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Who are the Uyghurs?

 Uyghurs are an ethnic group living in central and east Asia. Their main home is Xinjiang which is located in western China. Uyghurs are a Turkic ethnic group, not to be confused with Turkish. Turkish people are a Turkic speaking ethnic group. However the Turkic language family actually originated from areas such as modern day China, Mongolia and Siberia. The most ancient Turkic people are believed to have been of Mongoloid origin with features close to the Yakut/Sakha people.

 The area now known as Xinjiang has been inhabited by many ethnic groups. One ancient group includes the Indo-European speaking Tocharians and Yuezhi who where a Caucasoid group described as white skinned and light haired who inhabited this region. These people cultivated jade and sold to other groups living in China as jade was a highly treasured from an early period.
 The Uyghur people originated from Mongolia but in the 9th century they fled to Xinjiang and Gansu after the collapse of the Uyghur Khagante. During this time the Uyghurs and the Tocharians intermixed. This resulted in their physical features, cultures and linguistics to become blended. However, the Uyghurs who settled in Gansu (now known as Yugur) did not mix with other groups on a mass scale. It is believe that the Yugurs culture is much close to the original culture of the Uyghurs of Mongolia.

 Although Uyghurs have believed in many religions in the past, Uyghurs in Xinjiang and central Asia are mostly Muslims. Unlike their cousins the Yugur in Gansu who are primarily Buddhist.
 Modern Uyghurs write using an Arabic writing system. However the original writing system they used was created by themselves, known as Uyghur. The Uyghur writing system was the first writing system used by Mongolians and was also the main writing system for Mongolians until the Russians imposed Russian Cyrillic on them.

 In recent years Xinjiang has seen an up rise in violence and extremism. The ever tightening grip of the Chinese communist government does not allow religious practices for children under the age of 18. Muslim men under 50 are not allowed to wear beards. Women, discouraged to wear hijabs. People across china, especially Uyghurs are not given the freedom to express political unrest without severe consequences. Even people’s personal phones are checked for ‘incriminating’ material. 

 Because of a few religious extremists Uyghurs have earned a reputation of being terrorists or thieves. Due to these ignorant stereotypes there has been a lot of prejudice against Uyghurs. However many Uyghurs just want peace and a normal place in society.

 However, in the last few years there has been a large up rise of Chinese ethnic minorities in media. Notably several Uyghurs making it big. Such as, Gulnazar (古力娜扎) who has starred in several major films and dramas, notably in Police Story alongside Jackie Chan. Merxat (米热) an actor who has starred in several major dramas in China recently. There are also many more models and actors who have been breaking into the Chinese mainland media industry.

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So in the wedding that you want so bad... what would Hiccup and Astrid wear?


Don’t you know that clothing is the one thing you should never ask me about?

This really depends on when you think HTTYD happens.  Honestly, it happens in the mid-11th century.  But you can stretch it back to 970 or further to 1100.

But if y’all want to know what these people are wearing (or what they would be wearing in a factual universe), check this out.

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Hi, Operafantomet! I'm looking for information about male undergarments in Victorian / Belle Epoque times. I can find a fair amount on what the women wore (petticoats, chemise, corsets, stockings, etc) but little about the men. What would they have worn? Was there a t-shirt equivalent, boxers, briefs, socks? Also, what do the modern actors wear to keep the costume lines looking proper? In the 2004 movie, they seem to like leaving their shirts hanging open. What would they wear under a tux?

So, in its basics the shirt was considered underwear well into the 20th century. Whereas it could be highly decorated and also partly shown under the vest/jacket etc, it was often the part closest to your skin and the one you’d wash frequently. Men would always wear something over their shirt. But there could also be garments under the skirt, depending on the decade, occasion and wealth of the wearer. There could be singlets and briefs/long johns, or union suits (think onesies), as well was stockings. For early military use, there could also be various paddings for protection against armour, and for extra warmth.

In elder times the shirts were made long enough to wrap between the legs, so it also served as “briefs”. This was probably the most common underwear for everyday use. But men could also wear separate undergarments. Often we’re told that briefs and boxers are a 20th century invention, but that’s not really the case. Look at these briefs from the late 15th century, for example:

(from a coazzone, a wedding chest, from 15th century Italy, today in Copenhagen. It’s probably a pair of linen briefs, with a discrete drawstring. Also, sorry for the extreme closeup some of you prob get on your screen)

In the 19th century longer underwear, usually of flannel or linen, sometimes knitted, became all the more common. They had been invented in the 17th century, and was used for example for military wear, but it was in the 19th century they gained popularity in civil clothing as well. It could be in the shape of a union suit, or separate long-johns and singlets/jerseys. Here’s a rather snazzy union suit from the early 20th century, especially recommended for sports use:

With the rubber elasticity being introduced into clothes in the 1920s, various underwear inventions benefitted from it, and the modern boxer and elastic briefs is considered to see the day of light in the 1930s. It’s about the same time the modern T-shirt comes into regular use.

As for socks, they were historically (from the 15th century on) often knitted, as the knitting offered elasticity. They were usually knee-high and tied under the knee with garters.

It should not be forgotten that fashionable Victorian and Edwardian men weren’t afraid to don the corset. It gave the right posture, with an elegant waist and a solid “pigeon” chest. You don’t get this silhouette just like that!

OK, so this was high fashion and not something done by all men. But it was common enough for ads to be placed in the paper. Here’s an 1899 London ad showing corsets and waist cinchers for both men and women:

As for stage costumes illuding the Victorian and Edwardian era, they often rely on the actual costume to offer the right silhouette. This can be achieved by padding, and of course through good tailoring. Historical underwear like union suits and corsets is seldom done, unless they undress on stage and/or there’s a point in showing the underwear.

For Phantom actors, they usually wear a T-shirt with cut-off neckline under the white shirt. The underwear is whatever they prefer. The tailcoat is padded at the shoulders, and with sharp tailoring in the waist, offer the right “penguin” look. The shirt is tucked inside the high-waisted trousers and partly hidden under the black waistcoat. Early shirts had an extension that was buttoned between the legs, to avoid the shirt ever getting untucked. But some actors found this really uncomfortable in physical scenes - no wonder, it must have tugged bad - so it’s in general not done today.

Originally the Phantom’s suit was designed with a bit snug trousers and a bit short cuffs, exposing the hands and the shoes. This was according to the designer to give the Phantom visible, sensual hands, as well as giving a hint of a puppet-on-a-string. Some productions still do the short trousers and cuffs, but most go for a lot more length. The difference is very visible in Crawford’s original West End costume and Hugh Panaro’s recent Broadway costume:

OK, so this was a bit rambly. Mostly because it demands a proper academic article to give you a proper reply. So this is just some imputs to give an idea of what men may or may not wear under their Victorian and Edwardian outfits.

The Pajama Fic: Part 12

*Okay I am so sorry about the long wait but life got in the way *shakes fist* I hope you can all forgive me with this new chapter that turned out longer than I intended. Oh well. I have no idea if this is good. Enjoy*

The next day’s events were far less glamourous than the photoshoot. It was late afternoon by the time the coach arrived to pick everyone up. Although comfortable clothes had been recommended there was little suggestion as to what we were going to do and the speculation during that morning had ranged from a group massage to skydiving.

“Maybe we’ll get to do that cool bubble rolling thing.” Tyler suggested whimsically.

“What the fuck are you talking about boy?” Asked Troye somewhat done with Tyler’s abstract imagination.

“You know when they put you in the bubbles and you get to roll around.” He attempted to clarify causing Troye to give him a condescendingly confused expression.

“Do you mean Zoorbing?” Asked Phil, determined to understand Tyler’s ramblings.

“Yeeaah, when you roll around in a bubble!”. The was a collective ‘Oh’ of understanding from everyone on the coach.

“That would literally be amazing!” Shouted Joey, clapping his hands together in excitement.

“I wouldn’t get your hope up though, it seems like we’re heading into the centre, not towards a field or anything.” Said Louise, staring out the window at Los Angeles passing by.

Before long the coach is pulling up in what seems to be a relatively normal street and you all climb out into the open.

“Go in there.” Shouts the coach driver, pointing towards the building directly adjacent to you. It was a bar, a bar named 'Bronco Billy’s’.

“Oh my goodness gracious you can’t be serious.” Muttered Joey staring at the western themed bar. It was exactly as you imagined: Slightly under lit the bar was filled with men wearing plaid and throwing darts. Decorative, rustic looking bottles lined the shelves behind the bartender whom was wearing an obviously fake mustache. The whole thing looked like the set of a parody movie.

“Haha I have never felt more gay.” Laughed Tyler as he stood in the entrance in a multi-coloured button down that complimented his outrageously coloured quiff. You and Dan were hit with an attack of the giggles as you both couldn’t help but notice how hilariously out of place you all looked in your skinny jeans, imaginative hairstyles and expressions of sheer awkwardness.

“Oh good you’re all already here!” An enthusiastc voice called from behind you which you recognised as the Sony lady from the day before. Everyone very quick crowded around her and you giggled again as you hear Tyler mutter “Please save us.” to her under his breath.

“You’ll be delighted to know that today’s activities will be spent in here and you have free access the bar if you so wish.” This recieved a few appreciative nods and a muffled 'woohoo’ came from Jenna’s direction. “If you’d like to step around the corner I think you’ll find exactly what you’re going to be up to.” The bar looked like one room but now that she mentioned it you realised it was more of an L shape and in fact there was another part to it hidden around a corner. You all shuffled gingerly towards it when suddenly you heard a loud "YES!!” from Connor who was leading the pack. His reaction was joined with laughter as you all rounded the corner to find what was unmistakably a large bucking bronco.

“Oh my fucking god.” You choke out as Dan claps his hands to his mouth and Phil lets out a wild laugh.

“Are you seriously making us ride that thing?” Laughed Tyler whose face had turned tomato red from laughing.

“Sure thing.” Said the rep. “Just don’t get drunk enough to throw up and don’t forget to film everything. We have hired it for the whole afternoon.”

“Well this is going to be interesting.” You mutter cynically as you watch Connor bound forward for 'first dibs’.

“I need me some alcohol for that shit.” Announced Tyler as he watched Connor being flung off the bull, skinny limbs flailing everywhere, to cheers and shouts of laughter.

Yourself, Dan, Phil and Troye all replied “Yeah” at the same time and made your way over to the bar.

4 drinks in you had found out that the Sony reps name was Hazel and she had a pug called Buster. You were also finding Dan was getting more and more flustered as he ordered a round of shots for himself and Tyler.

“Man I think you should slow down.” Said Phil helpfully, patting Dan on the back.

“Man I think you should go on the bronco.” Said Tyler unhelpfully with a wry smile, mimicking Phil’s helpful tone.

“Yeah Dan! Maybe you should go on the bronco…” You agree, raising your glass to clink with Tyler.

“Haha no I’m not quite drunk enough for that, thank you.”

“Aw, pretty please.” You implore him, the idea of Dan being flung off the bull at high speed already making you giggle.

“Guys come on, enough with the peer pressure already.”

“Peer pressure. Peer pressure.” You begin to chant quietly and then Tyler joins in.

“Peer pressure. Peer pressure. Peer pressure!” You both chant, steadily getting louder. Dan looks at the laughing Phil for support. There’s a moment’s pause and then;

“Peer pressure. Peer pressure.” Phil joins in to and Dan lets out a huge sigh.

“If this was the office I’d look directly into the camera lense right now.” Dan whined over the top of you all.

“Yes, we get it you’re a cynical bastard.” You say, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards his impending fate.

“You’ve got to bite the bullet, man.” Says Troye, patting the reluctant Dan on the back.

“Noooo.” Said Dan as he was pulled gradually towards the bull.

“You’ve got to think of all the memes Dan.” Said Phil. “Just think of how many memes you will create today. It will be your legacy.” And that was how Dan was convinced to ride the mechanical bull. Everyone was filming as Dan mounted. His face was slightly red from blushing but he deadpanned as everyone waited for it to begin, cameras trained to capture the moment.

“Oh my God what have I done…” Dan cries in a surprisingly high pitch voice as the bull begins to spin. His face has you and Phil in tears before the real show even began.

“The moment I get off this I’m going t…” But then the bull gave a more violent buck that caused him to career sideways to roars of laughter from the group. You lean on Phil heavily as tears of laughter stream down your face. Dan is practically horizontal, holding onto the bull for dear life, spinning round in circles and screaming.

“Yaas baby!” Scrams Tyler, punching a fist into the air as Dan manages to straighten himself up onto the bull again. Dan manages to give you a momentary glance which conveyed regret and a little bit of fear, before the bull started bucking again. The tears were now rolling down your face as you clung onto Phil for support, the sight of Dan being bucked forward and back being one of the funniest things you had ever seen.  Next thing you know you a pair of black skinny jeaned-legs fly through the air and Dan manages a complete flip before spectacularly landing face down on the inflatable mat. You turned round to look at Phil to find that he had legitimately fallen over from laughing so hard and was gripping his stomach as he curled into a ball on the floor. Dan crawled off the mat and walked over to you.

“I’m in so much pain.” He moaned, looking at you with a pleading expression.

“Aww poor baby Howell.” You coo sarcastically, wrapping your arms around him in a hug and patting his back.

“Shut uup.” He whines leaning down to bury his face into your shoulder.

“Is baby bear sad that he fell off the nasty bull?” You tease again, rubbing comforting circles into his back and suppressing laughter.

“Fuck offff!” He whined again, flopping all his weight onto you in annoyance. The joke was on him though because his weight was too much for you and you both ended up crashing back down onto the inflatable safety mat.

“Pile on!!” Was all you heard before the body of Connor was flung over the to of you both, followed by about 5 other youtubers in turn.

“Enough!” you shout through screams of laughter coming from the living mountain that had been built on top of you. “I need more alcohol” you mutter to the equally squished Dan beside you, and with one herculean push you manage to escape the bundle. Dan was already pretty drunk but he seemed determined to forget his recent embarrassment with the knowledge that it had been captured on camera forever. Zoe and ALfie joined you in another round of shots and then a round of obnoxiously fruity cocktails that you both convinced the boys to try.

“We’re not going to judge you I promise!” Squealed Zoe, shaking Alfie’s ar in an attempt to break his stubborn view.

“Come on you know they taste better anyway.” You say to Dan, watching him stare at the cocktail in front of him with some hesitation.

“Oh fuck gender roles.” He slurred slightly, before picking it up, removing the umbrella and sipping the red liquid through a curly straw. He face squished into a look of derpy enjoyment. “Uhhh it’s so tasty.” He says between sips. YOu and Zoe laugh, clinking glasses and watching as Dan practically downs the drink.

“Woah watch it Daniel, I don’t want you throwing up on me.” You say attempting to slow him down and accidentally knocking the glass in the process. The red liquid moved as if in slow motion,first jumping out of the glass and then falling in an almost comic splatter across his grey top.

“Nooo my aesthetic.” He whined as you attempted to dab the stain with a napkin.

“Maybe you should stop there, man.” Laughed Alfie, taking the glass out of his hand and putting in on the bar. The barmaid however, did not clean it up immediately due to the fact she had seen the whole event and was unable to control her laughter. You couldn’t help giggle along with her as you watched Dan hopelessly dab at the bright pink stain on his clothing.

“Wait, I’ve got an idea honey.” She managed to say before disappearing in the back room. When she returns she is carrying a plaid top, identical to her own. “It’s our uniform but it’s the largest size I could find. I hope it fits you. You can keep it because no one else here is going to fit it.” She explained between suppressed laughs.

“You can’t be serious?” Replies Dan incredulously, but moments later he steps out from the men’s room wearing a tied front plaid crop top and a pink face. Pretty much everyone in the room wolf whistled as he stumbled toward the group again.

“Okay Dan, I think we should sit down for a bit.” You laugh, noticing how Dan swayed as he stood there, tummy out and embarrassed.

“Whatever.” He said in a slurry, mock sorority girl voice and you giggled as you lead him over to the table in the corner. “Thank you so very much for this.” He said in an attempt to sound serious. “Thank you for the table.” He continues nodding at you.

“No problem Dan.” You reply with a smile as Dan flops himself onto the seat opposite you.

“And thank you very so much for being my girlfriend thanks.” He stammers out, pointing a finger at your face. You giggle in response. He leans towards you slightly then says “Boop.” tapping you on the end of the nose with his outstretched finger.

“How are you feeling Dan?” You ask, smoothing down his fringe which he had managed to ruffle in the process of changing his shirt.

“Thank you now I look pretty.” He says in response, making you cover you mouth to prevent yourself from laughing in his face. “But shall I tell you who looks prettier. Definitely you.” He continues, raising an eyebrow in attempt to be flirt.

“Really?” You ask, taking another sip of you drink, thinking back to the video Dan made about the different types of drunk people.  

“Yes, very much so. You are like Kim K to my Kanye.” He says is a drunk but discerning tone. This literally makes you spit your drink back into your glass.

“oh my God Dan.” You laugh back at him.

“What I think you’re h2awt.” He replies, shrugging his shoulder and giving you an rather uncoordinated wink. “And I don’t know why you chose me ‘cause I look like a llama sloth thing.” He sighs, swaying slightly in his seat and looking down at his stomach being exposed by the crop top. “Why can’t I be like Anthony.” He moaned, tapping his tummy with his hand.

“Dan I promise you’re very handsome.” You say sympathetically, genuinely feeling a little bit sorry for him in his drunken state.

“You really think so?” He asks surprised and you nod. He leans dramatically over the table before saying. “Well then how abouts we go get a taxi back to my place?”.

“Dan we’re in LA not London.”

“Aw fuck that would take ages in a taxi.” He says defeatedly, slapping his hand down on the table in annoyance. “But we could always go to a hotel.” He suggests, and you feel his hand rest on you knee and slowly start tracing up your thigh.

“Guys the coach is here!” You hear someone shout from across the bar. You can’t help but think it’s probably best Dan goes home now before he does something stupid.

“Come on Daniel.” You say smiling, grabbing the hand that is still moving up your leg and using it to drag him to his feet. “Phil could I have a hand?” You shout over your shoulder when you realise Dan probably won’t be able to walk all that well.

“Come on, mate. One step at a time.” Laughs Phil as he pulls Dan’s arm over his shoulder. With both of you helping, slowly Dan makes it across the bar, out of the door and into the coach. He mutters ‘thank you’ a lot as yourself and Phil manage to get him into a seat and clip a seat belt round him. However he quickly flops over when the coach starts moving and you do the rest of the journey with his head in your lap.

“I’ve got the best pillow Phil.” He mutter, patting your knee with his hand. And you both laugh in response.

Back at the house Dan has recovered a least some ability to walk again so he manages to stagger off the coach.

“Don’t worry about me guys, I’m just going to be sick.” Announces Tyler as he speeds ahead of everyone into the house.

“Don’t worry Phil, I’ve got it from here.” You says as you manage to steer Dan through the front door.

“Okay, as long as you’re sure.” He says gratefully and makes his way back to his own room.

“Oooh we’re going back to my bedroom!” Says Dan enthusiastically. “Bow chicka wow wow.” He adds, thrusting his hips around almost causing the both of you to fall over.

“Come on we’re nearly there.” You say, more to yourself than to him. Eventually you burst through the door and he flops down on the bed.

“Okay now let’s get naakeed!” He yells and gets stuck trying to pull the plaid top over his head. You laugh and release him from the top by undoing some of the buttons and he falls back onto the bed, half undressed. You help him pull his trousers off and attempt to tuck him in.

“Come on Dan, under the cover.” You encourage, trying to get him to shuffle so you can pull the duvet over him.

“Not unless you get in too!” He says grumpily, holding onto the duvet to stop him from using it.

“Sure thing Dan.” You say. “I’m just going to get a glass of water.” You step into the bathroom for a minute and return to see Dan lying naked across the top of the bed.

“Come join me!” He says in a pleading tone.

“No come on Dan, you need to go to bed.”

“With you.”

“No, Dan you’re drunk.” You say, pulling the duvet over him again. But his arms grab you around the waist and pull you into bed. “Okay, come over here and cuddle me then.”

“Yeah!” agrees Dan and you slide under the duvet with him. You sit relatively upright in bed, still completely clothed, and watch as Dan struggles to manipulate the covers around him.

“There are too. Many. Sheets.” He complains, managing to get himself completely twisted. You laugh again and untangle his legs from the covers.

“Okay now it’s time to sleep Dan.” You say slightly condescendingly, watching him settle down dizzily.”

“Yeah, I guess…” He mumbles as he rests his head on your lap. “G’night Y/N” He says quietly, and then he’s out. You stroke his hair off his face lightly.

He’s not going to remember anything in the morning, you think to yourself. “Goodnight Dan…” You whisper quietly. “…if you throw-up on me you die.” you say, continuing to stroke his hair.

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I just thought of Damian going to sneak into his dad's bed but finds that there's someone else in there with Bruce. Clark is slightly embarrassed he was caught (if they weren't official) and Bruce is trying to convince his son (depending on how young Damian is) that it's a sleepover. Meanwhile both men are trying to keep covered since they aren't wearing anything under the blanket.

haha if it’s a baby Damian (since I don’t see an older Damian really wanting/needing to go to Bruce’s room beyond, I don’t know, Bruce being hurt so), he probably wouldn’t even be phased. Bruce and Clark are stuttering and trying to explain and meanwhile little Dami just ignores Clark completely and goes to his dad for whatever he actually needed. 

Damian probably does ask the next day, really loudly, in front of all the other kids, and Bruce has never been so flustered in his life. Jason and Dick never let him live it down. 


The legend of Jagga Jutt - the dacoit, a Punjabi Robin Hood who would rob the rich to feed the poor, is one that has been told and retold many times by several prominent Punjabi singers from both sides of the border including Gurdas Mann, Abrar-Ul-Haq and Kuldeep Manak.

This popular folk song glorifies one great soorma (warrior), Jagga, who was unparalleled in his brawn, bravery and fearlessness. It describes how Jagga’s birth was celebrated by vadhaiyan (congratulations) throughout the village and how Jagga grew up to be the greatest dakoo (robber) in the history of Punjab!

Now like all free-spirited, young Punjabi lads, Jagga was in the habit of rearing pigeons. This is something of a national pastime among young boys, especially in rural Punjab. Countless pigeon-sheds can be spotted on Lahore’s rooftops, especially in the Androon Shehr (the ancient walled city). Jagga’s pigeons’ were cheenay (having white flecks on their plumage) and would fly high over the nehr (canal) that ran on the outskirts of Jagga Jutt’s pind (village).

Like all handsome, young Punjabi men, Jagga Jutta sported a handlebar mustache, a moch. He would curl the edges of his mustache between his fingers to show his authority and to cower his opposition.

The legend also recounts Jagga Jutt’s grand robbery in Lyallpur (present-day Faisalabad in Pakistani Punjab).The news of the robbery spread like wildfire. Police forces (in the British-ruled Punjab) were sent in Jagga’s wake. It was during this fateful chase that Jagga’s jangia (a kind of boxer briefs that Punjabi men wear under their dhotis/lungis) got stuck on a Banyan tree branch that he was trying to climb. He slipped.

Jagga hung from the Banyan branch. The police officers in his chase caught up and beheaded Jagga under the Banyan tree. Lore has it that so much blood spurted out of Jagga Jutt’s decapitated body that it soaked nine tonnes of sand.

The news of Jagga’s death reached his mother who was bereaved beyond words. She would wail and cry out her only son’s name saying, “Jay mae jandi Jaggay nay mar jana, tay aik di thaan do jam di!” (If only I had known that Jagga would die (so soon),I would have borne two sons instead of one!).

This folk song is an ode to the great Punjabi hero, with the singer lamenting Jagga Jutt’s loss after every stanza, saying: “Jaggaya tur pardes gayon, buha bajeya!“ (Jagga has moved away to a foreign land and his door is bolted!)

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A parking lot, london, midnight. 

His boss had grown tired of those little, dangerous deals. It was often weapons against money, sometimes drugs, sometimes information but those deals happened more and more often, offering a good and quick chance to remain financially stable over a long time. 

Trading partners were the usual shady men. Guys wearing masks, black hoodies, tears tattooed under their eyes. Sebastian had seen them all - white guys, black guys, sometimes he even recognized them from earlier deals.

For tonight’s deal he was supposed to be extra careful, though. Moriarty had told him that the guy he would meet was a real something, someone he should rather not mess with. But oh, didn’t Jim know him well enough to be aware that Sebastian could never deny a chance to mess with others?

When he left his car to lean against it he soon realized that the man who approached him was rather disappointed to see him. He was tall, lean, very well dressed and walking along with an umbrella. Moran had never seen this man before.

“Expecting someone else instead of me, don’t ya?” he said with a cocky smile, pushing himself away from the car. “Sorry. My boss is a busy guy.”