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Tango has edited and printed several official looking Samwell Men’s Hockey themed Cards Against Humanity Expansion packs (with the outside help of several upperclassmen) that are shuffled into every single deck he comes in contact with. Highlights include:

  • Black card: Ransom’s latest Excel spreadsheet weighs the pros and cons of ___ vs. ___.
  • Black card: Lardo’s senior thesis final explores toxic masculinity in ___.
  • Black card: This week, Nursey and Dex are fighting about ___.
  • Black card: ___ + ___ = Bitty makes you a pie.
  • Black card: ___. We can make a play out of that!
  • Black card: ___, you absolute fuckin’ beaut.
  • Black card: What is Bitty trying to put into a pie this week?
  • Black card: Dex’s latest handyman project is ___.
  • Black card: Who the hell is John Johnson?
  • White card: Jack Zimmermann’s glorious ass
  • White card: Shitty’s flow
  • White card: The Chop™
  • White card: Betsy 2.0
  • White card: 6 dozen pies
  • White card: Almost falling off the Reading Room
  • White card: Coral Reef Mode
  • White card: Tub juice
  • White card: Beyoncé

And many, many more.
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Because I love you all so very very much, I bequeath unto you: 8000 absolutely delicious words of forest-filled delight ! Please do enjoy the fruit of my efforts!

romeo & juliet au where all the Cute Bros TM (bits, lardo, nursey, ransom, chowder) live in one disgusting off-campus rental house and the Burger King Robbery Bros (jack, holster, shitty, dex) live in another across the street and they have a friendly but Very Intense rivalry – which includes but is not limited to a) throwing bigger and better parties, b) pranking the shit out of each other (”BITS. THERE ARE NO PIES IN PRANK WARS”), c) decorating the shit out of their Beer Sticky & Possibly Condemned Front Yards with wilder and more inappropriate yard art (lardo has the Art but dex & his toolbox can be bribed with captain morgran so)

then, jack and bitty sit next to each other in a class and everything changes

does anybody here…….. love boys…? and wanna….. hold their hands and kiss their cheeks and play w their hair and tell them how amazing and cute they r….? or stay up till 3am w/ them talking and laughing…..? or try to count all their freckles and have picnics …. or wanna see the way their face lights up when they’re happy and hold them when they’re upset…… u kno…. gay stuff… 

I can’t believe Jack Zimmerman getting buzzed and going around thoroughly educating everyone about Eric Richard Bittle at the Falconers Family BBQ is a thing that actually really happened. Like he pulled up videos on his phone for people to watch.

This is amazing, because not only is it hilariously ADORABLE!
But Jack so confidently speaking about their relationship is just so ANSKDWVH!!


Nursey & Dex actually getting along, during an away-game warmup (or somethin)

The rink depicted here is supposed to be Yost Ice Arena cuz it’s pretty and I like it.

My file-name for this is “Perspective Nightmare” hahahahahahaaa I’m dead.

Also I like the b+w one better? but I figured I’d share both.

(The Lines for this piece)
(The Sketch for this piece)

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