don’t spoil for others.

Points Needed:

S rank: ?? Cool Points + ?? Savvy Points
A rank: ?? Cool Points + ?? Savvy Points
B rank: ?? Cool Points + ?? Savvy Points
C rank: ?? Cool Points + ?? Savvy Points

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the match I saw live yesterday was quite exciting but the end of it was so fucking bad

tell me how can you have 7 points more than the other team and then lose the tie break???????? cause it was 8-2 for Poland and then 15-9 for Czech Republic


that’s why I’ve always prefered watching men’s volleyball

but it was fun

and I hope the photos I took using my analog camera will be beautiful

I hope

We will see

for now, you can see our faces during the match

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why are u into mermen anyway its like watching men's gymnastics when women's gymnastics exists

i like mermaids and mermen and mernonbinary, why order one sushi roll when u can have a sushi variety platter

my lil brother asked me if it’s okay to marry a boy when he grows up he’s so
cu teee