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seeing falsettos

ive been thinking on this for a few days, but when i was in the theater to see falsettos there was an old man a few rows back and before the show, i could hear him talking about his experience with aids. this show meant the world to him in 1990, as a young man whose lover was infected not long before faslettoland began to play off broadway. he died a few months later. after the show he was crying, he was talking about “what would i do” and especially the “we’re just gonna skip that stage” line because they imagined they’d grow old together, even with the looming threat of aids in the 90s. the story of falsettos was reality for far too many, and it’s important to never forget that.

Let Laurent be masculine

Okay but I think people are forgetting that Laurent isn’t a feminine man by any means…he’s actually kind of fuckin manly. He’s built like the statue of David, described to have broad shoulders, a cut body and not to mention the strength to whirl around a 500lb+ horse while cutting down soldiers with one arm.

Damen used to chase after gladiators for crying out loud. You know he’s gotta admire Laurent’s body for how sporty and strong it is. He’s not like this…slight, soft-bellied boy I tend to see around the fandom. The super long hair, the soft body, always making him bottom (did we forget he nearly topped Damen if not for some rude premature climaxing)…

idk I feel like Laurent is being feminized into very boring, stereotypical role where there always has to be “a girl” of the relationship. And I feel like with all the different ways Pacat described him she was very careful about trying to avoid this very thing! Laurent may be a prettyboy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t masculine af too. I just don’t want his awesome character to fall into the same void that nearly every other ‘bottom designated’ gay man gets in any given fandom. 

Queen of the Murphy Universe

Song: Caravan Palace - ‘Wonderland’

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okay. okay. how about mafia au with ushijima, bokuto, and asahi, their civie s/o sees them kill but are,, into it,, and starts getting more involved w that part of their life (hey i love u)

Hey look, it’s my favourite babe (i love you too). 💗 

Ushijima Wakatoshi

He wasn’t a man that was startled easily, but the words that fell from your lips were not what he was expecting. He had just killed a man in front of you, and he fully expected you to run in fear or break into tears. Surprisingly enough you did neither, eyes glinting in curiosity.

“Teach me how to do that.” 

He arched an eyebrow at your request. “To kill?”

“No,” you gestured to the weapon in his hand. “How to shoot a gun. What better way than to learn from an expert?”

He wasn’t sure if he would be the one to do this, but he figured if you were going to be involved with him and his lifestyle you had better know how to protect yourself when the time comes.

Bokuto Koutaro

You should have been terrified to see someone shot right in front of you, but your attention was focused on the muscles in Bokuto’s toned arms as he held the gun in front of him, eyes focused as the target fell to the ground. If anything the man had it coming, he attacked first. 

There was always a certain attraction to men who lived a dangerous life and Bokuto was no exception to this. You found yourself falling for him even more as he stood in front of you in all his glory, tucking the gun into the holster in his pants. That was hot.

“So what are you? Like a hitman or something?” Your questions caught the male off guard as he turned towards you, not expecting you to be standing there with a smug grin on your face. Why the hell weren’t you running?

His expression turned playful. “If I told you then I’d have to kill you.” 

“I can keep a secret, don’t worry.” Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea in induction you into the mafia. He was the boss after all, he calls the shots.

Asahi Azumane

He was scared so you sure as hell should be too. There was desperation in his voice as he tried to plead with you only to be met with your unwavering gaze, fear invisible in it’s traces.

“Wow, I didn’t think you had it in you to do something like that.” Was all you said as you stood next to him, peering into his face with childlike fascination. Asahi was as confused as he was nervous. This wasn’t the kind of reaction he was expecting from a normal person, one who wasn’t exposed to this level of violence on a daily basis. He didn’t want you to see him like this.

“This isn’t–why aren’t you running away from me? You should be scared. I’m a monster.” He tried to make you see the evil in him, but all you saw was a kind hearted man who didn’t have a choice in the hand he was dealt.

“But I’m not scared and certain that you’re not a monster. You never told me what you do for a living, but I want to help you in whatever way I can.” There was a fierce determination in your eyes unlike any other he’d seen. Was this really okay?

He didn’t want to drag you into this hell, but he knew you wouldn’t take no as an answer. He had no choice now, you were in this together.

Happy international MCR day everybody and remember, shoot those bullets, for sweet revenge, carry on and killjoys, make some noise!

Never let them take you alive!

“Turn off your radio. Put away your daily paper. Read one review of events a week and spend some time reading good books. They tell too of days of striving and of strife. They are of other centuries and also of our own. They make us realize that all times are perilous, that men live in a dangerous world, in peril constantly of losing or maiming soul and body. We get some sense of perspective reading such books. Renewed courage and faith and even joy to live.”

– Dorothy Day, 28 September 1940, from The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day, edited by Robert Ellsberg



100 days of Robin Hood: 8/100

For a hundred and fifty years the writers belonging to a mercantile society, with but few exceptions, thought they could live in happy irresponsibility. They lived, indeed, and then died alone, as they had lived. But we writers of the twentieth century shall never again be alone. Rather, we must know that we can never escape the common misery and that our only justification, if indeed there is a justification, is to speak up, insofar as we can, for those who cannot do so. But we must do so for all those who are suffering at this moment, whatever may be the glories, past or future, of the States and parties oppressing them: for the artist there are no privileged torturers. This is why beauty, even today, especially today, cannot serve any party; it cannot serve, in the long or short run, anything but men’s suffering or their liberty. The only really committed artist is he who, without refusing to take part in the combat, at least refuses to join the regular armies and remains a free-lance.

Create Dangerously

A Lecture by Albert Camus

December 14, 1957 at the University of Uppsala in Sweden

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I ask what would you suggest in improving relations btween Police dept an OUR communities?HOW do restore a TRUST that has never been there? How to do you help reduce Black violence an keep the community safe ?

That’s a very complex question and there is no easy answer. But I would say it starts with the little things. Just this last weekend a young black kid in my area organized an event for his community that was all about the importance of young black lives in the face of recent tragedies and violence. It gave kids an opportunity to entertain themselves in a safe environment and celebrate their humanity. Kids need to feel loved and cherished and valued at an early age so they know that they don’t have to turn to crime and violence for worth. Police should do their part by participating in these events to show themselves as a presence there to serve and protect, not to terrify and bully. There needs to be more love and cooperation on both sides. It’s no easy road, but I seen a white cop spend out of pocket money to buy a black teen some essentials. I’ve seen young black men put their lives in danger to protect a little white girl. It can be done if we just start treating people like people and loving instead of hate.