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Wolverine challenges Squirrel Girl to a sparring match. He tells her, “Show me what you got.” Squirrel Girl proceeds to kick his ass. From “Mighty Avengers” (2010-2012) #15.

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Haydn Thomas Has A Beautiful Treasure Trail Leading To His Irish Pot o’ Gold!

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There are many remarkable ancient artifacts that could re-write history as we know it. These artifacts are highly controversial. We are constantly finding new artifacts that defy our current understanding of history. Among the many jewels, mens wedding bands, pottery and weapons found we find items that can confuse even the most experienced archaeologists. According to orthodox science such objects shouldn’t exist, but they do and that is a fact that cannot be denied. Above are some of the most extraordinary artifacts discovered world-wide. 

Are these artifacts proof of ancient astronauts visiting our planet, or are they remenants left over from a previous civilization that inhabited earth before us ?


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Two More Days And Counting Down To The Feast Of St. Patrick!

Feast Your Eyes On This Irish Lad!

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Killer Mike (of Run the Jewels) is on a roll. He recently took to Facebook to stand in solidarity with women in the music industry who have accused his former publicist Heathcliff Berru of sexual assault. 

It’s not just that he’s standing in solidarity with women that makes this exciting. It’s his encouragement for more men to join him in holding other men accountable for their actions. 

Hell. Yes. 

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The pride of the Topkapi Palace Museum and its most valuable single exhibit is the 86-carat pear-shaped Spoonmaker Diamond, also known as the Kasikci. Surrounded by a double-row of 49 Old Mine cut diamonds and well spotlighted, it hangs in a glass case on the wall of one of the rooms of the Treasury.Its origin is not clear. Like many other historic diamonds, it is difficult to seperate fact from fancy. One of the versions of the findings of a diamond described it as thus:

“In the year 1669, a very poor man found a pretty stone in the rubbish heap of Egrikapi in Istanbul. He bartered it to a spoonmaker for three wooden spoons. The spoonmaker sold the stone to a jeweler for ten silver coins.The jeweler consulted another jeweler who knew immediately that the pretty stone was really a precious diamond. When the second jeweler threatened to disclose the whole matter, the two men quarreled bitterly. Another jeweler heard the story and bought the diamond, giving a purse full of money to each of the angry jewelers. But now the Grand Vizier, Kopruluzade Ahmed Pasha, has heard of the gem. When Sultan Mehmed IV is told of the affair, he orders the stone be brought to the palace, and he takes possession of it. Whether he paid for it is not revealed. And, of course, no one knows what history preceded it being thrown into the garbage heap.”


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I’ll Miss Tom May! Omigod! The Man Gave Me Thrills!

Thank You For All That You Gave, Sir…

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The Sexiest Guys Are Often Regular Joes Who Keep Themselves Fit, But Do Not Make A Fetish Of It. The Four Guys Here Fit The Bill. I’m Not Perfect. I Never Expect The Guy I’m With To Be Either!

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