men of the tall ships


Sorry for the double post but I’m too psyched to wait… and now for something completely different: THE MOST FUN tall ship on my friend Chase! SO FUN SO FUN SO FUN

multipotens  asked:

hello, love! I would love an x men ship with the things you include!! physically: I'm tall with a typical hourglass, medium length jet black hair with taupe, narrow eyes and sharp features. i'm extremely pale and usually have on cherry lipstick. i'm typically in a black turtleneck and trench coat. personality: i'm an intj slytherin. i'm considered cold, smart, aloof, detached, a bitch. but once you get to know me i'm just confident and actually kind of funny, in a dry and dark way. thank you!

shipped with: Warren Worthington III

song: thank god for girls by weezer


  • welcome to the ‘we hate everyone except not really for the most part’ club
  • you started becoming friends because you both sort of stood to the side of any social events and kind of? silently judged everyone else and then you sort of started talking about it 
  • very typical friends to lovers story with a loT  OF MUTUAL PINING
  • he loves picking you up bc he’s extra as hell and it’s fun to spin you around and make you laugh because you usually look so cool and unruffled 

2k celebration ships

Would you like to see Globe’s very own cast doing Hamlet in your hometown? 

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On 23 April 2014 the Globe opens its most ambitious tour yet: a two-year tour of Hamlet that will visit every single country on earth. Sixteen extraordinary men and women will travel by boat, train, 4X4, tall ship, bus and aeroplane across the seven continents, performing in a huge range of unique and atmospheric venues – from village squares to national theatres, from palaces to beaches. 


original name “Priwall” (1920) renamed Chile Army “Lautaro” (1941) Length 98.9 m, breadth 14,33 m, maximum draft 8.53 meters. He had a full load displacement of 8,389 metric tons. Sail area, informal, over 3,000 m2. The February 28, 1945, the frigate was making his fifth LAUTARO cruise when, off the Peruvian coast, a fire broke out in their warehouses full of salt that was total destruction, sinking the ship and numerous deaths. my respects to the men who lost their lives at sea