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The oranges in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather are widely discussed for their subtle symbolism. Every time an orange shows up in the films, someone dies. It was smart and different … and much like the Godfather movies, Hollywood just didn’t know when to end it. 

One of Lost’s most infuriating mysteries was when they told us one character had died, but wouldn’t reveal who he was for most of a season. Who could it possibly be?! First episode, we see the image above.

On Breaking Bad, oranges land on Skyler’s boss, Ted, after he slips and falls to his near death.

Even everybody’s favorite show before Breaking Bad came along had a blatant orange death reference. When Omar bites the dust in The Wire, what can be seen sitting prominently in the foreground? Orange … soda, actually. But points for subverting such an overused trope.

6 Easter Eggs That Gave Away Huge TV Character Deaths


So, yes, it was an athletic feat and, yes, it was the first time anyone’s made that particular walk and, yes, we would never even dream of doing such a thing ourselves, but can we talk about the difference between art and commercePhilippe Petit had farther to fall, nothing to prevent it, and a passion that was absurdly inspiring. Nik Wallenda had a tether and a TV deal.

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Why is there such an issue on this site with masculinity? Like I have never seen so many people push men to be more feminine.
“Wear make up!”
“Wear dresses!”
“Fucking cry and be open about your emotions!”
“You are oppressed by patriarchy, be a fucking woman!”
Like… What’s wrong with a man wanting to be a man? What’s wrong with men not being open about how they feel? Men aren’t wired to understand their feelings as well as women, plus testosterone doesn’t help much.
Why are you all so dead set on feminizing men and crucifying the ones who want to happily stay masculine?
Why do you all fixate on “toxic masculinity” without approaching “toxic femininity”?
Let men be men. Let the ones who want to be more feminine be feminine. Let the men who wanna be masculine be masculine.
There is nothing wrong with being a guy who thinks about sex a lot, because women do it too. There is nothing wrong with men who enjoy sports and getting dirty. There’s nothing wrong with making offensive jokes, most jokes are founded ondark subjects anyway.
Let men be masculine if they want because I don’t wanna have a boyfriend who’s afraid to talk about his masculine interests, or a boyfriend who’s scared to ask if he can go to a game with me. I want masculine men to comfortable with themselves just as much as any feminine man.
Please. Be kind to masculine men.

Performers | Shawn Mendes Imagine

a/n: I’m aware that Shawn didn’t win the new artist award, but I changed it a bit 🙄💕

prompt: you are famous and performing at the AMA’s, and find Shawn backstage, and maybe after.

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You wanted to be alone, that was the only thing on your mind while you felt the hands of strangers fixing your tight white bodysuit and black knee-high boots. It was getting hard to breathe inside of the small changing room with all of your team telling instructions about the performance that was scheduled for the next twenty minutes. Just when you thought they were going to stop touching you, two men approached you to adjust wires and stuff you were used to at this point. You didn’t want to come out as diva or something, but today was your mother’s birthday, and the fact that you weren’t there to celebrate her just reminded you of everything you had given up in order to make your dream come true, plus, you were on your period, making everything way more complicated, from the lump on your throat to the tight bodysuit you were wearing. The minute you didn’t feel the strangers’ hands on you, you walked outside the changing room and leaned on the wall, trying to breathe normally and calm your nerves. People were walking in all directions, but at least it felt like you were able to breathe. For the people who walked past you it looked like you were only nervous for the live performance, and you were, but it wasn’t the main reason of your state.

Just when you felt like you were getting better, you saw someone walking out of the changing rooms and leaning on the wall, just like you had done a few minutes ago. He was tall, and had a pretty impressing bone structure, you had to admit. He had his eyes closed and his hands on his hair, he looked worse than you thought you looked, so hesitantly you walked to him. He hadn’t acknowledged your presence until you talked.

“Hey, are you okay?” you said trying to cover your body a bit, but you failed. He looked at you with a confusion written across his face.

“Do I know you?” He said very politely, not wanting to be rude, but he was trying to hide whatever was bothering and the fact that he knew he had seen you somewhere.

“Maybe… My name’s (Y/N), I’m performing in a bit. What’s your name?” You asked him and he looked a bit surprised, though you couldn’t see if it was because you didn’t know who he was or because he actually knew you.

“I’m Shawn Mendes, it’s a pleasure to meet you” he shook your hand and gave you a shy smile.

“Oh, you are the Shawn Mendes? I’ve heard about you, a lot. My cousins love you” you told him with a smile, and you noticed that his cheeks were a bit flushed.

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C: I think marriage benefits men more than women. I’ve read about men leaving their sick wives or the wife worrying about leaving the kids w/her husband cause he refuses to look after the house. That don’t seem worth it to me. Now if he’s rich and can afford children then I would probably do it otherwise what’s the point lol? I want security and since men are “wired” to be fuckboys then I better get something out of it. Some may say I’m a gold digger which is cool cause it’s true 😂 idgaf.

Europeans arelike lol trump is so racist he’s a tyrant and americans are stupid and I’m like. You do remember where Germany is and what happened in the 40′s do you. You literally commited mass genocide when mr Columbus sailed his white ass by mistake here into the Americas. You’re still xenophobic, racist, islamophobic and antisemetic and your borders are still guarded with heavily armed men and barbed wire.

Just sayin’ if someone does NOT have the right to give shit to the USA it’s Europe lmao fuck off

Hearty Amounts of Hardy Not Enough

Beguiling actor Tom Hardy can do more with just his eyes than the ordinary actor can do with their entire body.

Unfortunately, after the first five episodes of his new drama “Taboo,” even Hardy’s extraordinary acting chops don’t seem like they can save this sinking ship.

Due to his memorable roles in “Bronson,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “The Revenant,” I will watch Hardy in anything. He’s such a fascinating actor that I would literally watch him churn butter onscreen for 90 minutes. Ironically, that’s kind of what “Taboo” feels like week after week.

“Taboo” is what’s known as a “slow burn” show. “Mad Men” and “The Wire” were both slow burns that took their sweet time to get cooking, but the payoff justified the tedious wait. Hardy recently addressed this issue in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, promising that “Taboo” will eventually deliver. Hardy explained, “I wanted to create a bit of a chocolate box. You open up in a fairy tale kind of Grimm story, almost like a horror story. It starts like that and the introduction is slow. It’s a slow burn, so we wanted to offer a lot that gets tied up by subsequent episodes. It really starts to take off in four and five. In six it goes off again to another angle and then seven and eight goes off in a completely different angle.”

I’ve put off reviewing “Taboo” until now because I wanted to see if the show really would “take off” in episodes four and five as Hardy stated. Although the show has improved, it’s still seriously boring.

“Taboo” not only stars Hardy, but it’s also his own project. Hardy created the show with his father, Edward “Chips” Hardy, and Steven Knight. In addition to the family affair that’s been seven years in the making, legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott is involved as a producer, which alone made “Taboo” a must-see series.

According to The Sun, Hardy has lost $2.5 million of his own fortune on “Taboo.” These figures are based on what “Taboo” has earned airing on BBC One in the United Kingdom and do not factor in what the show is making/losing as it simultaneously runs stateside on FX. Despite advertisers not flocking to the show abroad, critics and fans have both praised Hardy’s performance. However, both parties have also pointed out the show’s shortcomings.

“Taboo” tells the tale of the intimidating James Delaney (Hardy). Delaney was assumed dead, but shocks everyone when he surprisingly returns to London in 1814 to claim the inheritance left by his recently deceased father. Delaney’s father ran a shipping company and had acquired a crucial piece of land, Nootka Sound, that both the warring United States and Great Britain would each kill to acquire as it’s a key location for trade. The all-powerful East India Company, located in London, was set to buy Nootka Sound from Delaney’s half-sister, Zilpha Geary (Oona Chaplin), but Hardy’s unexpected return means he is now in control and turns down the company’s offer.

Delaney’s refusal to sell exasperates The East India Company, especially the man in charge, Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce, aka the High Sparrow from “Games of Thrones”). The East India Company is portrayed as a stronghold you do not cross so of course Delaney now has a target on his back. Along with trying to dodge attempts at his life from his own countrymen, Delaney gets entangled with a group of American spies who also take an interest in Delaney. Plus, Delaney’s also out for revenge after discovering his father was poisoned.

Apparently, what puts the taboo in “Taboo” is Delaney’s mysterious past. He is covered in unique tattoos, is haunted by horrific visions, practices some sort of witchcraft, excels as a ruthless killer, and has an incestuous relationship with his sister. Adding to the forbidden nature of the show, Sir Stuart Strange has a penchant for dropping f-bombs (numerous times an episode) and even said the C-word that rhymes with bunt once! So taboo for television!

Aside from the cursing, all of these tidbits should be greatly intriguing, but they were all established in the first two episodes and ever since viewers have been left wondering how everything is linked. Recently, I reviewed HBO’s “Westworld” where my biggest grievance was that it kept piling on mystery after mystery each week, which felt like a cheap ploy to keep viewers watching until the final episode. Shows shrouded in mystery are most enjoyable when a little bit is revealed at a time, otherwise you run the risk of alienating your audience.

With three episodes left, “Taboo” could very well blow my mind with an astonishing finale, but as of right now I am no longer watching for entertainment. Instead, I’m merely riding out what I started.

Concert Update: Metallica will be roaming into Busch Stadium on June 4, 2017 with special guest Volbeat. Tickets will likely sell out so be on the Cardinals’ website promptly before 10 a.m. when they go on sale on February 17.  

Chess legend Jodit Polgar just owned her sexist haters

Chess master Nigel Short thinks we should simply accept that men’s brains may be wired better for chess than women’s. As he told New in Chess magazine, “Rather than fretting about inequality, perhaps we should just gracefully accept it as a fact.”

The only problem? A woman, Jodit Polgar, has dominated that game for 20 years — and her full quote reveals the truth the boys don’t want to hear.