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… I always feel like we’re going backwards. And even when we make progress I feel like we aren’t because the rug always gets pulled out from underneath us. I hate the fact that one year gay marriage, or trans rights to serve have been “allowed” and then then next it can be reversed. There needs to be standards that are met in order to even consider reversing something when it comes to someone’s rights. Why aren’t Cis gendered people being banned from the Military? If a Cis person gets diagnosed with Cancer, that’s a lifetime of medical costs. If a Cis person gets diagnosed with mental health problems, that’s a lifetime of treatment and medical costs, etc. so if you’re willing to spend on them then what makes us less worth it if we’re willing to serve our country and put our lives at risk? The costs of potential surgeries ? And not every trans person even gets surgeries or hormones. There’s no medical requirements in order to identify as trans. Get it the fuck together.

Literally all the negativity toward black women comes from black men. No one disrespects and disgraces black women (esp dark black women) near as much as black men. Black men literally build carreers on rapping/singing about how awful black women are. They get famous by degrading us. Black men make instagram accounts dedicated to making fun of black women (again mostly dark women). Black men not only sit and join in when other non black men are making fun of black women, but they encourage it. In high school i had a black boy who I thought was my friend make fun of me while causing other non black boys to make fun of me and call me gross because I didn’t wash my hair every day (and fyi to non-black folks black women dont wash their hair every day, we can’t..esp if we have 4c hair). And thats just one examples. Black men love to put down black women and get mad whenever we are uplifted and we don’t date black men. Black men are all about black unity until it comes to supporting black women. Black men hate black women because we are bold and won’t put up with them, and they go act like our strength is a weakness because our strength doesn’t beenfit them. I went off tangent but to regroup no one hates/disrespects black women more than black men. And in this day and age all the negative hype toward black women is because of popular/mainstream black men.