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andaman23  asked:

What do you make of Stannis' vision he sees in the flames: "the ashes were white, rising in the updraft, yet all at once it seemed as if they were falling. Snow, I thought. Then the sparks in the air seemed to circle, to become a ring of torches, and I was looking through the fire down on some high hill in a forest. The cinders had become men in black behind the torches, and there were shapes moving through the snow. For all the heat of the fire, I felt a cold so terrible I shivered"? (cont)

Was that the battle at the fist of the first men? Or something that still hasn’t happened yet?”

Yep, that’s the battle at the Fist of the First Men for sure. It was the largest-scale attack by the Others and their army of the dead in the series to date, so it makes sense as the image of the apocalypse that would drive Stannis to consider sacrificing his nephew to save the world.  



You can look hella hot AND slay on the court - Allison proofs it to you.

Honestly, I’d love to read a little something in Allison POV. We would finally get better descriptions of how people around her actually look. Plus I still don’t know much about her and I would looove to find out how she sees the world.