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Another incredible interview with Kenzo and Mai! Their nicknames at their university is twist prince for Kenzo and tough girl for Mai. Both stan Kohei a loooooooooooooooot. They show a video of Mai freaking out about Kohei acknowledging her back in like 2012 or 2013. Kenzo says that he put his all around bronze medal around Kohei’s neck because Kohei made Japan known for the all around, so it was like repaying him for thaht. He says that rooming with Kohei showed him that Kohei is actually a lot more silly and funny in his personal life, but tries to make his image like a cool guy lol. Kenzo says his favorite named skill is the 3.5Y on vault because it holds the most memories since he did it on the Olympic stage and it’s the most difficult of his named skills for him. Mai says that her favorite named skill from Kenzo is the quad twist. Both want to improve as all arounders so Mai can get an AA medal at Worlds and Kenzo can become #1 in Japan and medal in the all around at Worlds with Kohei competing.